Welcome to TOMMYLAND! Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2017 #TOMMYNOW Show in LA

Welcome to TOMMYLAND! The Tommy Hilfiger spring/summer 2017 collection unveiled in Los Angeles dreamed up through the second collaboration between Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger. Outside of productions for New York Fashion Week, we have not really seen something of this caliber and size from Tommy Hilfiger. The collection took advantage of the See-Now-Buy-Now model, making the looks available for purchase immediately after the show on

Everyone was thoroughly excited for the huge runway show to take place and they were not disappointed. This was a full-scale production with tons of looks, a lot of models and a full carnival theme with the huge sign for TOMMYLAND taking up major eye catching space.

To further draw in spectators, the carnival atmosphere came complete with amusement park rides and food vendors. Though many consider this to be typical Venice Beach flair, the scene was also complemented by flame-throwers and unicyclists.

Apparently, the location has some significance for Gigi Hadid, who co-designed the collection: she actually grew up near the locale. Before the show Gigi Hadid explained how the location helped her with her creative process. She told Vogue: “I was thinking about Santa Monica Pier, and what I might wear for a day at the amusement park and the candy shop. Maybe it’s boyfriend jeans, or an oversize shirt you borrowed from your uncle and chopped into a crop top. The idea was that it could have been made with family and friends.”

Fortunately all of Gigi Hadid’s family and friends were in attendance for her second big creative showing and collaboration with the major fashion brand.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy x Gigi spring/summer 2017 collection features new takes on classic Tommy Hilfiger looks, like logo emblazoned crop tops, and a good amount of denim. This is a serious underestimation of the collection however, that took some of the most Americanized looks from hippie to ‘90s sportswear and gave it an updated appeal.

The whole Tommy Hilfiger #TOMMYNOW spring 2017 show was exciting with so many new iconic looks to choose from that it will be interesting to see in the coming weeks, which were actually the bestsellers. The patchwork maxi dress worn by Gigi Hadid at the finale of the show seems to have already jumped far ahead of everything else. While the dress was definitely cute, I think that the ultra glam exit of Gigi and a huge number of yellow roses jumping into Lady Gaga’s white Rolls-Royce might have painted the image they needed to push them into the purchase.

My personal favorite of the collection has not changed after seeing the runway presentation, and apparently it is the same look put on the Gigi Barbie doll so I know I am in good company. The two-piece crop top and midi skirt in the iconic colors are just too dynamic not to be considered completely beautiful. It will be exciting to see what looks from Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy x Gigi spring/summer 2017 collection were considered best.

Photos courtesy of Vogue