You can Finally See The World Through Glitter Glasses in 2018

In a time when we have to face so many political and cultural challenges, Eric Steginsky invented glitter eyeglasses and launched the distinctive eyewear brand Planet i. These are nothing like the eyeglasses with glitter frames you often see on festivals. Eric Steginsky infused glitter in the actual glass, so you can have a glitter rain everytime you put on your eyeglasses. They look whimsical and surreal. You’d get a feeling that you are in your own real-life fairy tale.

“It’s such a depressing time and there’s so much going on in the world. I want people to take a little vacation every time they put these on,” the mastermind behind the glitter eyeglasses told Vogue.

So far, the brand offers a few different styles, from bold ones to relaxed 70s aviators. The names are innovative and compliment the glasses’ aesthetic. Lightrider, Space Cowboy, Extraterrestrial, and Moonwalker are just a few of the names of the glitter-infused styles. Since these are not your ordinary eyeglasses you would be able to find them in an array of fun colors from purple and red to tangerine. Eric Steginsky has worked on this unique idea for a while until he found the right amount of glitter that won’t distract the way you see through these eyeglasses. He went from party store to party store and became a glitter pro. When he finally found the right sparkles and glitter to glass ratio he launched Planet i.

The glitter effect on the glasses is best experienced on a sunny day. The sun will enhance the sparkly effect and instantly elevate your mood. No need to mention that you’ll get all the attention with these and upgrade your style just by putting them on.

“It’s never been done. They’re like a Snapchat filter for your face,” Steginsky claims.

In a time when everybody is obsessed with Snapchat and Instagram filters, it seems that real-life glitter filter is just what the world needs now. If anything, these eyeglasses will for sure make their way all over your Instagram feed. Just imagine what the Infamous Kira Kira app that makes your world sparky could do with these sunglasses.

The idea for the eyeglasses with glitter lenses was a result of Steginsky’s interest for cosmology. His “science nerd” dad skipped the classic fairy tales for a good night. Instead, he was talking to him about big cosmic questions. Later in life, Eric got interested in fashion too, so the glitter eyeglasses are a fusion of his passions.

Photo By @planet.i/Instagram