Gray Hair Is the Biggest Beauty Trend of the Moment

For years we’ve been trying to cover those grays, remove any hint of possible aging, spending an arm and a leg to ensure our hair is youthful in color and style. We have been nagging our parents and grandparents to use a product or go to the salon to get rid of those pesky reminders that we are not as young as we once were. We have been dying a little inside every time we look into the mirror and realize that our last dye is already growing out. And in all that hype to destroy the evidence of our age, we have forgotten that silver hair is only natural and can surely be made stylish as well.

Gray Hair Trend for Women

Yet now, we are faced with a conundrum. If we are so used to covering up the grays, it’s only understandable that we have a hard time with the latest beauty trend sweeping the nation. So put aside those hair dyes, save the money from the salon and simply grow out your natural locks. It’s beautiful, it’s daring, it takes a lot of courage, but boy oh boy is it stunningly beautiful. Lady Gaga and Dascha Polanco have already been showing off their gorgeous style in grey or gray on Instragram. We know that men have always looked great with a touch of silver, while some women have often been able to pull of the salt-and-pepper look, but a full gray has rarely been more appealing.

The difference between grey and gray, you say? Grey is closer to a hue of silver, while gray is but in between black and white, having a sliding scale of values. Either hue looks great on a person, though the ashy look seems to be the new big thing in Hollywood. Whether it’s a streak of grey in front or a full head of sexy silver, forget the shame of the color and embrace the beauty of how it’s simply uniquely you!

Stylish Gray Hairstyles for Women

Stylish Gray Hairstyles for Women

Rita Hazan colorist Carlina Ortega explains how you can achieve this look if you are not already a natural ashen grey yourself. “Unless you’re already a natural ashy blonde, the trick is to lighten the hair to that perfect yellow stage, so that it will be light enough to get that gray tone you want without causing any damage.” For many, this look has existed in its blonder form, as platinum blonde. Now, we need to go just a little darker and remove any hint of blonde that might alter the hue we wish to achieve.

If you’re looking for gorgeous grey hairstyles, pictured on both the old and young, here you have an array of stunning looks to choose from. Drawing inspiration from Kelly Osbourne’s full head of silver, you’ll stop being afraid of the aging process learning how to make the best out of your natural states. Stunning coifs and sexy curls are but the least of what you can do with your silvery mane! You need not look older, but you can definitely look the wiser, without the wrinkles and hard health.

Stylish Gray Hairstyles for Women

If we had to choose, the sleek chignon or the soft waves would be the best styles to match those love grays. Furthermore, you do have the option of adding a touch of gold, bluish shimmers or even going a darker shade than the silvers you have been thinking of. The world is at your feet and you are the master of your own hair design. Have fun with it, let your hair down, and show off your natural beauty with a little help from salon mastery (if you need it, of course!). This new hair trend might just be in town to stay.

Stylish Gray Hairstyles for Women

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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