How to Style a Chestnut Bun

Buns are the most practical, functional and feminine hairstyles, which emphasize your beautiful facial features and make you look chic for any occasion. Dear fashionisers, if you are thinking of creating a new style that will look both elegant and chic, then hurry up to learn how to style a chestnut bun. It is an easy hairstyle that really takes only moments to achieve. Broaden your hairstyling knowledge with this particular easy style and amaze everybody with your originality.
Every girl should know how to do this hairstyle, first for the reason that is it very trendy, and secondly you receive maximum perfection with minimum efforts. There is nothing difficult in obtaining this trendy hairstyle, simply a brush, bobby pins and if needed some hairstyling spray. To learn how to make a sexy chestnut bun follow the tutorial below.

How to Style a Chestnut Bun
First of all your hair should be clean to look shiny and chic. When the hair is dry, feel free to start the procedure. Thoroughly brush your hair so that there are not tangles left. Once the hair is smooth, gather the entire hair and form a ponytail. The latter should be rather high. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band of the color of your hair. Make sure to fasten the band rather tight since the next step you are going to take depends on how the ponytail is secured.

Once you are done with the first step, secondly start the most important part that makes the final look. Carefully make a small hole in your hair right behind the elastic band of the ponytail, dividing your hair into two sections. Next flip your ponytail hair up starting from the bottom of the hair, insert it through the hole you have created and let it pass all the way down through the hole. If you manage to complete this task easily without undoing your ponytail, then you are a great pro.

How to Style a Chestnut Bun
Now that the most difficult part of the hairdo is completed, you only have to do several easy final touches to receive the expected glamorous look. Secure the ends of your ponytail looping it under with pins, so that there is now hanging all over your back on your neck or on the sides. If your hair is long enough and by securing it with pins you think that it won’t stay for long, then the best way to fasten it properly is wrapping it around by passing through the hole the second time. This way your bun will have much more volume and will look even trendier. Now tuck the remaining ends under the bun carefully. Before securing the bun though, make sure to shape it the way you like and is placed right in the central part of the head.

And here you are, looking trendy and chic with almost a few easy hand maneuvers that created the look easily at home, without spending time and money at a beauty salon.

How to Style a Chestnut Bun
This fantastic bun is not only easy to get, but also stays long, when fixing it with a hairstyling spray at the end. No matter how tight you have fastened your bun, a spray will always be just for the case. You can do whatever you want without fear that the hair will undo soon.

This chic chestnut bun is convenient for any occasion, varying from a casual look to a special formal occasion, and moreover, it is an ideal hairdo for the beautiful brides as well. It goes well with any type of clothes, evening dresses, casual jeans and tops, with a business suit as well. So hurry up to learn these tips and use them in your hair styling art. Several minutes in front of the mirror and a fantastic chic chestnut bun is guaranteed.

Chestnut Bun Tutorial

Photos courtesy of A Cup of Joe

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