New Hairstyles for Women to Try

Hairstyles are changing with the coming fashion trends. If one year long hair is considered to be trendy, the next season comes up with plenty of surprises, encouraging daring girls to get a bold pixie. The best thing about hair is that it grows out quickly letting you change your style and look fresh all the time. In case you are looking for new hairstyles to try, make sure to take a peek at our list of stylish haircuts and give your favorite one a try, reviving your hair with the latest trends and adopting an astonishing look!

Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles are ideal for girls having round faces and soft girlish facial features. This short cut is making the face appear more feminine and innocent. It looks great both with no makeup look and sultry smokey eyes combined with a bright lipstick.

New Hairstyles to Try - Pixie Hairstyles

Geometric Bangs

Geometric bangs used to be very popular in the ‘20s. In contrast to the past trend, now we do have ideal geometric forms. This is all due to the latest hair technique innovations. The trend can be ideally combined with short, medium length and longer hair. As for the summer season, it’s good to combine geometric bangs with longer waves.

New Hairstyles to Try - Geometric Bangs

Side Swept Bangs

If geometric bangs are too risky for you, then you can go for side swept bangs. Sometimes hairdressers make it so long that you can blow-dry your hair and have your bang back-combed, when you’re kind of tired. It’s also a cute idea to wear braided bangs. As for the rest of the period, you can highlight different parts of the face depending on the size of the bangs.

New Hairstyles to Try - Side Swept Bangs

Medium-Length Bob

Bob hairstyles have been holding their firm position in the list of hottest hair trends already for a few successive seasons. However, now a more classical version of it, medium-length bob is taking the lead. The haircut opens up the neck, highlighting on one of the sexiest parts in a woman’s body. It also opens up the shoulders.

New Hairstyles to Try - Medium-Length Bob

Beach Waves

This is the trendiest of all hairstyles. It’s easy to achieve and very beautiful. You just need to use some styling mouse to make the layered hair look a bit more soft and fluffy. Natural looking beach waves are outstanding especially with hair dyed at the ends. The style will look more effective if you create cascading layers.

New Hairstyles to Try - Beach Waves

Funky Stylized Hair

The recent studies show that Miley Cyrus is the sexiest woman proving that this ultra-crazy haircut simply rocks. When deciding to go funky, you need to remember that the top of your hair needs to be kept long, while the rest can be super short or undercut, as it’s best known.

New Hairstyles to Try - Funky Stylized Hair

Messy Curls

Curls are always romantic, cute and sexy, especially in summer. They need to be done in a way to look as natural as possible. The most popular option is the Hollywood wind-blown curls, which will look awesome with a light lipstick and shimmer on eyes. You can easily learn how to style natural waves, and in case you are getting for a special occasion, try perfectly styled curls.

New Hairstyles to Try - Messy Curls

Textured Short Hair

Short hair with lots of curls – this really rocks! The style actually makes your hair appear longer than it actually is. In addition, it will make the look ideal for a light summer cocktail party.

New Hairstyles to Try - Textured Short Hair

Sixties Layered Locks

Sixties hairstyles are famous for two size layers. The first one is touching the chin, while the second style is quite longer, going down the shoulders. The main hint of the haircut is to make smooth waves on the lower part and keep it straight on the shorter layer.

Whether you give preference to short hairstyles or long ones, these new hairstyle ideas will definitely inspire you to try something new and creative! Don’t be afraid of innovations and go wild!

New Hairstyles to Try - Sixties Layered Locks

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