21 Amazing Blorange Hair Color Ideas That Take Instagram By Storm

Blorange isn’t just a fun word to say – it’s one of the hottest new hair color trends! A mashup of blonde and orange, blorange hair is the first major hair trend of the year, and it’s taking Instagram by storm. It’s the peachy sister to rose gold hair, and comes in colors ranging from vibrant orange to softly orange-tinted blonde. If you’ve seen an orange hue in a sunset, you can be sure it counts as a blorange hair color.

Amazing Blorange Hair Color Ideas

Regardless of the color or saturation of the blorange hair color you choose, you’ll want to add in some complementing blorange highlight shades to flatter your face and break up the color a bit. It adds more depth and dimension, so your look will be more lively and enhancing.

Probably the best part is that this is a hair color category that will complement all skin tones. The peachy apricot hues will go well with cool and warm skin variations, so it’s a universally stunning style.

There are a variety of ways to make your hair blorange, depending on how much you want to change your hair. You can dip-dye your tips, go for ombré or highlights, or just go all out and saturate your hair in a peachy blorange hue.

There are so many ways to try out the fabulous hair trend, so here are 21 inspirational pictures of blorange hair color ideas to convince you that this is a trend you need to try out as soon as possible.

1. Brown and Blorange Waves

These full waves are the perfect way to subtly integrate blorange hair into your look. The blorange tones bring out the natural volume of wavy hair, so it’s bringing out a great feature while giving a gorgeous ombré effect. The tones here are falling more on the blonde side with rosy tones, so it’s actually a subtle blorange option.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

2. Saturated Pastel Peach Blorange Hair

This is a great casual style for those who want to go straight into the trend. The pastel peach here goes well with the recent pastel hair trend, while also edging into the blorange craze, so if you’ve already been loving pastel hair, you can ease right into this new color. It’s an enamoring shade that shows the softer side of blorange hair.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

3. Rose Gold Blorange Hair

This is one instance where blorange is very close to rose gold. The difference comes in with the peachy tones that are visible amid the soft rosy strands, and it’s a subtle yet noticeable difference. This style is lovely for casual or more formal events, and looks even better in blorange because it adds a modern class to it without being too unexpected.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

4. Washed Out Blorange Wavy Bob

This peach-tinted wavy bob is another lovely style that goes hand in hand with the pastel hair trend. It’s soft and beautiful, but can also be styled edgy with darker makeup, so you can really play with contrasts depending on the day. You can see the light orange tones playing with the pink to make this lovely peach shade.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

5. Peachy Rose Blorange Bob

This is a modern edgy bob with a stunning pink shade of blorange. It’s a peachy rose that shines in all the right places, which creates a visual almost ombré effect naturally. Just by straightening it and wearing it as is, you can take the look from brunch to work to late night drinks with ease. It’s a simple style with versatility, so adding in blorange highlights is the perfect way to spice things up.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

6. Long Free-Flowing Blorange Hair

The blorange hair color here will have your hair glowing, so wearing it in a classic, standard style like this won’t take anything away from it. This is your basic, everyday hairstyle that comes from a quick blow dry (and potentially a quick straightener), so you can see how easy it is to pull off a blorange hair color. Wearing your hair long is a way to show off the color to its fullest!

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

7. Braids with Ombré Blorange Hair

Blorange is also lovely when styled. Different strands here in shades of deep orange and rosy blonde are pulled into separate braids above the lightly curled hair in impeccable placement. It’s a cute style that is stunning when pulled off in blorange shades. The colors are also more natural in nature, so it’s not a leap like some of the more vibrant colors.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

8. Natural Blorange Hair

You can also go totally “natural” with your new blorange hair. The style here is totally passable as a natural hair color, so in an everyday setting you don’t need to worry about your hair drawing too much unwanted attention. It’s a beautiful shade that’s blonde with a lovely balance of honey orange, so it adds some depth without adding unexpected color.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

9. Twisted Blorange Bob

There are a few different colors at play in this adorable blorange bob. There’s a standard orange shade layered on top of a base of blonde, with strands of mauve peeking through as well. The mix of colors is lovely, since the twists in the bob make the strands meld together, creating a rainbow of colors that brings blorange to a high point.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

10. Blorange Pixie Bob

This style is a cute yet edgy cut, and making it in blorange adds another element of interest. The shades used are close to rose gold and honey; the wispy strands meld together and are tipped in the rosy blorange. It has the length of a pixie cut and the style and fullness of a bob, so it’s an interesting mix of the two, and is made complete with the blorange hair – with another color, the style may not have worked as well!

