Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

Tomas Maier presented a trendy Pre-Fall 2018 collection for his eponymous brand. The designer is an expert for fashionable everyday pieces. He takes the aesthetics of essential clothing items to a whole new level. Maier brings a sophisticated, modern twists to separates and dresses by adding his recognizable vibe.

Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection plaid pants jacket

Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection printed skirt black jacket

Many designers are adopting the trend of releasing two separate drops from their collections. Tomas is another one of those, who always thinks about his customers. According to Maier people don’t enjoy buying clothes ahead of time. That is the main reason why he decided to divide his Pre-Fall 2018 line into two releases.

Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection gray pleated skirt sweater plaid jacket

Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection gray suit

The first one will be available in stores around the middle of May and June. That is the time when we are searching for laid-back designs that go with the warm weather. It will offer all of the summer essentials that a trendy lady needs. The collection preview started with simple one-piece swimsuits. They were paired with trendy outwear items, perfect for cold nights. As an addition to the beach-ready combos, Maier also presented pre-fall dresses. In the first drop, fans will be able to shop chic pleated dresses, done in vibrant colors and fun fabrics.

Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection white swimsuit white jacket

Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection yellow pleated dress

Somewhere around the middle of the lookbook, Maier’s designs take a different turn. That is the second part of the pre-fall collection that is much closer to autumn. There you will see two dominant patterns: gingham and plaid. Tomas made them a part of suits, jackets, shirts, and skirts. This segment of the collection radiates a cozy, warm vibe.

Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection jeans gingham shirt bomber jacket

Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection plaid suit

Some of the sweaters feature phrases such as “Escape” and “Time off”. This way Maier offers a sweet escape to the customers thanks to these fashionable designs.

“Escape is kind of our motto. If you can’t get away, you should have clothes that give you that feeling.”- Tomas explained during the showroom presentation.

Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection red and black plaid skirt sweater coat

Tomas Maier Pre-Fall 2018 Collection pleated skirt gingham jacket sweater

Unlike most brands that pushed the logomania trend for next year, Maier decided not to involve any logos whatsoever. He stayed close to his brand’s aesthetics and the simplistic designs with subtle detailing. Tomas Maier is also the creative director of Bottega Veneta, that sells luxury designs at high prices. His brand is much more affordable, but also offers fashionable looks. The inexpensive character of his fashion house is not the only reason behind its popularity. His work is so good that it’s hard to pass on the statement suits or chic outwear. We expect many more amazing collections from this mastermind.

Photo Credit: Tomas Maier

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