Versus Versace Pre-Fall 2017 Collection Is Full Of Urban Essentials

Versus Versace is facing an important year, and its pre-fall 2017 collection is a super chic way to show that the label will be taking it in stride. Despite being founded back in 1989, the design team at Versus Versace still refers to the brand as their baby; “… but it’s actually quite an old baby!” exclaimed one of the designers in an interview with Vogue.

Versus Versace Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

The fashion house has undergone many changes over the years, but now Donatella Versace herself has decided to take the reins and help revitalize the label. The result is a greater focus on organization, brand values, and order, as well as increased practicality and consistency in the clothes themselves.

For now, Versace decided the brand’s values revolve mainly around urban attitude, which is shown through youthful sportswear that always has this cool, sexy edge to it.

For the season, Versace and her team focused on a base of black and white garments, with red and blue making their way into the mix, in pops of color and in full outfits. The overlying sportiness of the Versus Versace pre-fall 2017 collection makes the clothes that much more desirable, with the casualness playing against the apparent comfort and ease of many line pieces.

The style is right on par with contemporary urban streetwear, so Versace is accomplishing her goal in that realm. The collection is full of pieces that will fit right into the contemporary woman’s wardrobe; it will help to fill in the wardrobe gaps, where essentials might be lacking, or just add in pieces on top of one that is already well-stocked.

Versus Versace Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

The spirit of the Versus Versace pre-fall 2017 collection, and of the brand in general, may be youthful and spirited, but that doesn’t mean it has a set young age range. The practicality of the lineup extends so much further, with some garments more befitting one range than another, but all in a great balance.

Miniskirts are generally more tailored for a younger generation, while any of the other line pieces have wider possibilities. That being said, it’s all about your inner spirit. If you have the mind to wear a red patterned mini dress and/or its matching oversized puffer coat, then all the power to you!

Literal sportswear pieces in the line were seen in the form of polo dresses, created in turquoise.

Accessories were another über chic area to note, with cute clutches and handbags of all sizes acting as a key element of the outfits. There were even a few backpacks thrown into the mix.

Versus Versace Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

Earrings were oversized, and made in the same shape that can be seen in many prints, as mentioned before in the red mini/puffer combo. The abstract shape is actually just the Versus logo reconfigured into a lightning bolt shape, which is an innovative and sleek way for consumers to promote their favorite brand and have a unique new pattern to sport.

One accessory that, thankfully, was not missing from the pre-fall lineup was the brand’s signature safety pin. This time, the oversized pins were seen places like the front of a slightly mod black minidress, complete with the Versus Versace trademark roaring lion head.

The Versus Versace pre-fall 2017 collection is exactly what we expected, yet is also a breath of fresh air. With Versace taking the helm, we knew things were going to fall into place, but the execution of the collection really brought the whole visual together. It brought activewear, businesswear, and streetwear onto the same playing field, and also merged the occasions together. It’s a great showing from Versus Versace that bodes well for future collections and future streetwear once these clothes hit the streets.

Versus Versace Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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