Transparency Play: Fall 2014 Fashion Trend You’ll Love

If you are a big follower of the world fashion trends and if the trendiest vibes and details never miss out of your attention, then this trend report is just for you! What we are going to speak about this time is just another descriptive and very interesting trend we encountered during the fashion shows by most popular names for the coming fall 2014 season. Despite the fact that you are still enjoying the colorful and sunny summer, getting ready for the fall is never too early and now we suggest getting acquainted with the next mega trend of the season, being the transparency plays. What makes this exquisite and unique design solution a trend this season is probably the super big number of fashion designers having opted for this interpretation. Matching it with the most diverse shades and textures and finishing all off with just as perfect shapes and silhouettes, the fall 2014 transparency fashion trend will definitely catch your attention just like it did in our case.
So just imagine, or better, go and see the absolutely flabbergasting synthesis of lace, embroidery, and chic transparency plays that can be found in the array of the blinding looks by Oscar de la Renta. Coming matched with the enigmatic black shade those zigzag shaped transparency plays are probably the best accompaniment for the gorgeous silhouette of the boho chic dresses.

Transparency Play: Fall 2014 Fashion Trend You'll Love

Other coolest exemplars of the transparency trend for fall 2014 with lace patterns and creative shades can be found in the collection by Alberta Ferretti, during the show of which we encountered the most eye-catching and at the same time unique shades like muted khaki green matched with the exquisite and super sophisticated and scrupulously worked out floral lace.
Still, the most subtle and feminine alternatives go for the Valentino show as always, in case of which we had probably the biggest range of interpretations for transparencies, be those some monochrome looks matched with thematic prints or just some cool and meticulous lace patterns, which appear to be just perfect for these multiple and multi-style design pairs and textures, be those florals, 3D textures, prints, or anything else. From classic red to sassy green and weightless blue all the trendiest tones were in for this magnificent array.

Fall 2014 Transparency Fashion Trend
However, this is far from being the end of this stunning range, since the other types of synthesis of the glam transparency plays with just as glam vibes like glittery textures and again quite sophisticated designs are also there to go on with the creative and chic looks. The inspirations take us to the shows of Donna Karan and Roberto Cavalli this time, which were especially noted for the mysterious feel, the curious ethnic inspired hints on the monochrome background and the totally wanna-have silhouettes most often coming with the floor length garments of darker shades. On the other hand, we also have the imaginative and cool design solutions of the garments we saw in the fall show of Mary Katrantzou, where the graphics were matched with the delicate florals and finished off with the trend we are talking about.
In addition, if you would like to have some artistic solutions and really unique pieces, then a great idea is looking through the uber inventive alternatives by Rodarte, followed with the all-time classics of Burberry Prorsum characterized by the brocade design patterns and just as impressive layer plays.

Fall 2014 Transparency Fashion Trend
So here was the following mega trend of the season, coming with the all-time most impressive and great interpretations and design solutions and described with just as amazing combinations with shades, shapes, and overall styles. Coming with a really big diversity of looks, transparent clothing pieces manage to make up a never-fading and totally cool trend, which can’t but be noted in the list of the catchiest and the most significant options for fall. In the long run, transparency plays are one of the most immediate and original ways of accentuating the femininity and the charm of a woman, but still, if this is your choice for the coming season, paying a great attention to the proportions is again the primary thing that we suggest, in order to avoid a number of provocative looks, which might really have the chance to appear if you overdose with the amount of open skin. Taking the examples from the professional and proficient fashion designers and stylists, you’ll have the opportunity to create the most amazing and just wonderful exemplars of stylish and girly looks ever. This trend report will only help you find the correct inspirations in the correct place.

Fall 2014 Transparency Fashion Trend

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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