Victoria’s Secret Model Sara Sampaio’s Easy Bombshell Makeup Look

Victoria’s Secret‘s Angels know a thing or two about bombshell beauty. After all, that’s a part of their job duties. The lingerie brand keeps the makeup looks natural on their runway shows and campaigns. All their models are genetically-blessed, but still, none of them doesn’t wake up with a beaming highlighter and sexy smokey eye. Sara Sampaio will teach you how to do both in this short tutorial below.

Sara Sampaio has mastered the bombshell makeup look after 5 years with Victoria’s Secret. The Portuguese beauty can doll-up in minutes which is something that every busy woman needs in her life. Anway, radiant skin is the key to seamless makeup application. Model Sara Sampaio is perfectly aware of that fact, so she layers skincare products before applying makeup. Multiple step skincare routine isn’t a luxury habit anymore – it’s a must. So, get all your facial oils, mists, serums and moisturizers ready to prep your skin for a full glam.

Watch Victoria’s Secret Model Sara Sampaio’s Easy Bombshell Makeup Look Sara Sampaio
Photo Credit: Danielle Kosann

As you can see Sara uses a generous amount of moisturizer on her face and besides genetics that might be one of the reasons why her skin is so flawless. You don’t need too much makeup when your skin is so perfect. You see, Sampaio uses only a lightweight tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Anyway, every woman tends to exaggerate with some makeup product. Some apply layers of mascara, others contour aggressively, Sara, on the other hand, uses a lot of highlighter.

“You could see me from space,” the model says while applying layers of highlighter on her cheeks. Bonus: don’t forget to take a moment and admire the glow, just like Sara did.

Watch Victoria’s Secret Model Sara Sampaio’s Easy Bombshell Makeup Look Sara Sampaio
Photo Credit: Danielle Kosann

The model has a surprisingly undemanding eye-makeup routine. She uses the same brush for the entire look, which could be very practical especially if you are on the go all the time. First, she uses a shimmery eyeshadow all over her eyelids. Then she deepens the look with two darker shades that give the smokey effect. Believe it or not, her bombshell eye makeup look is about three earthy eyeshadows and one makeup brush. No need to blend until you collapse, Sara has a way easier makeup routine to get you on point. Lastly, she opted for the classic smokey eye & nude lip which is always a winning combination.

Watch Victoria’s Secret Model Sara Sampaio’s Easy Bombshell Makeup Look Sara Sampaio
Photo Credit: Vogue

Sampaio also has a natural solution to tame her hair and get it ready for an off-duty walk around town. Watch the video to see the final look and all the products she uses.

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