Lauren Conrad’s Best Hair Moments So Far

Lauren Conrad is as fabulously fresh as she is corky, and an Urban Outfitters fan to boot! We have to love it, for there’s no denying that dear Lauren makes us little people feel like we actually can compete with celebrity lifestyles. Furthermore, her hair is simply luscious and rather easy to emulate (of course, never really achieving the same look of perfection). Now, if the style matches us, that’s a different story, but Lauren Conrad’s glorious hair has been the talk of the last long while and most particularly the last week. We also could not refrain from creating a tribute list to her “glorious, glorious hair.”

Lauren Conrad's Best Hairstyles

She’d looked magical as a clown, angelic with a flower crown, like a mermaid princess when curled, and now the bob looks simply delicious. She’s beautiful and it simply cannot be denied. We love that hair. Every last inch of it, despite the fact that she finally had it cut. She’s also just launched the new LC Lauren Conrad collection for Kohl’s, fresh from her honeymoon. The girl doesn’t seem to want to take a break it seems and she’s still rocking the fashion world.

We should take a look at some of the grandest Lauren Conrad hairstyles, actually. They are most definitely worth a special mention.

Lauren Conrad's Best Hairstyles: Short Hair

Side part and Long Curls

She’s chic, she’s fab and she’s downright sexy when Lauren Conrad parts her hair from the side and lets it down in loose long curls. The warm blonde suits her coloring well while the style leaves us with little to say. We cannot imagine the look suiting anyone better than Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad's Best Hairstyles: Loose Hair

Lauren Conrad's Best Hairstyles: Loose Hair

Bobby-Pin Updo

Bobby pins are the stuff of miracles if they can create the ingenuous looks Conrad rocks. It’s not only chic. But it pretty much has us drooling over the perfection of the style. Best of all, it’s not so overdone that this red-carpet look cannot also be used for a stroll down the street or out on a date. We bet it has heads turning left right and center!

Lauren Conrad's Best Hairstyles: Bobby-Pin Updo

Lauren Conrad's Best Hairstyles: Bobby-Pin Updo

Classic Bun

We have little to say at the moment because we cannot quit looking at how adorable this ‘do makes Conrad look. She’s positively glowing and her natural contours are accented with the tight pull on the hair. The big bun is just as neat, no flyaways that might affect the sleek, professional, ready-to-teach-a-class look (many teachers opt for a classic bun when they think they are feeling lazy… it actually works in their favour), and we are left gaping at the final product.

Lauren Conrad's Best Hairstyles: Classic Bun

Loose Bun

When we’re talking about gaping at buns, we most definitely have a hard time keeping our mouths shut and eyes off the mesmerizing image of Lauren Conrad with a loose bun. Her hair’s divine in of itself without adding this particular look to the mix. She’s sheer perfection and there isn’t a single man or woman out there who would dare disagree. We’d be seriously doubting their ability to see properly if that were the case.

Lauren Conrad's Best Hairstyles: Loose Bun

Sleek Pony Tail

Ponytails are sleek, they’re stylish and they work really well in the professional world, whether or not it be the fashion industry. Lauren’s got all the right features to make a simple ponytail look positively ravishing, as if she just walked out of an expensive salon and suddenly declared she’s royalty. We can imagine some fans might actually see her as such, but what we see is simple beauty. After all the waves and buns and hair knots we’ve seen, this simple hairstyle is simply perfect. We might love it almost as much, if not equally so, as the loose bun. It depends on the day and event, we suppose. Then again, she’s look amazing no matter how Lauren Conrad wore her glorious hair.

Lauren Conrad's Best Hairstyles: Ponytail

Lauren Conrad's Best Hairstyles: Ponytail

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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