How to Choose a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

When picking a hairstyle or a certain type of look in general, a lady does not have any trivial details, which can be neglected. Every single thing is important and everything counts for the creation of pleasant and impeccable looks. Thus, picking a hairstyle for a certain face shape is definitely one of the most important and essential aspects on the way to perfection. Therefore below we introduce the main principles you need to take into account when wondering how to choose a hairstyle for your face shape.

How to Choose a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

How to Choose a Haircut Correctly

Most often when picking a hairstyle, women try to follow the trends and go for options that are just fashionable without taking into account the personal individual features and the overall compatibility of the hairstyle with the face. Still, the most important factors in this choice that matter most of all are the shape of the face, the type of the hair and its overall condition. Any fashion trend should be fitted into this range of options and what’s no less important is that after going for a certain type of a haircut or style, you need to take a really good care of it, in order not to lose the effect and good looks.

In order to point out the overall most important rule of this choice, we can state that harmony is the most important thing that should be present in every look in order to secure the good impression. In addition, you shouldn’t risk going for a fashionable but not suitable hairstyle because the chances of failure are just as big. For instance, you may follow the pattern of picking a hairstyle according to your height thus going for a voluminous option for the scalp if you have medium height, or limiting with long locks without any additional touches or accents. Creating hairdos, which accentuate the neck, is also recommended in this case. On the other hand, for those, who want to visually look shorter, accordingly shorter hairstyles are recommended.

Another thing that you need to take into account is your lifestyle and the routine you live by. The place where you live can also be a matter of consideration, especially in terms of factors like humidity.

Thus passing to the in-detail scrutiny of the hairstyle choice for each type of face shape, we can speak about the following aspects.

How to Choose a Haircut According to the Face Shape

Thus passing to the essentials about picking a haircut according to the face shape, we can note that there is a tendency to use the hairstyle for perfecting the face shape, having the ideal option as an example to follow and trying to the image maximum close to that perfect option. Nowadays it’s the oval face shape and everything else that is observed for anybody is attempted to bring closer to the looks of the oval face. One more important moment about picking haircut for a face shape is that sometimes the shape of a face is not easily distinguishable and some calculations are required. First of all you need to measure the vertical length of the borderline of your hair and the line of the chin. Further, the number should be multiplied by 3 and marked as number 1. The number 2 is the vertical from the tip of the nose to the chin line. Finally, the shapes of the face are estimated according to which:

1. The longer faces have 1 bigger than 2,

2. The oval and rectangular ones should have them equal,

3. If 2 is bigger than 1, then the face can be called of the round type.

Haircuts For Oval Face Shapes

Starting with the most ideal and versatile face shape, we can note that there are very few ‘dos, in fact, that do not match this face shape. The length of the hair is also included in this diversity, ranging from the shortest to the longest alternatives. Neck is also important in case of the oval face and should be properly accentuated for the maximum effective looks. Going even deeper into the details, we can discuss the following options.

Straight or Wavy Hair

If straight or slightly wavy is the type of hair you have, you can boldly go for layers, opting for the most diverse and creative options and placing the layers on everywhere you like. Still, if you are not sure about the concrete part to accentuate then you can confidently accentuate the eyes. This is the most universal and great thing that can be done with the help of bangs with a hairstyle created with collarbone length hair or a bit below it creating the true picture perfect looks. On the other hand, if you like to accent your cheekbones, you can opt for curious and sassy side swept bangs, which may create some very impressive and cool looks.

Curly Hair

There’s nothing sassier than the perfectly created combination of the choppy layers with messily arranged curls and a diversity of possible hairstyles. For instance, you can create combinations with a bob cut close on the shoulder length, thus also making the styling of the hair easily adjustable with minimal efforts. What you need to remember is that you need to have a perfectly matching cut and texture. Otherwise it will work against you. In addition, you can also opt for longer variants with either voluminous curls or delicately wavy locks. Finally one more nuance that you need to remember is that when choosing a curly ‘do, you are going to visually shorten your hair significantly, so be cautious when deciding the length you’re going to have considering this fact, too.

