The New Hot Trend of Ukrainian Embroidery

We have all seen a lot of ‘70s influences on the recent fashion trends with major designers and high-street retailers releasing collections evoking those beautiful times. The chic bohemian air has taken the fashion world by storm with its lovely designs and style solutions. You certainly have noticed repeatable details in many a designer collection, from suede and flowing fabrics to lace and floral prints, and the comeback of embroidery pieces is a common sight now as well, especially the trend of Ukrainian embroidery conjuring up lovely folk style ideas. Those amazing embroidered numbers, in fact, have a whole lot of historical and inspirational background coming from the roots of the Ukrainian culture.

Ukrainian Embroidery Trend: Vyshyvanka

Recent months have been full of news about Ukraine and the political issues there. The demonstrations of Maydan, Russian invasion in the territory of Crimea have been the center of attention of all news channels and officials making everyone forget about their business for a while. But this is not the only reason for people all over the world to concentrate their attention on Ukraine: Ukrainian designers have taken steps towards digging into the fashion world with assured highest positions. You thought that Alexa Chung’s festival look composed of an embroidered peasant shirt and a pair of denim cut-offs, or the Slavic red patterns from the Valentino catwalk were nationless? From now on, you can be sure that Ukrainian patriotic fashion has come to rule over your wardrobe, at least for a few seasons.

The comeback of the traditional designing roots of Ukrainian culture is somehow connected to nationalism and patriotism. Many Ukrainian designers have been feeling the necessity of showing their distinct peculiarities and cultural directions to the world getting rid of the common thought about Ukraine and Ukrainian fashion as a “little Russia”. But the greatest tribute for the positive inspirational plague over the fashion world should be given to the newly set design house Vita Kin. Using the traditional name for the design – vyshyvanka – as a label on Instagram, the designer has become an international sensation. This happened thanks to the brand’s local clients, including Asya Mkhitaryan, and world-known bloggers and it girls like Anna Dello Russo and Leandra Medine, who contributed to the trend’s appearance in the western countries. Afterwards, the designer has been piled under orders of vyshyvanka dresses, which continue gaining immense popularity day by day. The designer even put super strict rules for further orders, like 21-day waiting time, 100% prepayment and being an important figure, which might sound disappointing for a lot of cool fan girls. But no worries, the solution can always be found.

Ukrainian Embroidery Trend: Vyshyvanka

We see amazing pieces in the campaigns of our favorite designers and high-street retailers, who release collections with at least one or two pieces embellished with Ukrainian embroidery. This is not at all surprising, as embroidery looks fantastic with so many stylistic matches. Take Zara TRF for example: you can get an embroidered jacket fully resembling vyshyvanka from their official website and wear it with skinny denim pants, even with bell-bottoms. And you can always take the trend to a whole new level, picking various pieces with Ukrainian embroidery, like tops, tee shirts, strict chambray shirts that will be perfect for both work and a date when combined with the right accessories and makeup. For a better idea of incorporating Ukrainian embroidery into your everyday looks, let us go deeper into the details.

Vyshyvanka Dress. First, come vyshyvanka dresses, which are the highlight of the trend now. These are loose, traditional-like cheesecloth dresses of mainly white color that have red embroidery on them – on the wide sleeves, edges, the front and back starting from the neck and spreading downwards. Interesting is the fact that these have the historical design kept almost in identical way, but with a slight modern touch. You can choose wedge, gladiator sandals and even thongs of matching colors to finish off your looks. Huge earrings, long chain-necklaces with big pendants and floral bandages or bracelets are other accessorizing details that will only enhance the romantic look of your embroidered dress. Also we should talk about the dress designs: though the traditional style comes with long and wide sleeves, being cut at the midi-length or even slightly up above the ankle, you can use the idea in your favorite dress shapes as well. For instance, you can wear white batiste off-the-shoulder knee-length dresses or you can experiment with cutout, skater, shift and smock shapes, which suppose the loose freshness in the basis to fit that of embroidery.

Ukrainian Embroidery Trend: Vyshyvanka Dress Vita Kin

Ukrainian Embroidery Trend: Vyshyvanka Dress Vita Kin

Vyshyvanka Shirt: No less lovely are vyshyvanka peasant shirts, which look more like loose blouses with romantic embroidery details. These again have wide and long embroidered sleeves and close necks. Depending on the length, they can have belts as well. The thread with tassel edges is widely used as an added embellishment to the neckline, which looks so lovely. The shirts go perfectly with black leggings and skinny jeans. Shoe choice is totally up to you, as both heels and ballerina flats would be a good match.

Embroidered Jackets and Kimonos: Finally yet importantly, embroidery looks great on jackets and loose kimonos. The shape or design might vary, as it is not compulsory. But just imagine how winning and unique will be your look composed of denim shorts with crop tops and an embroidered jacket topping it! Many famous fashion bloggers and It girls have been spotted wearing similar outfits this summer, among hem being Leandra Medina, Chiara Ferragni and others. Embroidered jackets give you the opportunity to play with colors: you can wear them on top of a monochrome white or beige blouse and pants giving a bright accent to your reserved look.

Embroidery is a very delicate and nice designing idea and we are very happy to see it return to fashion in many ways. Thanks to Ukrainian designers, we now have more worthwhile reasons to go for it. And the childhood dream of ours to look like the beautiful princesses, peasant girls from Russian and Ukrainian cartoons is about to come true!

Ukrainian Embroidery Trend: Vyshyvanka Dress Vita Kin

Photos courtesy of Ohh Couture, @vikyandthekid

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