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

11. Purple and Blorange Hair

The purple-mauve on top of this lovely haircut blends seamlessly into the blorange hair near the tips. Both are totally stunning colors, and they go surprisingly well together – they’re made to represent grape soda and Orange Crush! This is a great example of a way to dip dye for blorange hair, whether with a lovely color like this mauve or a natural color for a subtler effect.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

12. Peach Wavy Blorange Hair

In this blorange hairstyle, you have a honey peach color playing against a rosy hue. There are strands of each side by side, and at a glance they blend together leaving a solid rosy orange color. It’s as sweet as it is striking; the colors are subtle enough to not be loud, but they are vibrant enough to bring some attention to them. The cute bangs round out the look, making it fall further on the sweet side.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

13. Pastel Blorange Bob

This blorange bob is edgy, with the pastel pink-orange/blonde color dyed over a brown base. A style like this can lead to some amazing fashion and beauty moments, since you’re not focusing on saturating down to your roots. The exposed base and roots let you play with contrasting makeup choices, focusing on browns and blacks to play off of them while also juxtaposing the cutsie color.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

14. Beach Babe Blorange Hair

This is the style you’d expect to see on someone sitting on the beach or standing through a music festival like Coachella. Making it in this beautiful blorange hair color array adds to the summer vibes that comes from those settings, as the shades here are so light and airy – an icy blonde, a pale pink, and some stunning light peach come through in a lovely mix.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

15. Hint-of-Blorange Hair

Blonde is the true base and majority of this blorange hairstyle, but the blorange hints come through beautifully, and will easily be picked up in natural light especially. This is a great option for those skeptical about jumping in head-first into the blorange hair trend, since it still looks rather natural, just with those beautiful underlying tones coming through to add depth.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

16. Puffy Full Blorange Hair

This is a classic bombshell curly hairstyle, with the puffed-out strands helping create a good amount of volume. The milky strawberry-orange colors come together so beautifully against the brunette hair section at the top of the head, and are actually a bit reminiscent of ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, namely!). It’s a lovely style that would look fabulous on just about any skin tone!

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

17. Edgy Blorange Pixie

This is a more vibrant option for a blorange hair color, coming in with a neon peach shade. The color is used as an undertone to the icy blonde, which is a majority of the style. This allows the color to shine through without overpowering your entire look, so it’s actually super versatile, and it lets you play with some amazing, vibrant blorange shades.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

18. Topknot Blorange Hair

These peachy, rose gold blorange hues are smoothly distributed across the hair, so it shines beautifully while being extremely soft. The blorange is subtle here, but the extra dose of pink over the top makes it just out of the ordinary enough to give you a fun new hairstyle and color to try out without getting too bright or crazy – unless you want to!

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

19. Full Balayage Blorange Bob

Balayage hair is still hot, so using blorange highlights in the mix is super chic all around. The shades here aren’t blended together, so it’s more of a highlight style – the blorange hair colors used make the overall look perfect for the fall in particular, with the warm shades peeking in through the blonde base. The style would be beautiful in any other season, though, as the colors work well on a variety of skin tones.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

20. Highlighted Blorange Hair

This is another highlight option for blorange hair, but this time it’s more encompassing. The highlights are clearly separated in small strands for each shade, between blonde, rosy peach, and light brown. This differentiation makes this a casual style that will look even lovelier when pulled into updos, since the strands will mix together to create an interesting pattern.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

21. Warm-Toned Blorange Hair

Finally, this blorange bombshell hairstyle is beautiful with a variety of warm colors. A bright plum at the top trickles down into a honey blonde, and inevitably into a rosy peach blorange at the bottom. All of the colors mix well together and are blended together, so it’s a seamless hairstyle, especially with the smooth and impeccably placed way the cut is styled here.

Blorange Hair Color Ideas

Photos courtesy of Instagram

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