Tippi Hedren Fronts Gucci’s Jewelry Campaign at 88

The fashion industry is getting inclusive in more than one way. Size, skin color and age are now the features that are not considered a limit anymore. More brands are accepting these standards and are including them in campaigns, on the runway and in all types of advertising material. Gucci is one of those luxury labels that sure knows how to stand out. For their latest jewelry and watch ads, the fashion house tapped the infamous Tippi Hedren. She is an iconic actress and renowned model from the 50s.

Tippi Hedren Fronts Gucci’s Jewelry Campaign at 88 rings bracelets

Almost half a century later, the 88-year-old stunner is coming back in the world of modeling with a Gucci campaign. Tippi is debuting the brand’s luxury Le Marché des Merveilles, Gucci Ouroboros and GG Running jewelry collections. You can also treat your eyes with the gorgeous G-Frame and G-Timeless watch lines. The pieces are just as opulent and glamorous as you would expect. The rings and bracelets are decorated with statement stones in green, pink, yellow and feature the signature double G logo. Watches come in fierce colors such as green, red and blue.

Tippi Hedren Fronts Gucci’s Jewelry Campaign at 88 rings bracelets watches

“Channeling an otherworldly spirit, the new #GucciTimepieces and #GucciJewelry campaign directed by @colin_dodgson tells the story of a fortune teller- famed actress #TippiHedren- reading the fate of young visitors wearing key pieces from the new collections.”- the brand announced the news on Instagram.

Tippi Hedren Fronts Gucci’s Jewelry Campaign at 88 rings bracelets watches

The gorgeous shots were taken by Colin Dodgson. They are also accompanied by a video that is a total pleasure to watch. The short video embodies Gucci’s mysterious spirit, while also presenting the jewelry in the best possible way. Tippi is the main protagonist, who portraits a fortune teller. Models Emily Unkles, Tex Santos-Shaw, Victoria Schons and Tom Atton, dripping in jewelry, visit Hedren in her opulently decorated room. Starting from the mesmerizing tablecloths, fabulous chairs to the luxury clothing, the brand knows how to leave an impression.

Tippi Hedren Fronts Gucci’s Jewelry Campaign at 88 rings bracelets watches

Tippi is also the mother of the popular Hollywood actress Melanie Griffith and grandmother of Dakota Johnson. It’s more than obvious that beauty runs in the family. The stunning 88-year-old Hedren was Alfred Hitchcock’s muse back in the day.

Last year Alessandro Michele tapped Dakota to star in his Gucci Bloom fragrance campaign. Now, the genius designer decided to make it a family affair. This is not the first time that the brand has featured an elderly model in their ads. In 2016, 79-year-old Vanessa Redgrave fronted Gucci’s Resort 2017 campaign.

Photo Credit: Gucci

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