Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013

Like anything found in the fashion world, fashion blogging is subjected to constant changes all the time. These changes refer to the general perception of fashion blogging as such, and also to the main purposes its followers have. There are such ideas according to which fashion blogging is actually dying nowadays. However, some more people argue with that, stating that it’s not dying, it’s just changing instead. The principles and the ways of collaborations between fashion brands and bloggers have changed, too. Being equipped with the top modern strategies and marketing skills and possibilities, brands are reviewing their collabs with bloggers for their own sake and popularity, too. The main shift that has been taking space here is the nature of the collaboration. Thus, the main and most popular way is the advertorial space left for the brands.
Passing to the top 10 fashion bloggers of 2013, we may also see the development they have gone through, when new suggestions like fashion lines and editorial work come into existence and get quite popular soon. Below, you can take a peek at the best personal style bloggers of 2013, who managed to conquer new heights and gain new recognition last year!

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013

Chiara Ferragni from

Chiara Ferragni is one of the most popular and much discussed personalities in the world of fashion, especially in reference to fashion bloggers with her uber famous The Blonde Salad blog. Being a bright representative of the fashion blogger icon in Italy, she has also surprised everyone with the Chiara Ferragni shoe line launched back in 2010, and already has a very impressive portfolio including collaborations with such giants as Guerlain, Christian Dior, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Mango, Louis Vuitton, and Victoria’s Secret. In 2013, she managed to launch her signature jewelry line too under the name of Caia Jewels, as well as published her first book, a style manual entitled “The Blonde Salad.”

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013 - Chiara Ferragni from

Emily Schuman from Cupcakes & Cashmere

The next top popular and successful fashion blog is by Emily Schuman living in LA. Apart from providing her readers with fresh and creative tips and recipes for good looks and tasty food, she is also having all that published and sold as books, the first publication of which dates back to 2012. Her professional work has been appreciated by many popular people in the fashion world, too, thus shaping the flow of her collabs.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013 - Emily Schuman from

Leandra Medine from

Another famous and quite top ranked blogger is Leandra Medine, with her blog ‘The Man Repeller’ and the correspondingly named book, too. On her blog, she shares her ideas about the ways of dressing so that you repel men absolutely and hopelessly! This means opting for such garments as boyfriend jeans and other relaxed pieces, for instance, as the etymology of the expression suggests. However provocative it may sound, still there is much more useful stuff here than you can imagine.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013 - Leandra Medine from

Kristina Bazan from

Switzerland-based Belarusian beauty Kristina Bazan is the next popular blogger we would like to introduce to your attention. She has been the focus of Teen Vogue in 18, and is currently continuing to be one of the most anticipated and followed personalities in the world of fashion. Her creative outfit suggestions, taken in the framework of the places she constantly visits add some extra charm to her blog.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013 - Kristina Bazan from

Jessica Stein from

Going on, we appear in the awesome blog of Jessica Stein. The super cute looks she suggests are perfect embodiments of the femininity and comfort combined in one and worked out perfectly for the complete images. Having some pieces available for shopping, too, she gives the readers a chance to experiment with the key looks themselves, as well.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013 - Jessica Stein from

Gala Gonzalez from

Here we come to the following amazing fashion blog included in the top 10 list of ours, the main focus of which is presenting the ultra-creative style ideas of Gala to the wide borders of readers. Gala also makes her own fashion line available for the readers. Being pretty frequently introduced as one of the top bloggers of fashion, Gala definitely has her say among the fashion blogging stars.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013 - Gala Gonzalez from

Alex, The Cherry Blossom Girl

The Cherry Blossom Girl Alex is the next in our list, presenting the flabbergasting Cherry Blossom Girl blog, which is a great way of presenting her works as a fashion designer, and for letting them be available for shopping, too. She is popular with her collabs with Alexander McQueen and Chloe back in 2007, and is now one of the top popular fashion bloggers in the world.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013 - Alex from

Aimee Lee from

Another young and beautiful blogger also deserving the attention of Teen Vogue is Aimee Lee, the creator and the author of her Song of Style blog. She is one of the most successful exemplifications of the youthful grunge style, perfectly put into motion. Thus, the fans of this style have a great deal of cool tips to learn from her.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013 - Aimee Lee from

Elin Kling from Style by Kling

The absolute luxury and chic inspired looks are right here. Style by Kling is currently one of the biggest and most successful fashion blogs. Apart from being a popular blogger, Elin is just as popular as an entrepreneur, too. She is also co-founder of Fashion Networks International, and the owner of NOWMANIFEST being one of the world’s top famous online platforms for fashion. She is, indeed, a fashion icon for many of her fans, and she does deserve it.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013 - Elin Kling from Style by Kling

Zina Charkoplia from

Finally, the last but not least, here we have the creative Fashion Vibe, being the place to express the ideology and the personal style of another cutie pie being Zina Charkoplia. She has already been described as the “blogger of the moment” by Teen Vogue, and indeed, she is, with the super youthful and charming style of hers.

So here were the top popular fashion blogs and fashion bloggers in the world of fashion nowadays, and despite the changes taking place there, we can be sure that blogging is not dead, and that its development is in safe hands.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2013 - Zina Charkoplia from

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