Fresh Ways to Wear Houndstooth in the Streets

Black, white and chic all over, we love wearing houndstooth designs. They are so very retro and so very sophisticated, reminding us of our parents’ clothing designs from years past. Plaids are so last season and too ubiquitous at this point. Winter wardrobes are so much more graceful with the inclusion of contrasting black and white elements, particularly in the look of houndstooth. You can do this in scarves, peacoats, even full head-to-toe outfits. You have the ability to look positively breathtaking and possibly rather Parisian with these looks and here are some ways you can be wearing houndstooth prints to suit your distinctive personality.

Mixed Prints

Miroslava Duma looks ravishing, chic and ready to take on winter with fashionable grace as she mixes prints in black and white, giving the classic pattern a rather cool update. A dashing hat with a matching purse is a perfect way to accessorize, while black bangles add certain effect. The black legging pants underneath are just as stylish as the rest of her, bringing the focus to the contrasting prints on top.

Fresh Ways to Wear Houndstooth Prints: Miroslava Duma

Pattern Blocked Houndstooth Dress

We love the carefree and rebellious style of Natalie, and her houndtooth patterned dress is no exception. Put in the shades of red, black, white and brown and mixing various clashing patterns such as tiny dots and houndstooth, this dress has something unique about it, which promises to land you in the spotlight as you don it. That chain-detailed over-the-shoulder black bag, the black leather boots matched with socks and the classy black sunglasses finish off this look just perfectly!

Fresh Ways to Wear Houndstooth Prints: Natalie Off Duty

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Houndstooth Everywhere!

If you’re wearing houndstooth designs, you can certainly look dazzling with a whole lot of it in one place, so long as you give a monochromic color to break the design from time to time. This includes paring a sweater in the pattern with burgundy lining and matching pants. Perhaps you can throw on a neutral colored coat with houndstooth lining over it all, finishing up with simple accessories that don’t make the look any business than it is. You can also go for a houndstooth patterned dress with a matching fur-lined coat on top. The only thing with this is that you must make sure there are breaks in the design by having it look more like patchwork or slanting the “teeth” in another direction.

Fresh Ways to Wear Houndstooth Prints

Cropping it Up

The fall and winter seasons have been benefiting from the summer crop tops and we are certainly loving the sophistication of a houndstooth pattern in a single design on top of high collared long sleeve crop sweaters and matching pencil midi skirts. It’s so elegant, so breathtaking in its own right that if you are tall and thin and can really pull it off, you will be America’s Next Top Model walking down that street. A little silver handbag with subtle silver or white gold jewelry adds to the allure of the outfit, ensuring those who encounter the look are left absolutely mesmerized.

How to Wear Houndstooth Prints

Make it Strange

We say this with the utmost respect for Michelle Elie and her designs, but houndstooth jumpsuits with lots of ruffles and openings around the pants that show off some much needed skin are not everyday sightings on the streets. Perhaps in funky music videos or even on the runway, but the pretty pyjama look combined with extra high platform heels in zebra print have us staring in wonder. We’re assuming that was the expected reaction and there’s nothing we love better than satisfying expectations. The oversized stuffed bear certainly completes the like while her expression in this photo is priceless.

Fresh Ways to Wear Houndstooth Prints: Michelle Elie

Classic Coats

At the end of the day, the best way to wear houndstooth has always been with a coat, classic and lovely in design. Adding a clock accent handbag might help grab a bit more attention than you thought you would, but the coat on its own is a signature piece that must be available in every closet. You plan on keeping warm and this design gives the winter vibe a bit of sophisticated fun while blending in perfectly.

Fresh Ways to Wear Houndstooth Prints: Mira Duma

Photos courtesy of Natalie Off Duty, Style

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