Tommy Hilfiger Will Design Clothes For People With Disabilities

In the sea of luxury fashion designers and brands, it seems hard to stand out. High fashion houses are spending big money on runway shows and celebrity marketing. Hardly any of the fashion houses offer clothes for disabled people. The innovative designer Tommy Hilfiger will enter a brand new market often overlooked by the fashion industry. Hilfiger announced that from now on the fashion house owned by PVH Corporation will offer collections specifically designed for people with different abilities.

Tommy Hilfiger Will Design Clothes For People With Disabilities woman in wheelchair posing

“Inclusivity and the democratization of fashion have always been at the core of my brand’s DNA. These collections continue to build on that vision, empowering differently abled adults to express themselves through fashion,” the designer explained in a statement.

Tommy Hilfiger Will Design Clothes For People With Disabilities woman with prosthetic arm posing

Tommy Hilfiger will release men’s and women’s collections for people with diverse abilities. The men’s collection will feature 37 pieces, and the women’s will feature 34 pieces. The collections include shirts, pants, dresses, sweaters, and jackets. The clothing items have special features to help disabled people and their caregivers. The button-down shirts will have magnetic button and cuffs so people can get dressed with one hand and take them off over their head. The bottoms will have adjusted leg openings and velcro closures to make it easier for people of all abilities to put them on and take them off. The collection will follow Tommy’s casual aesthetic. The designer included denim and his signature colors white, navy and red. As expected he also used the stripe pattern to add life to the pieces.

Tommy Hilfiger Will Design Clothes For People With Disabilities skirt and pants with magnetic closures

Tommy Hilfiger’s offerings for disabled adults are a follow up to the collection for kids with disabilities that the designer first released a couple of years ago. For the kid’s collections, the designer collaborated with MagnaReady, an adaptive shirting brand and Runway of Dreams, a nonprofit organization that makes efforts to bring more clothing options for people with different abilities. A brand representative for the fashion house said that Tommy Hilfiger hasn’t collaborated with any external organization for the adult collection for disabled people.

Tommy Hilfiger Will Design Clothes For People With Disabilities bomber jacket

There is a bit of progress when it comes to inclusivity in fashion, but some categories still don’t feel included. Somehow the diverse ability of people always tends to be forgotten by the luxury fashion designers and the industry in general. Tommy Hilfiger was smart enough to notice the limited offerings on the market and make his clothes available to people with different needs.

Tommy Hilfiger Will Design Clothes For People With Disabilities striped dress

Photo Credit: Tommy Hilfiger

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