Easy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and Ideas

Whenever we want to change something in our lives, our poor hair becomes the direct carrier of our plans. Hardly there is a girl who, in search of something new, freshening and light, has not changed her hairstyle first. There are different ways to make your look different, not like an everyday one. Even a slightest change will make a difference. Only do not hurry to the extremes. Some of us suddenly decide to say god bye to long hair under the moment’s influence, and later regret for this hasty mistake. Remember if you want to have an upgrade in your look, better choose anything that does not imply a haircut.

You can have a change both with short and long, curly or straight hair within several minutes. Use your fantasy or turn to a specialist, who will give you best advice and with a few movements of a brush, hair sprays or any other products will turn you from a Cinderella to a real lady. Here, you can see a few smart hairstyle tips for on-the-go girls.

Easy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and Ideas

Short Hair

Some think that short hair is the easiest solution to the matter. You simply have to comb the hair and go, since there is no need to spend tiring hours on flattening hair or making waves. Yet this approach is not always correct. Short hair requires even much attention. In order not to have a boyish look, something special should be done with the hair.

For the last years the pixie haircut has come into fashion. It is easy to manage. This haircut is now popular among many celebrities.

Most importantly, you should think well before going for a short haircut, since it does not suit everyone. It is a rather capricious hairstyle, so depending on your facial shape, it may either work for or against you. If the oval of your face is full, short hair may even make it look even more round, when it is cut straight. If you have vertical long parts of hair in the front, then the latter will make your face thinner. Here you have what to focus the attention on. Comb it well and apply a gel to fix its form. When looking at you from the front, it will create the illusion that your hair is long.

Easy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and IdeasEasy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and Ideas

Easy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and IdeasEasy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and Ideas

Long Hair

Another easy solution for on-the-go-girls is a braid, which is always the easiest way to change your look within several minutes. You will avoid any hair coming forward and closing your eyes. You can have gorgeous braids by dividing your hair into two parts and wrapping a braid on each side, then bringing them together. Or you can have a single braid wrapped from one side of your hair. To add chic to this easy styling, you can use a nice hair accessory on the part where the two braids come together.

You can also try French styling, which works on almost any type of hair, be it curly, wavy or smooth. Simply work on one small section of the hair: either braiding it and letting it mix with the rest of the hair, or fixing this small section on one side of your hair with some nice looking clips.

If you want to look even more elegant, or if you are wearing a dress which mandates you have your hair done, the best and most elegant thing to do is have all your hair gathered at the back. For this you have to back comb the front part of your hair without dividing the hair into two sides. Fix the hair at the back of your hair with pins and a hairspray. Then gradually take the rest of your hair from left ear and right ears and bring them close to the first portion of the hair, creating a low bun. Pin them all together. You will have a retro style look.

Buns are also great for parties, proms and special occasions. It goes well with dresses and adds femininity to you. All you have to do is take your hair on the top and tie it with a band. Then, with the use of pins and a spray create a bun. Spray is an important thing here, since you should fix the bun on its place, if you do not want to have it go down in the middle of a party.

Easy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and IdeasEasy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and Ideas

Easy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and IdeasEasy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and Ideas

Easy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and IdeasEasy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and Ideas

Ponytails are a timeless hairstyle. They are the simplest and quickest thing to do. If you do not want to look messy, yet have a neat and tidy look within short time, ponytail is what you need. It is appropriate for both medium and long length hair. A ponytail allows your neck to be seen. If you want to stun everybody with your thin and long beautiful neck, go for a high ponytail. Or if you have time to spend on your look, then you can have an addition to a ponytail. You can have a low ponytail and do something on the front of your hair: wear a crown, for instance, on special occasions.

And finally, if you want to comb your hair and go out, then this one is for you. Simply comb your hair and wear a headband. It is a beloved style for teenagers especially.

Whichever style you choose, you will look fine. There are so many nuances, so study each thoroughly and you will have the desired look.

Easy and Quick Hairstyle Tips and Ideas

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