Glam Holiday Hairstyles for a Memorable Party Look

The parties will be aplenty soon enough and you’ll have to be working super-hard to make sure your hair and outfit are just perfect. If there’s mistletoe or impromptu photography sessions, you will want to be looking to be at your best. It matters not whether the party is for work, school, or family; you may be at a night club, you may be at home, or you may be on vacation, dancing on a beach somewhere. No matter where you spend the Christmas holidays, that hair of yours should be the talk of the party. And who else can serve as a stunning source of inspiration for glam holiday hairstyles if not our favorite celebs?

Glam Holiday Hairstyles for a Memorable Party Look

Short Holiday Hairstyles

When it comes to shorter bobs, a sleek side part looks amazing. Give the edges a slight curl inward while you let a few strands flip gently out to add some texture and a slightly less perfect look. This only enhances the appeal of the bob.

Glam Short Holiday Hairstyles: Jourdan Dunn

Curled out bobs are amazingly popular among the Hollywood stars and with good reason. They look amazingly fashionable and frame the face as no other hairstyle can. Short hair looks great with the curls done just right and you won’t have to worry about pinning things in place. You will look just fab all night long.

Glam Short Holiday Hairstyles: Beyonce

Pretty but unusual colors, asymmetrical cuts and straight bobs are as festive as can be! Blow-dried to perfection, a pretty purple-pink tinted platinum blonde bob gives the impression of glamour while maintaining a punkish rock chic. Add a golden choker and you have achieved a rather heavenly anime look, which requires no cosplay to rock!

Glam Short Holiday Hairstyles: Rita Ora

Miley’s razor pixie cut of late has been making headlines all over the fashion world and we can’t say we don’t love it. On the contrary, it suits her delicate features so perfectly; we almost wish she would keep this as her staple! An edgy cat-eye just finishes off the look, giving you the rebellious little pixie look that’s absolutely too attractive.

Glam Short Holiday Hairstyles: Miley Cyrus

Medium Holiday Hairstyles

A medium wavy cut with bangs is one style that has no equal in how adorably pretty it looks. Framing the face on all sides, the side-part adds to the appeal, which the side-swept bangs give the look an even softer edge than it already has. Larger waves cascading down the shoulders bring out the radiance of the facial features.

Glam Medium Holiday Hairstyles: Katherine McPhee

Half-up and half-down, these hairstyles are a classic and look great with any outfit. You can dress it up with braids, jewelled combs, and other paraphernalia, and you can enjoy the sweetly demure look you achieve through it. It’s what the innocent girl at school had for a hairstyle, except, you of course give it a sexier undertone. You can bump up the hair at the crown, flip out the ends and enjoy the pretty masterpiece.

Glam Medium Holiday Hairstyles: Joan Smalls

The retro hairstyle works on any length of hair but mediums are best because of the length of the waves cascading down the shoulders. You don’t want it to be too long as that will take away from the voluminous look. Sweep to the side, tease at the crown and have it falling over one shoulder with the curls well defined. Simple makeup and red lipstick will enhance the retro look and adding eye-catching gemstone earrings will complete the chic of the look.

Glam Medium Holiday Hairstyles: Jessica Chastain

Long Holiday Hairstyles

Long hair pulled up in a high ponytail, slicked back and with slightly curled ends gives the illusion of seek sophistication while also hinting at a fun personality and retro fashion sense. It’s great for keeping the hair out of the face and really showing off your focal features. You probably spent an hour on making those eyes look just right. You should be proudly showing them off with the best light possible.

Glam Long Holiday Hairstyles: Poppy Delevingne

An even chicer variant of rocking ponytails for the party season is keeping it sleek, low and perfectly straight, just like Rihanna has done it. The deep side parting and the jet-black hair color only increase the drama of this ‘do, which is super easy to style on your own. Correctly picked bright makeup can make your overall appearance simply unforgettably hot!

Glam Long Holiday Hairstyles: Rihanna

A wet-look slicked-black long hairdo is the right recipe of looking chic for those lazy girls, who don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror. Just comb the hair back and add that sexy wet effect to the crown and go to stun everyone! A sultry smokey eye makeup is the most matching look you need for this ‘do.

Glam Long Holiday Hairstyles: Barbara Palvin

A loose braid with tendrils peeking out here and there may look slightly unkempt but it’s sexy, stylish and positively lovely. It gives the cute young girl look while reminding us that no matter how old we may be, our personalities can stay as freshly innocent as a child’s. If you think this reminds you of you, go for the loser braid.

Glam Long Holiday Hairstyles: Cara Delevingne

Edgy and chic, long hair in a side part, left with beachy waves looks lovely beyond belief. Honestly, all you need to do is walk out of the shower, comb through while still not dry and add some mousse to prevent the little hairs from flying away while adding a softer edge to the style. It’s hard not to love this style that works well both in attending official parties and just heading out for a night on the town.

Glam Long Holiday Hairstyles: Hailee Steinfeld

Knotted Holiday Hairstyles

Gorgeous eyes and thicker brows look great with the hair slicked back and pulled into a top knot that looks edgy yet chic and trendy. Wearing an edgy outfit with the look only accents the pretty nature that has a stricter, more rebellious tone to it. Wearing this to any party will surely have you standing out from the crowd.

Glam Updo Holiday Hairstyles: Cara Delevingne

A messy updo is lovely, fun and character-defining. Furthermore, it looks utterly stylish when paired with a sleek outfit that shows off the body’s best features. Add some embellishments to the hair if you want to, simple but pretty jewellery, and you will be quite radiant in your style.

Glam Updo Holiday Hairstyles: Cara Delevingne

Whether placed high or low, the classic bun is the heartthrob go-to hairstyle that never goes out of style. In other words, this knot is timeless and won’t be seeing itself obsolete anytime soon. It’s beautiful and you will be the classic vintage doll wearing it out during the holidays.

Glam Updo Holiday Hairstyles: Cara Delevingne

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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