Celebrity Pink is The Hair Color Of The Summer

Summer is the most colorful season of the year and most of us are tempting to try something new. Luckily, there is no shortage of celebrity inspiration when it comes to hair transformations.

Variations of pink hue became a popular choice for many celebrities and Instagram stars. We have to admit that the pink hair color looks surprisingly good on any skin color and hairstyle.

Take a look at the celebrities who opted for pink hair and turned heads with their mesmerizing hair transformations.

Jessie J

First of all, the sleek bob is a major statement by itself. The famous singer turned the world upside down with her magnificent pink hair transformation. The bright baby pink hair color is definitely one of the prettiest shades of pink. It’s bold and girly and the same time.

Celebrity pink is the hair color of the summer 1 Jesse J pink bob hair
Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Kylie Jenner

The queen of hair transformations Kylie Jenner took our breath away with her shiny pastel pink hair. Opposite of Jessie’s vivid bright pink hair ,this hair color is very soft and definitely a safer bet.

Celebrity pink is the hair color of the summer Kylie Jenner Pink Hair
Photo By: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Rita Ora

Rita’s shade is perfect for blondes who want to add life to their summer hair color. It’s a very pale tone of pink and almost feels like a blonde. The caramel roots are a perfect way to add even more drama to your summer look.

Celebrity pink is the hair color of the summer Rita Ora Pink Hair
Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Nicki Minaj

Nicki is another celebrity that loves to transform her hair. We could only guess how many wigs in different colors she owns. Anyway, we have a feeling that the Barbie pink is her most favorite hair color. Since the beginning of her career to this date, we have seen a variety of pink hair colors on Nicki, but this transformation is one of the boldest. This hair color will make you feel like a life-size Barbie.

Celebrity pink is the hair color of the summer Nicki Minaj Pink Hair
Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Katy Perry

The famous singer had many pink hair transformations throughout the years. This fuchsia vibrant pink is definitely our summer hair goals. It’s such a unique shade reserved only for the most daring women. This shade will perfectly complement all your summer floral dresses. For a stronger effect leave the roots in your natural hair color just as Katy did.

Celebrity pink is the hair color of the summer  Katy Perry Pink Hair
Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Salma Hayek

We still can’t get over the pale pink hair color that Salma pulled off at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. The gorgeous color is literally every girly girl’s dream. This color has a huge dose of romance so it’s definitely the best to style it in romantic loose waves. Our recommendation is to fake a pro blowout with a wide curling iron.

Celebrity pink is the hair color of the summer  Salma Hayek
Photo Courtesy of Splash

Kate Hudson

Kate’s pink highlights are a perfect way to upgrade your summer hair color without risking too much. You can also dye your roots in a darker color to add more dimension to your hair. As you could probably notice Kate mixed pink and pastel orange highlights and her hair still looks soft and natural. The pastel shades flawlessly complement each other.

Celebrity pink is the hair color of the summer Kate Hudson Pink Hair
Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Hilary Duff

Hilary’s jaw-dropping platinum pink bob is definitely not easy to achieve and you will need to find the right hairdresser. She kept her ashy blonde roots and dyed the rest of her hair in a beautiful pastel pink color. The highlights in different shades of blonde flawlessly blend with the cold-toned pink color. To enhance the interesting mix of colors she opted for a sharp wavy bob.

Celebrity pink is the hair color of the summer Hilary Duff Pink Hair Bob
Photo By: @nikkilee901/Instagram

Rumer Willis

The oldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore definitely knows how to wear a bold hairstyle. She opted for multiple rose and pink tones that complement each other. This mix of hair hues will satisfy all your color cravings. To enhance the multicolored effect Rumer went for playful defined curls.

Celebrity pink is the hair color of the summer Rumer Willis Pink Hair
Photo Courtesy of www.marieclaire.com

January Jones

January’s hair color is your safest bet if you want a minor change. She added just a few baby pink highlights that looked amazing on the peachy base of her blonde hair color. You don’t have to be blonde to pull off the pink highlights. Even if you have dark hair you can still get pink highlights and refresh your summer hairstyle.

Celebrity pink is the hair color of the summer January Jones Pink Hair
Photo Courtesy of www.marieclaire.com

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