Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyles

If you are a great fan of updo hairstyles, than just one more source of inspiration will certainly be helpful for you. And that’s why here we present some super effective Kim Kardashian inspired updo hairstyles, which are chic, glamorous, and just feminine. You can pick just any hairdo you like most, and combine it with the most fabulous garment and makeup options possible. This will also help you when choosing the main drives for your holiday looks. So here are the main choices of popular Kim Kardashian.

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian Updo Hairstyles: Casual and Chic

When talking about updo hairstyles, probably one of the top popular picks of Kim are the top knots, which are created with a super high and super luxurious way. Such looks have been observed for generally casual occasions Kim had, like a walk or attending the gym. Talking about the latter, we can also note the voluminous design of the knot, which made her looks even more effective and comfy.

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyles - Casual Top Knot

Kim Kardashian Updo Hairstyles: Meet the Chic Braids

Kim is quite popular for the braided hairstyles of hers, which are no less glamorous and chic. Some of them consist of a crown braid, or two braids starting along two sides and getting united at the bottom, while the others represent some alternatives for special and important occasions, in case of which they’d be perfect playmates for some ultra-feminine and elegant dresses. One of these was spotted with Kim’s looks for the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, where her hairdo was a dramatic braided bun, suitable with the grass green velvet dress she wore. Another variant was presented at the Theyskens’ Theory Spring 2012 fashion show, where she had her hair pulled up in a ponytail, and wrapped in a bun at the end. Similar hairdo was noticed for the InStyle event, this time paired with a glam black dress.

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyles - Braided Bun

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyles - Braided Bun

Kim Kardashian Updo Hairstyles: That Sleek Bun

Kim is proficient in combining extravagant and feminine hairstyles with perfectly chosen garments, and another proof for this is the ultra-chic sleek bun of hers, which she skillfully combined with a delicate white dress and finished this up with attractive makeup. Another such look was spotted at the launch of Midori’s Melon Liqueur, where Kim had her hair pulled into a ponytail again and pinned the twisted locks around the base at a middle height. Similarly started, yet differently finished option can be seen while attending the launch of the Kardashian jewelry line for Bebe, where she had the sleek front part, which was finished with a more untidy and relaxed bun put on the top of the scalp. The hoop earrings were the perfect match for this.Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyles - Sleek Bun

Kim Kardashian Updo Hairstyles: The Classy Bun

Apart from the sleek options, the top fave of Kim seems to be the classic and a bit sophisticated bun of hers, which is one of her most frequent choices for many important events. Among these we can mention the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation ball, where Kim was seen having a classy top bun with some sleek front part, the Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne Spring 2012 Fashion Show, where the style was almost the same again, the Teen Choice Awards, where the stunning halter white dress came to complete the cool image, the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, where her main pick was a low classy bun with a central parting, and her 30th Birthday party, where the second main hit of her looks was the flabbergasting pearl dress.

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyles - Classic Bun

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyles - Classic Bun

Kim Kardashian Updo Hairstyles: The Front Hair

Another interesting accompaniment to the updo hairstyles of Kim Kardashian is the loosely hanging front hair, which is sometimes seen with some of the most eye-catching hairdos of hers. Her looks for the LACMA Gala in Los Angeles, where the front hair came to pair the French twist, and another option consisting of a sweet coral dress and a center part bun, and the super dumbfounding French twist with the framing front hair for the People’s Choice Awards are among the best and most memorable hairstyles of Kim.

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyles - French Twist

Kim Kardashian Updo Hairstyles: A Bit of Retro Touch

The retro-vintage hairstyles of Kim are also spectacular, forming a significant part of the sweet and cute looks of hers, which don’t lack sexuality, either. Such are the one for Tracy Reese Spring 2010 Fashion Show, where she had the peculiar interpretation of Chignon, adorned with the 50s vibes, the alternative for the premiere of Warner Bros’ “Whiteout”, where she had a more 40s inspired variant, and the relaxed and loose bun for the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner after party.

Here were the most impressive hairstyle options suggested by Kim Kardashian. So if you’re in search of new and creative ideas, you just need to look through these glam options offered here. The rest goes to the powerful effect they are really capable to produce.

Gorgeous Kim Kardashian Inspired Updo Hairstyles - Retro Updo

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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