The Influence of Art On Fashion Trends

The collaboration and the penetration of art into the world of fashion is not something new in any aspect. It’s been quite a while that the most popular fashion designers and brands have started to use the motives of famous paintings and styles for their key pieces and collections. Thus, now having a Gauguin inspired and printed top is not a surprise for anyone. In addition, apart from just using the painting of famous artists for their pieces, the designers have taken up the brushes and palettes themselves!

The Influence of Art On Fashion Trends

The Influence of Art On Fashion Trends
The question whether or not fashion is a piece of art has been a matter of hot debates and arguments for a long time already and this discussion seems to have no end. Some are bound to think that fashion is just an industry aimed at earning money instead of simply fulfilling the function of providing enough protective and useful clothes for women and men, while others tend to think of fashion as art just like painting or sculpture. Just one glance at the famous couture collections and the fashion revolutions is enough for us to become the supporters of the second point of view. Still, we all know that there are fashion designers, who only have commercial aims and objectives, designers, who are creators of art, and unique individuals, who manage to combine these two in one.
It’s not that the collaborations of fashion houses with artists only have the aim of promoting and advertising or involving the fans of this or that painter in the potential range of customers to buy a certain piece of clothing with the painting of that artist. This can also be explained by the fact, that the designers simply love the style and the work of a certain painter personally. This way, the designers have the chance to remain in people’s memory as artists and not just fashion designers and this is way cooler, especially if we take into account the fact that most of them are now deprived of the pleasure of being called a “couturier”. A painter can do just anything with his works, making them invaluable pieces of art, or using them as money-making machines. He/she can stay up nights and nights absolutely obsessed with the creation being made. Thus they become the most mysterious and romantic personalities ever.

The Influence of Art On Fashion Trends
On the other hand, if we speak about the work of fashion designers, first of all the practical use of whatever they create comes first and blocks the way for the rest of the ideas about them being great artists. That’s why most of the times many people just can’t call them artists. This is why there are so many collaborations between painters and designers. On the one hand this widens the range of customers, making the pieces offered more prestigious. Examples of such collaborations can be found everywhere. For instance, we can discuss the coal-made patterns of branches by Proenza Schouler, the bluish patterns by Kenzo, the stained palettes created by Calvin Klein and Chanel, the curious patterns by Prada inspired by the Mexican mural artists and the mosaic images for coats and dresses, and, of course, the artistic patterns created by Karl Lagerfeld personally, which probably go the furthest of all.
In addition, some designers decided to go back into past and to devote their collections to representatives of different directions of art borrowing their ideas and prints. For instance, Hermes went looking for the paintings of Henri Rousseau for the creation of those spectacular city jungle images, Wade Guyton inspired Helmut Lang for one of the lines, though the influence is not easily noticed there. The painting “Tutto” (Everything) by Alighiero Boetti inspired Jill Sander, Gauguin served as the muse for Aquilano.Rimondi, while Celine turned to two artists: illustrator Tony Viramontes and photographer Brassai, who is popular with his black and white photos of the works of street artists.
Thus, we can clearly note the increasing interest of the fashion designers into the masterpieces of artists and painters in particular. What is especially beneficiary for us is that this gives us the opportunity to enjoy even more creative and great interpretations and design solutions by our fave fashion houses, combining this pleasure with the pleasure of having our favorite pieces of art around us all the time! Isn’t this cool? We say yes! It is!

The Influence of Art On Fashion Trends

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