Highly Textured Hair

Finally, if you have textured hair and you still want to have the most suitable and cool haircuts for your oval face, we would first of all suggest that the cut should be even, or that at least there isn’t any piece that catches the attention right away distorting the harmonious proportions of each part. What you can actually make use of unfailingly is using the natural texture of the curls to create the voluminous shape around the face. Cuts like bobs will also work super well in this respect. The same can be said about the super short cuts, which will look really cool with the layered plus curly formula.

Haircuts For Round Face Shapes

As for the round faces, we can say that the main task of this kind of face shape is not only visually making the face longer and removing the side lines, but also accentuating the facial features. The latter is, of course, very suitable to be carried out with proper makeup. Asymmetrical approach is again recommended here, especially well put with the diagonal bangs, which visually elongate the face and perfect it. For any longer cut, straight hair should be the most frequent and essential alternative. What the owners of round face should not go for is the straight bangs and the central top updos.

Straight and Wavy Hair

Thus, if you have straight or wavy hair, most probably it will take the natural shape of your face and simply outline it instead of accentuate certain parts. So what we recommend to do in order to avoid this is going for layered haircuts, which will have the chance to create some texture plays. One great example of a perfect hairstyle is the side swept bangs or some shorter details that could put an accent on the cheekbone and go on with the accents with proper proportions later as the layers succeed one another. The most suitable length for this type is the range of long options, but still if you prefer the shorter hairstyles and simply can’t do without them, you can also create such variants of ‘dos as the bob with a short neckline, which will accentuate the front part, also serving for the elongation.

Curly Hair

Sometimes some ladies erroneously think that having a voluminous and thick texture only makes the face look rounder and that such hair is not suitable for such face shapes. Still, this is not actually true, and this kind of hair can, indeed, work for your favor, if you find the ways of properly accentuating them. The secret is going for exactly worked out layers. One more thing about the hair length is that it can be longer than the chin, thus enabling you to have naturally accentuated and beautiful look. In case of having excessively curly hair you can counterbalance that with triangular layers, which can be made with making straight cuts across the pieces of the crown followed with the cuts on the sides and back in declining angle so that the overall ‘do will not let the voluminous curls overwhelm the sides of the face. In addition, you can also go for the asymmetrical side part in order to make some contrast for the round face shape, pulling that off with angles and proper texture. One more thing that you need to consider in this case is using a pick comb for marking the part line clearly, thus also making sure that the hair is parted before going for deeper cuts.

Textured Hair

Finally, if textured hair is what you would like to have, opting for long, sweeping layers is the most ideal alternative for textured hair. In order to create some volume on the top and thus also counterbalance the weight of the longer length you can leave some short layers on the crown. For shorter alternatives you can create accents on the top sides of the crown, thus leaving some longer strands on the top shaping the round face not repeating the outline, but elongating it. As for the medium lengths, you can go for delicately laid layers at the sides of the face, putting the accents on the eyes and the lips, avoiding adding blunt finishes right at the chin, because this will bring back the rounded outline.

How to Choose a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Haircuts For Square Face Shapes

Coming to the square face shapes, we can note that the most important thing that needs to be considered here is the wide chin creating an overall feel of big face along with the wide and big forehead. Sometimes the ladies with this kind of face shape are having hard times choosing a hairstyle, but the problem is much easier than it seems. The key is to smoothen and soften the lines, which can be achieved with the help of creating some volume on the scalp with any type of asymmetrical solutions allowed. This can be put both with the texture of the hair and the bangs. The don’t part goes for the accents on the neck and the shoulders. In case of this face shape you’d better not go for those crazy curls, as well as not gather the hair on the scalp opening up the face and the ears. Creating straight and thick bangs is another don’t here.

