Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

Say creative, revolting, youthful, and cool and just imagine the marvelous dos and styles Mohawk and fauxhawk hairstyles for women might offer. Universality is the next significant advantage of these dos. The possibility to experiment is the following one. Not only are Mohawk hairstyles cool and modern, but they also break all the stereotypes and come up with an absolutely unique and original array of options, some of which we are going to speak about now.

Before drawing inspiration from the best Mohawk and fauxhawk hairstyles for women presented below, it’d be great to know about the origins of this hairstyle. Also known as Mohican, Mohawk hairstyles often refer to the styles, when both sides of the head are shaven and a strip of long hair is left in the center. Fauxhawk is a widely spread variant of the Mohawk hairstyle, in case of which the wearer doesn’t shave the sides of the head, but rather cuts the hair appearing there a bit shorter and leaves a small, yet noticeable spike in the middle. This is a favorite hairstyle of many Hollywood stars and is perhaps more appropriate for women.

Now, that you know where Mohawk and fauxhawk hairstyles come from, it’s high time to discover the best styles spotted by celebrities and styled by famous hairstylists!

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

1. Chaos Mohawk/ Fauxhawk Hairstyles

Random is the word for this style. Such hairdos include some heavily styled and accentuated voluminous crown hair and the messy feel these dos have only enhances the effect.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

2. Mohawk-Inspired Updos for a Wedding

This is the best way out for those who are not ready to shave their hair just to make a great and stylish do. Still, creating a Mohawk inspired updo is just the exact combination of avoiding the shave and having some really impressive results.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

3. Thrillingly Beautiful Mohawk/ Fauxhawk Hairstyles

The following do is a youthful and ultra-revolting style among the alternatives existing in the range of Mohawks. The scrupulous braiding and the delicate image that may be created also complete the stunning punk inspired look.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

4. That Glam Mane

If real and true Mohawk is what you’ve been looking for, then we have it here for you. It consists of side shaved parts and a super voluminous central part, which does make a statement about you.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

5. Let It Go Brazilian

The Brazilian inspiration is what we find next and get absolutely hooked at! This is also another cool alternative for avoiding the actual shaves and stuff, but for preserving the essence and your plans of looks with this hairdo.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

6. Whipped Cream

This is the combination of the aggressive Mohawk influence and the femininity and glam. According to this look, the lighter shades of hair also contribute to the creation of nicely accentuated and pleasant hairstyles.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

7. The Horn of Plenty

When ultra-creative and totally innovative come out, the absolutely stunning ‘horn of plenty’ is the first thing we all speak about. This will, indeed, gather a lot of followers and fans all over the world.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

8. Wavy Mohawk/ Fauxhawk

The following totally glam and cool thing we would like to talk about is the so-called wavy Mohawk or fauxhawk, in case of which we have that upper hair extremely chic and equally fabulous explained by the necessity of the creative and cool approach reflected with those wavy and rich locks.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

9. Other Braided Fauxhawks

When the styles of Mohawks finish up, braids come to help. Some create the whole hairstyle out from braids, while others simply add some braided accents to the looks.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

10. Color Plays

As we noted above, the color palette is just as important, especially in case of such visible hairstyles. So the one you choose will become a part of your personality. That’s what we call that color plays.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

11. Curly and Sweet Fauxhawk Hairstyles

When people opt for a Mohawk, that’s cool. But when they have crazily and naturally voluminous and curly hair and still want to combine that with this do, the results we get are simply more than just flabbergasting and cool.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

12. Other Crazy Forms

Other crazy forms of Mohawk dos may again be created with the help of braids, this time arranging them into a snail-like shell braided do for the total stun.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

13. Combined Forms

Combining the Mohawk dos with other hairstyle details like buns is also worth noting here. Encompassing the peculiarities of both, they do come up with looks worth opting for.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

14. Combos of Mohawk and Pixie Hints

This is the ultimately creative and flabbergasting feel that can be created with the help of combining certain vibes and dos together. Both being extremely youthful, these hairstyles will have their say in the creative solutions.

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

15. And Twists

Finally, the last option we would like to talk about is the synthesis of Mohawk shapes with twisted details, being just as effective as the braids.

If Mohawk is going to be your pick for the radical changes, you can surely go for it taking into account the forms of combinations and the vibe compatibilities of that style. So go ahead confidently, tastefully, and gorgeously!

Best Mohawk and Fauxhawk Hairstyles for Women

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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