The Cannes 2015 Diaries: 8 Beauty Looks You Shouldn’t Miss

There are some looks that simply cannot be forgotten and the Cannes Film Festival 2015 certainly bring out some of the best we’ve seen in a very long time. With the star-studded red carpet before them, each and every one of these lovely women stunned the world. It was not even at the opening either! They keep appearing time and again, like the goddesses they are from paintings of the Heavens, looking rather divine, no matter what look that opt to show off for the day. We have been watching the Cannes 2015 diaries with a strong passion and discovered just how much the fashion have changed, and that for the better! If you want to see some stunning bright stars, look no further! Here we present some more celebrity hairstyles and beauty looks spotted at the Cannes Film Festival 2015!

The Cannes 2015 Diaries: 8 Beauty Looks You Shouldn't Miss

Sienna Miller

The gorgeous Sienna Miller strolled onto the red carpet on May 17 for the Carol premiere, her berry red lipstick the perfect darker shade to spruce up her makeup without being too magnetic for her own good. Her hair was up in a plaited up-do, her eyeshadow metallic in keeping with the latest trends, and that dress she was wearing was beyond interesting, Victorian meets modern, lace neck with a plunging chest, stark contrasts in black and white. She looked gorgeous!

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles & Makeup: Sienna Miller

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Emma Stone

The positively beautiful Emma Stone wowed the crowds once again as she stepped onto the red carpet at the Irrational Man photocall on May 15, 2015. Her look Friday morning was perfectly done up in a simply kind of way, her black lace dress incredibly sexy with the open décolletage, her hair worn in a rather elegant loose updo, while it was all complemented with a gentle rose hued lipstick, cheeks flushed as if she’s spent some time in the sun, and her eyes given a softly smoky look. There is just something about Emma Stone that screams amazing grace.

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles & Makeup: Emma Stone

Lindsay Ellingson

With that strapless dress showing off her curves and that lovely mermaid queen style aquamarine stoned pair of earrings that rather remind us of seashells and delicate mysteries from the oceans wide, Lindsay Ellingson really looked great as she traipsed in for the Carol premiere on May 17. She wore her hair straight and pulled back into a glossy ponytail, such as is the latest trend, while her makeup focused on the dramatic smoky eyes, the emerald green liner drawn close to the waterline, and accentuated at the inner corners. A light gloss to the lips and voila! Poseidon has a daughter.

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles & Makeup: Lindsay Ellingson

Natasha Poly

Luminous skin, a strapless glittering dress that reminds us of the night sky meeting techno beats, and pretty dangling earrings to match the look are what made Natasha Poly really stand out at the Carol premiere on May 17, 2015. She looked awesome with those sultry feline like eyes, the smoky shadow and the perfectly winged liner giving her an incredibly alluring visage. Her pale lips were a great contrast to draw the focus to those orbs of hers, while her hair was done up in a lovely mussed chignon that was a perfect match for her face.

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles & Makeup: Natasha Poly

Aymeline Valade

It appears that the Carol premiere had some of the best looks when it came to hair and makeup, the halter dress on Aymeline Valade was beautifully matched with bold red lipstick that is so very much in style this year, as well as a small lining of the eyes in order to give her tired looking peepers a bit of a fresher feeling. Her hair was pulled back into a rather elegant updo, the flowers adding a lovely touch to match with the very spring-like dress she wore. The pearl earrings matched her oversized hair accessories nicely as well.

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles & Makeup: Aymeline Valade

Poppy Delevingne

On May 17, we also saw Poppy Delevingne appear for the Carol premiere with an awesome dress complete with a plunging neckline and a collier of diamonds to boot, without any earring to complete the more fancy designs of it all. Her hair was worn in a plaited updo, center parted and strands escaping everywhere, her eyes made up with a smoky look, boldly lined and set off by the use of nearly nude lipstick on her pout. We can certainly see why the supermodel is so very much loved, if her fashion sense has anything to do with it.

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles & Makeup: Poppy Delevingne

Toni Garrn

With angular features and a supermodel look to her, Toni Garrn also appeared at the Carol premiere looking beyond fantastic. There is just something about that dual colored dress that we imagine would look just as good worn inside out. Add a lovely diamond collier to the mix, give those lashes a good run through with the mascara to really bring the focus to the blue orbs beneath, and use some clever contouring techniques to get the Barbie princess look Garrn sported. Complement it all with some pink lipstick and leave hair down slick and straight from a center part for a maximally gorgeous visage.

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles & Makeup: Toni Garrn

Rooney Mara

There was something almost gothic about the Rooney Mara look during the Carol premiere on May 17, 2015. Her hair was worn in a rather neat topknot, the style slightly rebellious against its strict confines. Plum eyes shadow made for an interesting version of the smoky eye that might reign dominant during Halloween on the evil witches and the queens from hell. Matching lipstick only amplified the darker base of the look, though that frilly dress belied the makeup and screamed angelic in every sense and form. Our lovely lady was certainly looking like a fallen angel in Cannes this year.

Cannes 2015 Hairstyles & Makeup: Rooney Mara

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK

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