Straight or Wavy Hair

The most important thing that you need to remember when styling your straight or wavy hair is being sure that the length doesn’t stop right on the jaw and with a blunt angle, because this will only unnecessarily accentuate your face shape. Instead, you can combine the classic bob shape with shorter layers in the back, which become longer gradually as they go on to the front. So the right form you need is the graduated bob. Still, the most suitable form of this type of hair and face shape is the one reaching towards the base of the neck or even longer thus accentuating the outline of the face properly. Going for rounded layers cut in a circular pattern around the top of the head will enhance the soft and elevated effect of the crown, thus also being an ideal way to counterbalance the fullness of the bottom. The combination with proper texture will also get you through having super short haircuts, and what you need to do in this case is going for textures, which create natural volume on the crown. For instance, go for a pixie with a lot of layers shaping the face and accenting several points of it, add some more details for counterbalancing the jaw line.

Curly Hair

Styling curly hair can be tricky for the square face shape sometimes and what you need to remember in this case is that you need to avoid having the greater part of the hair around the jaw line. Instead you may go for a mid-length variant that gets below the chin and encompasses a lot of rounded layers reaching the top part of the face as well. Thus, graduated layers are the most suitable and exact form of the cuts, adding some softness to the face. As for bangs, the best form is the side-swept variant hitting between the eye and the cheekbone and thus adding some more softness to the looks, as well. One more thing is that for thicker volume the side part doesn’t need to be as steep as in case of straight or wavy locks. A small part from the center will be quite enough.

Highly Textured Hair

Coming to hair with texture and speaking about super short alternatives, we would recommend opting for lengths reaching the middle base of the neck or going longer. Graduated forms are again the do here, creating weight and volume leaving the shorter layers under the longer ones and naturally adding the volume and the balance for the jaw line nicely. Adding side-swept bangs will also enhance the effect only when being cut and textured well, thus being cut in a sheer and piecey form in order not to distract the attention from the bone structure of the face.

Haircuts For Heart-Shaped or Triangle Face Shapes

Talking about the given type of face shape we need to note that the main task in this case is visually hiding the side areas and giving more volume and attention-gathering accents to the lower parts. Quite often this is done with the help of bangs, sometimes even artificial ones, with the help of which a part of the diagonal line of the face is successfully hidden. As for the lacking volume in the lower parts, using smooth and soft locks starting near the ear lobes can be tried out. Besides, the variants like the voluminous bob are also recommended. Thus, the only thing that’s strictly not recommended to the owners of a triangle face is going for the sleek ‘dos with no bangs and accents for the forehead.

Straight or Wavy Hair

Talking about the straight and wavy hair with the heart shaped faces we can recommend any haircut going towards the area below the chin and flowing out fuller at the bottom, thus complementing the natural top width of the face shape and counterbalances for the catchy outline at the chin. The most suitable form of the layers is the concave type, which adds motion to the ‘do, letting the thick part remain at the bottom. In addition, you should also avoid the layers that are too short and top heave because that will create overwhelmed mass of hair to the face outline and add the fullness that’s not desirable there.

Curly Hair

For curly hair, we can say that it already has the suitable basis for counterbalancing the width of the top of the head, especially if the curls end up with a blunt line. Concave layers are again the right do for this type of hair as well, yet this time they need to build up the movement without cutting the bottom fullness from the top separately. In addition, if you think of over styling your super thick curls with the blunt edge, having worries about the latter making the overall texture look too puffy, then you can avoid that using point-cutting shears technique, for dividing up the curl movements and the overall definitions. If you also consider adding bangs to the looks, opting for sheer variants with lighter texture will be an ideal way to accentuate your eyes nicely. What you also need to take into account now is that you should go for daily styling in order to have the proper accents and the proper looks every day. If you would rather wish to avoid this though, you can opt for the side-swept alternatives, which require the least of styling. The best variant is the length going below the cheekbone, also detracting the attention from the width of the forehead.

