Top 20 Global Fashion Schools of 2015

Fashion is a world unto its own, full of wonder and creative wit; each color has a meaning, each cut represents a different mood. And when we look at the men and women make up this world, we realize that each and every one of them has had top notch education from a school that is renowned for its curriculum and ability to spring into this world new creative directors and designers of eponymous labels, individuals with great imagination and the love of the craft that involves fabrics and drawings and perfect designs. Business of Fashion, a daily resource for those in the industry or enthusiasts and entrepreneurs within over 200 countries, has put together a list of the top 20 global fashion schools of 2015, from London to New York, Tokyo to Florence and beyond.

Top 20 Global Fashion Schools of 2015

The results of the 2015 fashion school rankings are objective and based on the feedback from 4,032 students and alumni, 88 HR professionals and global fashion influencers, along with the analyses of the BOF itself. Major indicators have been the global influence or reputation of the place, the learning experience from the institution (satisfaction and quality of the education according to the students), as well as the long-term value of all that is received from the undergraduate and graduate programs there.

Everything from selectivity to awards, the student body, resources, and teaching methods are assessed, alongside the graduation rate leading to a sound career, the preparedness, and the alumni networks of the institutions. The final score is then determined. By no means is this the best way to measure how good a school is, but it is one of the better scales we have seen yet and we are sure it cannot deviate much from reality.

The top global schools for an undergraduate program in fashion chosen for 2015 include:

1. Central Saint Martins: With a score of 95% and a huge 86% global influence according to the markers used, Central Saint Martins from London, UK comes out on top.

2. Bunka Fashion College: Following with a close second at 89%, rating over 50% in both learning experience and long term value, comes in Bunka from Tokyo, Japan.

3. Kingston College: Two out of Three in the top 3 are from London it appears as we see Kingston take 84.9%, with a rather high learning experience and long-term value as well.

4. Parsons The New School of Fashion: New York makes the list with Parsons coming out in the top 5, with an 83.8% average and a 68% global influence, putting it high on our list.

5. Fashion Institute of Technology: Another New Yorker is the FIT with 82.9%, strongest in the global influence but just under 50% with learning experience and long-term value. Reputation is its strongest factor.

6. Polimoda: It is about time we see an Italian school, Polimoda scoring 82.2%, with the highest in its long-term value, followed by the learning experience. Florence certainly has style.

7. University of Westminster: With an 80.2% average, where this London-based institution lacks in reputation and global reach, it makes up for in its stellar education system, with great value.

8. London College of Fashion: Still in London and with just under 80% (79.2 exactly), LCF boasts a great reputation and an interesting alumni network.

9. RMIT University: Moving into Melbourne, Australia, we can see RMIT score 76.6% and receive around average points for all categories, its strongest suit in its teaching and resources.

10. Drexel University: Moving away from New York in the United States of America, Philadelphia’s Drexel University brings home a 74.2% and ranks one of the highest on the charts in terms of education (61%), despite its extremely low global influence (22%).

11. Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art: If you prefer the Middle East, particularly Israel, Tel Aviv’s Shenkar College comes in 11th with 74% and a pretty even score across the board, showing average ratings in just about all categories.

12. Ryerson University School of Fashion: Canadians are really good in the fashion industry as well, with Toronto’s former polytechnic Ryerson University bringing home 72.5% and beautifully strong marks across the board.

13. Stephens College: Moving south into Columbia, USA, we find Stephens College, which can boast just over 70% on the grid, extremely low on the global influence but doing incredible with the long-term prospects and value of education.

14. Nottingham Trent University: Exactly at 70%, the UK’s Nottingham city has a university that ranks highest in its long-term value, with a stellar educational system, despite its lack of popularity among the masses.

15. Savannah College of Art and Design: The United States has multiple noteworthy schools of fashion it seems, with Atlanta’s Savannah College ranking top with a 66.3% and dominance in the resources and teaching front.

16. Philadelphia University: This is the second school in Philadelphia to make this list so the Philly population should be proud! Scoring 65.7%, the education and long term prospects from here are tremendous, despite the population of the school and its popularity interfering.

17. University for the Creative Arts: Falling in Surrey and Kent of the UK, 63.5% is given to this university for its incredibly strong educational system and alumni grasp.

18. Instituto Marangoni: Milan joins Florence with top schools, this one rating 63.4% and having a pretty even score across the board, the highest in global influence.

19. Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology: China, and particularly Beijing, has been big on the fashion radar of late, which makes sense since the long-term value of the school is strong here, though it only scored a total of 59.5%.

20. Amsterdam Fashion Institute: Finally in our top 20 of the best fashion schools of 2015 is the Netherlands, with the AFI showing off its 53.8% and strength in the long-term appeal of the resources and education provided. We are thinking that it will only grow in popularity as well, bringing up the ratings twofold.

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