How to Style a Hair Bow

Bows are the symbol of girlishness and loveliness in fashion and they always catch the attention of sweetie fashionisers. A simple bow may appear on a handbag, shoes or clothing pieces and totally transform one’s look. What about trying this little detail on something else, hair, for instance? Learning how to style a hair bow will give you another opportunity to sport this cute accessory, only in a newer, more interesting way.

How to Style a Hair Bow

How to Style a Low Bow Bun

Buns are always so adorable for any occasions. Be it for an everyday use or a special occasion they work well. A cute and stylish bun tends to inject more elegance and femininity to your look. There are different ways of having a bun like a low one, a high one, a braided bun, loopy one, as well as a low bow bun. The latter one is of much interest, since it looks so lovely and charming once you have it on your head. Simply add a little creativity, spend little time and spare almost no energy to get this lovely look. This hairstyle may seem a tricky one at first sight, yet it is indeed very easy once you start making it. You do not need to visit a beauty salon or learn special techniques to do that yourself. Simply follow these easy tips and you can master the low bow bun art without any difficulties. All you need is having hair long enough to make the bow.

To start with the hairstyle, you should backcomb your hair starting right from the crown. Especially if you have thin hair this part is of much importance, as it will add volume to your front part of the head. You can use a headband on your crown and then start the styling. All you have to do is gather all the hair together and make a low ponytail just at the nape of your neck.

Next, you will have to divide the ponytailed hair into three equal sections to be able to form the bow. You will not be using the middle section, so you can pull it up and secure to your head temporarily, while you are doing the bow part. Now take one part and by wrapping it around a curling iron, curl it. You will have a loop, which should be fixed to your head tightly with several bobby pins. Do not make it loose, otherwise it will come down pretty soon.

How to Style a Low Bow Bun
Do the same action on the other section as well. Make sure to make a symmetrical loop and again attach it near the ponytail base with the help of bobby pins. Now you have the bow ready. All you have to do is work on the middle section, which had been temporarily been excluded from the styling procedure. Unfasten the middle section, let the hair fall and now taking the hair into your hands pull it up and secure it to the top of the ponytail. Once you do this now it is time to let it flip through the bow in the center and attach it below the ponytail base. Do not leave the tips as they are; carefully tuck them under the base of the ponytail. To accomplish the mission, apply some hairspray to make the bow stay. Now you have a very sexy and original low bow bun, which is both very trendy and easy to achieve at home.

How to Style a Top Bow Updo

You can style a hair bow in a much easier way. This time, you’ll have the bow popping on top of your head rather than as a modest low bow bun. To style a top bow updo, gather your hair into a high half ponytail. Next, split your half bun into two sections and wrap the remaining tail forward, creating a lovely bun. Tuck the hair endings under your bow bun and secure them with bobby pins. If necessary, spread your bun to make it more eye-catching. Use some hairspray to make sure it stays in place throughout the day. And here you go! Your sweetie top bow updo is ready to rock!

How to Style a Top Bow Updo

How to Style a Half-Up Hair Bow

If you can never have enough of those bows and want to try something different than hair bow updos, you can go for a half-up hair bow, which looks as sweet as in the case of bows. In this case, you can create either a symmetrical neat bow ‘do or a slightly messy, bohemian one.

To begin with, pull half of your hair back into a half-up half ponytail. Divide your tiny half bun into two sections and holding them with your two fingers, with your next hand wrap a little tail around it. Next, take the other side and repeat the same action. Secure your bow tail with bobby pins and your lovely half bun updo is ready.

The second version of creating a half-up hair bow is the following: take two sections from each side of your head and tie a little knot on the back of your head. Next, make a little bow, wrapping the tail around your ‘do. Secure the hairbow and leave it as messy, or as neat as you like. You can leave the rest of your hair either the way it is, or curl it slightly with a curling iron.

How to Style a Half-Up Hair Bow
Whether you choose the hair bow bun or the half-up hair bow, you can make it low or high, center or side, textured or neat. It’s all up to you to decide. You can even create two bows at a time. And since you already know how to style a hair bow, you can work your imagination and style new creative hairstyles with this little hair bow. Make the techniques stick to your memory firmly, so that you can experience them later on.

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