Highly Textured Hair

Coming to the highly textured hair types, we can note the frequent complaint about the fact that the strands irrespective of their length accent the widest part of the face being the cheeks and work against the natural counterbalance. Triangle layers are the exact form of the ‘do here, with the help of which you can shift the volume upwards and let the hair hang straighter. The advantage of such layers is that they go straight from the crown and cut the pieces held out straight from the sides in a downward angle thus smoothening the texture. For shorter hair, a chin-length bob will be an ideal way to emphasize the eyes and the full cheeks and for creating a fullness around the chin. For the boldest people, however, options like pixies are an impeccable way of accentuating the cheekbones and the eyes.

Haircuts For Long Face Shapes

Long face shape is defined with the sweeping cheekbones, the strong jawline and the raised forehead, thus requiring maximum attention and consideration. First of all it’s the geometrically strongly outlined form that makes the haircut essential and vital. So no matter what style you may choose, you should not let the hair hang down in just one solid direction. This will only make the face look longer and remove all the movement from the ‘do. Having bangs is the following important aspect for such looks.

Straight or Wavy Hair

Avoiding the extremes is one of the most important things that you need to take into account. Both short and long cuts can work well for you but the exaggerated forms will only work against. Both of the styles will only elongate the face and remove all of the other accents you might have tried to create. The shoulder length is one of the unfailing options, especially if coming spiced up with a big number of flowing layers, which should begin at the chin level and go with a cascade movement.

Bangs are the following useful detail you can use in this case, since they can balance the narrow proportions of the face shape and focus the attention on the face. The classic forms of bangs usually end up near the eyebrow ends, but still, you can go for cuts beyond that point as well. Creating such lengths with the help of which the ends of the bangs hit at the eyebrows, you can have cute and charming looks.

Curly Hair

What flatters this face shape and curly hair most is the lavishly picked texture. Curly hair is impeccable to be used for long faces, because of the natural shaping and volume it has, especially on the crown. This way you’ll also be able to refrain from the short layers and go for the longer variants for balance. The most ideal length is the one hitting just above the breast or below the collar bone. For texturing the ends even better, you can also use a razor, but you need to find a good specialist, who can pull it off correctly, because poor razoring can only make things worse without any improvement.

Highly Textured Hair

When the long face shape comes combined with textured hair, we can note some universally beautiful looks both in case of naturally flowing and ironed straight variants. The most important thing that you need to know in this case is that one section of the hair should sweep over the forehead to create some balance for the proportions of the face. As you might have guessed, a simple and effective way to make this work is creating bangs, picking one from the range of various styles and looks. If you have the chance to work with the length, you can go for long and side-swept forms, thus also accentuating the lips and the eyes. On the other hand, you can also create a blunt variant having a straight texture, this way adding a youthful and bold feel to your looks.

How to Choose a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Haircuts for Long Heart-Shaped Faces

Coming to long heart shaped faces, we can speak about the beautiful curves. This is the form that’s characterized with the wide forehead and cheeks, going towards the pointed long chin gradually. Such face shapes are especially tricky to manage because they have both top and bottom heavy proportions and you need to have a certain variation of bangs for accentuating the eyes and the center of the face properly. Opting for different variants of layers and bangs can create nice results for your looks.

Straight or Wavy Hair

Starting with the length, we can say that the most suitable haircut for the straight and wavy hair is the shoulder length type also having flowing layers going through the whole texture of the hair. Concave layers are again the recommended form, creating movement at the same time preserving the thickness for the bottom, creating the blunt and even line for the ends. What you need to avoid is the layers of short and top-heavy type, which will add some excessive proportions of hair for the parts, where there is already more than enough of fullness. Opting for wispy bangs that hit at the area between the eyes and the eyebrows will be an ideal way to soften the look. Another bold and dramatically cute way to pull it off is going for bangs the tips of which slightly differ from each other.

Curly Hair

As for the curly hair, we can again note that it’s an ideal form for the long heart-shaped face, because of the natural balances it provides, thus being a play pair for the fullness and the length due to the rich texture. You can also spice up the looks adding some layers, but what you’d better avoid is the form of the layers that will go around accentuating the fullness of the forehead or the cheekbones. Instead, you can go for the longer layers of cuts again preserved in the concave style, which will build up the movement without breaking the bottom fullness of the possibly blunt edge. The ends can also be texturized with the previously noted point-cutting shears technique for separating every curl and adding some more definition to it.

