How to Style a Cascade Braided Ponytail

Having a ponytail is really very convenient, besides it is an easy hairstyle to create. It is girlish, neat and demands no time. A ponytail will even look more effectively if you think of adding something original to it, rather than simply letting the ponytailed hair hang in the back. You can try a very trendy hairstyle by braiding the hair. This is a very stylish way to dress up the ordinary ponytail. By doing so, first you will have the entire hair gathered in one place, so whenever you are actively moving strands of hair will not be moving together with you to the left or to the right irritating you and secondly, you will create a fabulous look. The hair tips will be in a lower level and will make it look sporty, so you can easily do this hairstyle when running in the morning or going to the gym. Besides, the hairstyle will be very comfortable to wear both at home, whenever you go shopping or simply whenever an informal occasion arises. And if you want to try something even more special, you can incorporate some cascade braids into your ponytail. In order to learn how to style a cascade braided ponytail, have a look at the hairstyle tips suggested below.

How to Style a Cascade Braided Ponytail
We have several variants for this particular look. First of all we will introduce the easiest way that is having the entire ponytail turned into a thick braid. To start with, make sure to have a brush and elastic bands at hand. First brush your hair without leaving any knots or tangles, and gather all your hair in the back, in the position you want the ponytail to stay. Create the ponytail. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band. You can either use a band that is your hair color, or you can have another interesting solution here. By pulling a small section of hair from the ponytail beneath the elastic band, wrap it around the ponytail base and tuck the ends carefully. Now you can start an ordinary French braid. Divide the ponytail hair into three sections and bring the right section of hair over the middle section. The middle is now the right section and right section becomes the middle. Next bring the left section of hair over the new middle section. Continue doing so till you reach the hair tips. Fasten the ends of the braided ponytail hair and apply a little amount of hairspray to fix the braid.

You can also go for a more elegant braided ponytail, which is not only an everyday one, but also is a great hairstyle for an evening look. The idea of this style is not braiding the entire ponytail hair, but creating a thin braid just on one side of the ponytail. For doing so, you have to take a small section of hair from the ponytail hair on the right side and start braiding. Once you braid a little, 1 or 2 inches, start adding hair not from the place that is close to your braid but from the opposite side, that is adding hair from the left. You will not have a straight braid, but rather a diagonal one. Once you reach the ends of the hair, secure it with an elastic band.

How to Style a Cascade Braided Ponytail
For those who like having several variants in mind, here is another easy way to create a fabulous braided ponytail look. If you like to have your hair up, then you can easily turn a ponytail into a bun. All you have to do is again making a high ponytail in the center of the back of the head. Once you are done start braiding the ponytail hair, securing the latter when you reach the ends. Secure the tips with a thin elastic band and instead of letting it remain that way take the hair and wrap it around the ponytail base. Secure the ends of the hair with bobby pins. You will have an elegant updo that will suit any evening dress. It is an ideal hairstyle for a fiesta as well. To look more passionate decorate the updo with a nice flower. You will have a light, elegant and glamorous braided updo.

Keep all these easy tips in mind and experiment each of them for an appropriate occasion.

Cascade Braided Ponytail Tutorial

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