The 10 Most Chic Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends

Summer is the best season to make a change.You can finally dare to go bold or keep it simple and natural. With nowadays trends there are alternatives for everybody. When it comes to hair you are free to play with endless hairstyles. You can spend hours to style your hair or you can pull off an effortless but stylish look. It’s all up to you and your mood. From a tight topknot to effortless beachy waves, these hairstyles are all summer-approved.

Here are our favorite summer-ready hairstyles that you can rock all summer long.

1. Beach-Approved Waves

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It’s summer, it’s hot and you don’t feel like spending hours in front of the mirror to curl your hair. We totally get it. Celebrities feel lazy sometimes too! Chrissy Teigen often times rocks her effortless waves on the red carpet. A great thing about beachy waves is that you can wear them at any place from the beach to a formal occasion. These curls are easy to achieve because they don’t have to be perfect.

2. Straight, Long and Shiny Hair

Kim Kardashian
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If you are a fan of Rapunzel hair you would probably fall in love with Kim’s extremely long hair. The great news is that long straight hair is trending again. In order to achieve this look, you have to take great care of your hair. Pay close attention to hair care products that you use and upgrade your hair care routine if necessary.

3. Sleek Topknot

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For all your summer weddings and backless dresses, the topknot is the way to go. Zendaya’s tight topknot is always on point. The young diva treats us with flawlessly styled hair on a regular basis and we can’t help ourselves but get inspired. Embracing the baby hair has been very popular lately and topknots definitely give you a chance to try this trend.

4. Elegant Low Bun

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This is the topknot’s best friend. It is used for the same purposes as the topknot: to accent your beautiful face and bare the back. Low buns are for all vintage classy gals that don’t feel like going all the way up with the knot. Selena Gomez definitely knows how to pull off classic glamor with the braided low bun.

5. Natural and Curly Hair

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Bad girl Riri can definitely pull off any hairstyle. She does a great favor to all the girls with curls that are too bold to follow any rules. Her off-duty hairstyle is exotic sexy and reveals her daring spirit. If you have a head full of bouncy curls don’t hesitate to get them together in a high ponytail and let the ends frame your face.

6. Slicked Back Hair

Kendall Jenner
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There is no better way to enhance your features and makeup than wearing a slicked back hair. Slicked back hair is predominantly done on straight hair, but if you want to add some curls go ahead! Also, you are going to need a teasing cone and a hair spray to achieve this look. You should tease front sections of your hair and cone them back, use hairspray to lock your hair in place and you are ready for the red carpet just like Kendall Jenner is!

7. Flirty Ponytail

gisele bundchen
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Ponytails are probably the most diverse hairstyle. They have a special spot in both the gym and the red carpet. Gisele Bundchen’s flirty pony at this year’s Met Gala is our summer hair goals. The best thing about ponytails is that they will cut your get-ready time and will look just as stylish as any other hairstyle that demands a lot of effort. To steal Gisele’s look you will need to put your hair in a high pony and curl it with an iron. Additionally, tease the ponytail to pump it up and wrap a piece of hair around the elastic band.

8. Braided Bun

olivia palermo
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This is one of the most complicated hairstyles on our list, but also the most summer-approved one. You might need help from a friend or a professional to achieve it but the final result is worth the effort. First, you need to flip your head upside down and create a Dutch braid in the center. Then you need to finish braiding the ends and wrap the tail around in a bun. Lastly, use bobby pins to put hair in place.

9. Romantic Curls

rosie hauntington whiteley
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This is the red carpet’s favorite hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. Romantic voluminous curls are the no. 1 celebrity choice for any occasion. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the perfect example of what fabulous romantic curls should look like. You can use any curling iron, but preferably a wider one to achieve this look. Go light on the hairspray because the goal is to achieve shiny bouncy hair. You can wear this hairstyle on a regular basis because it looks good with every outfit.

10. Sharp Bob

Kylie Jenner
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Kylie Jenner is the queen of transformations when it comes to hair and her flawless bob is a true summer inspiration! Summer is the best season to rock a sharp bob because the weather is hot. A perfectly shaped bob is a huge fashion statement. This is a hairstyle that turns heads everywhere you go and offers relief from high temperatures.

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