Highly Textured Hair

As for the highly textured hair, we would recommend styling it into delicately straight and smooth strands, for having the most suitable counterbalance and play pair for the face shape. Spicing up the long locks with side swept bangs is the following impressive thing you can try out. For longer options, you can go for such forms which angle over one eye, adding some feminine and mysterious flair to the looks, while in case of shorter variants, you can try out the blunt bangs that lighten up the face with the youthful feel. As for the super shorn locks, you can experiment with the slightly wavy finishes on the forehead for an equally impressive effect.

Haircuts for Rounded Heart-Shaped Faces

What refers to the rounded heart-shaped faces, we can describe them having full cheeks, a round chin and heart-shaped cheekbones. What the owners of such face shapes need to do is to spice up their naturally sassy features with some angular movement for the outline. The first BFF of this shape is the layers, which may come with the biggest diversity of textures and types, emphasizing the contour of the face.

Straight or Wavy Hair

Thus if we deal with straight or wavy hair, the very first thing that we need to focus our attention on is the fact that this kind of hair falls against the face, meaning that without the layers, it will turn the face shape into a round form. For not letting this happen you can add some side swept bangs or shorter layers for the cheekbone accents in order to accentuate and properly counterbalance the natural features of the face. The only point where you shouldn’t let the layers hit at is the chin, because this way they will only bring back the feel of a round face shape which you definitely don’t need. What you can practice instead is the longer hair length falling below the chin and letting gravity do the rest, pulling the hair into a fuller bottom finish creating the ideal form of the ‘do. Still, you can also work with the shorter hair if you like, for instance going for a bob that’s angled from short in the back to longer finishes for the front again avoiding the accents on the chin.

Curly Hair

As it was in case of the round face, the same works here as well. The erroneous assumption about the curls accentuating the width of the face and outlining the round form of the face exists in this case as well. Still, we can again note that combining the curly hair with some texture can only enhance the great effect of the ‘do. When the length of the curls is longer than the chin level, you have a great natural weight that pulls the hair down for you, creating a more elongated look.

As for the excessively curly hair, you can use the overwhelming proportions to transform it into graceful finishes using the triangular layer technique. Matching this technique with the deep or symmetrical part you will have the impeccable form of the hairstyle.

Highly Textured Hair

As we spoke about the heart face shape, noting that some ladies come up with complaints about the strands of the textured hair accentuating the cheeks and lacking volume and movement, we didn’t note that the same story goes true in case of a round heart-shaped face, too. And again, what we suggest is going for the triangular layers going from the crown and along the sides, thus at the same time adding some volume to the crown, keeping the hair hanging sleeker at the sides and having overall correctly accentuated face shape. If you also like experiments, you can go for long sweeping layers spiced up with a deep side part and cascading layers all working for accenting the bone structure.

Haircuts for Long Square Face Shapes

The combination of the long and square face shapes is characterized with having the peculiarities like the elongated form of the face and the strong jawline. And just as in case of the long face shapes, you need to be attentive for not letting the hair hang down straight and even, and not losing the softness of the outline, either. That is, you need to create the texture plays with layers at the same time working on softening the edges for counterbalancing for the jawline.

Straight or Wavy Hair

Thus for straight and wavy hair you need to avoid the extremes of both long and short hair again, just like in case of the long face. And as you could guess, the ideal form here as well is the shoulder length, of course, having the layers where necessary, thus not going higher than the chin adding fullness to the strands coming below. As for the experiments with bangs, you can pick such options, which go a bit further than the point where they meet the eyebrows, in order to have a nice transition worked out with some feathered layers for maximum effective looks.

