From the Urals With Love: Valentin Yudashkin Fall 2016 RTW

We expected Valentin Yudashkin to be staging his presentation on the Paris Fashion Week runway a few days later, but it appears that it would have coincided with International Women’s Day and that would have been a pretty awkward situation, since he was set to have another runway show for the Kremlin for the day’s celebrations of all that is female. As such, the show got bumped up to today, while the focus is clearly on women everywhere around the world and their desires. He has always liked the embellished looks, which clearly exist in the Valentin Yudashkin fall 2016 collection as well, while the calibration with the oxfords only adds to the collection’s validity to the world as a whole, despite the fact that he is undoubtedly more popular in his home country than in Paris.

Valentin Yudashkin Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 RTW - Paris Fashion Week

Some of the looks we encountered throughout include a black turtleneck base that has been layered with everything from velvet mini dresses to glimmering smocks of bronzed faux fur. Actually, the faux fur is a common theme throughout it appears as we notice it around necks, on coats, as stoles and lapels and Russian style hats, thick pieces of wound scarves and just looking rather lovely in different colors, from teal to caramel to black and grey.

We notice that the teal green color holds its own on the runway, appearing on multiple occasions, generally with a more greenish tint that we know should represent the malachite stone that is mined from the mountains. We also love the use of velvets, of lace and the combination of coverage and cutouts or transparencies that interact rather wonderfully together. Long coats appeared on the runway that were of hand cut silks or with some intriguing ornamentation, a few with a fun tug of war game happening between the masculine and feminine elements.

One of the best pieces on that catwalk showcasing the fall and winter ready-to-wear looks was that super slim suit with the patterned brocades that vibrated like Op Art. Yeah, we saw some rather intriguing ensembles, from the floor sweeping tulle dresses to the menswear mixes in the feminine designs, the good amount of decadence that is total Russian charm and the diaphanous chiffon that seemed to be inspired by the Ural Mountains themselves.

It was the malachite green that caught our attention best though since it was very vivid and the glamour of the pieces was only enhanced with its hue. There were some fun digitized prints that looked to represent the center of the stone, while it was clear that the line-up is made for those living in some pretty cold weather but still happen to desire great fashion and show off incredible style.
Russian or not, the looks we find here are quite comparable with what the latest Western designers have been coming up with, matching with the trends of 2016, and really bringing the women of the world the gift of great looks, no matter what the weather is like where they live today.

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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