Curly Hair

Coming to curly hair we can note that the same pattern, which made it a great natural counterbalance for the long faces, works in case of long square faces as well. Avoiding the overwhelmed proportions at the chin is what’s recommended here as well. For shorter options you can create cascading layers above the chin for the best details that will work with the bone structure. In addition, if you like to have bangs but not waste too much time and efforts on styling them every day, you can pick the universal forms like the shorter side swept forms. The subtler the curls the more effective and catchy the results will be.

Highly Textured Hair

Finally, for having maximum effective results with textured hair, you need to focus on the necessity for perfecting the square face first of all, taking it as a guideline for the long square shape as well. Thus, as we noted for the former facial form, you need to pick lengths hitting at the middle of the base of the neck or longer. If some additional accents on the eyes are required, you can also go for graduated layers of shorter strands put underneath the longer ones for creating natural volume and fullness.

Haircuts for Rounded Square Face Shapes

Finally, speaking about the round and square face shapes, you might think that it’s the same, or that they cannot come together in one look. But both assumptions are not actually true as these two forms are, in fact, different, and they can, indeed, come with one and the same look. This is the case described with a rounded forehead and a distinctly squared jawline. Thus, one universal type of cut that can unite the advantages of both shapes and even use those shapes for a better result is using layers. Thus going more into the details we can note the following options!

Straight or Wavy Hair

The best way to counterbalance the round square shape is creating an overall triangle form for the hair. And for doing this you need to cut a lot of fine layers into the part where the hair is put with overwhelming proportions thus adding some delicate accents with layered strands instead of overwhelmed proportions of hair. Spicing up the look with sassy side swept bangs is another thing that you can do for having just as impressive results as you could in case of the square face shape. This is also a great way to focus the attention on the eyes and the lashes, especially if the style of the bangs you pick comes as the wispy type.

Curly Hair

As we noted, layers are the ideal and universal way to accentuate the looks, including the ones created with curly hair. Thus, for having a cute naturally curled texture you need to opt for such styles, encompassing layers that start below the chin, making the weight of the hair go vertical, putting the accents on the cheekbones. For shorter cuts, variants with layers grazing the cheekbones and softening the look are recommended. Overall, the layers should be cut in a circular flow in order to contrast the defined angle of the jawline. Experimenting with deep or asymmetrical side parts can also prove to be a great way to spice up such looks.

Highly Textured Hair

Finally, if you are a fan of highly textured hair and if you have the round square type of the face, you can complement your looks with volume put just at the crown and right below it, in order to create some motion around those areas. For shorter cuts, it’s preferable to leave some slightly longer strands on the crown, compared with those of the sides, so that the jawline gets balanced well enough. While for the medium and longer types you can confidently go for sliming layers put at the sides, again putting the emphasis on the eyes and the lips. The only point where you shouldn’t have any blunt cuts is the chin because doing so you risk losing the natural wave pattern of the strands and outlining the round shape of the face.

How to Choose a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Final Pieces of Advice About Picking a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Speaking about the diversity of the types of face shapes we can note that there are no concrete rules, dos and don’ts only for the owners of oval shape. Any hairstyle will look good on them, not counting those, which have slight asymmetrical touches for bangs. For all the rest, the different ways of correcting and perfecting the looks are recommended in order to have more impressive and better looks.

One more detail, which matters in the process of picking a hairstyle, is the condition of the hair and the type it belongs to. Apart from matching the haircut with the face shape you also need to have the proper conditions and bases in terms of the hair. Thus, in case of thin hair volume is required, securing the slight waves and the short ‘dos, whereas in case of thick hair any length will do.

In addition, sometimes you feel the need to distract the attention from the observers from a particular part of the face and accentuate something else. In this case you need to remember that the thick and straight bangs accentuate the lips and the chic, whereas the asymmetrical and longer variants allow forgetting about the imperfect nose shape.

Thus, here were the basic tips and tricks that we would like to state and emphasize talking about the ways of combining the face shape with the proper forms of hairstyles. Being sure of the face shape and the other features that you have, you’ll be able to come up with the most impressive and great combinations and to impress everyone with your stylish and flabbergasting looks!

Photos courtesy of Lina Tesch

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