Overnight Hairstyle Tips for Waking Up To Good Hair

Bad hair days happen way too often and we are left to deal with the mess that refuses to take proper shape over our heads. The best moments are when we wake up with our pretty locks looking fresh and Hollywood perfect, without needing to wash it and style it before heading out for the day. Those days when we can be lazy, sleep in and know that we will not need an hour to perfect our looks are the rarest and most precious of them all.

Forget about those cowlicks, bedhead and the overload of dry shampoo. You can, technically, wake up with great hair every single day of your life and literally roll out of bed, put on those clothes, dab on a bit of makeup, brush out the tendrils and walk out the door. All you have to do is use any of these overnight hairstyle tips to ensure the best results come morning light.

Overnight Hairstyle Tips for Waking Up To Good Hair

Keeping it Bouncy: You will be surprised at how bouncy you can keep that blow dried hair of yours if you use the correct technique to ensure it lasts longer than you thought it would. Take a soft foam styling donut shaped apparatus or any handful of large two-inch bobby pins that can help secure your hair in a loose but high topknot. This prevents your hair from becoming squashed under your head or getting caught under your shoulders. If you want a wavier look with large curls, wrap smooth combed semi-dry hair into two buns on either side of the head, and sleep on your back. You’ll have healthy, gorgeous tresses cascading down your back once dawn arrives.

Surfer Girl Waves: French braids on either side of the head are great for keeping the hair out of your face and neatly tucked away, creating a flat, smooth surface secured with bobby pins before looking like the tresses of a goddess when released in the morning. You can also tie it down with a scarf overnight to keep it in place for as long as possible.

Smooth and Straight: Those gorgeous tresses should be kept as straight and smooth as they look when you climb into bed. To do so, start behind the ear and have all the hair wrapped onto one side and secured with large bobby pins. This keeps it straight, flat and smooth. Adding a scarf will keep the hair in place until you are ready to give it a quick brush, add some serum to smooth out flyaway pieces and head out to work or to meet some friends.

No Wild Bangs: No matter how you’ve dressed up those bangs, you want them to look perfect come morning and not bent out of shape and all over the place. Secure them down and to the side with a tissue and duckbill clip when still wet or else you are going to have a major problem. Use a bristle brush on them in the morning and you should be ready to go!

Going Retro: Who doesn’t love retro hairstyles? The best part is that it’s so easy to get! Take damp hair and add texturizing cream if you wish, create a side part and wrap two-inch pieces around fingers before securing to the head in x-shape bobby pins for added protection against moving in the night. In the morning, just get up, remove the pins and brush until the hair looks totally retro.

Crinkles and Frizz: A bit of frizz can look great and give off a chic ‘80s look! All you have to do for this is to take damp hair, mousse up the ends from the middle of the strands, separate hair into four sections and braid from as high up as you can. Tie the braids together to keep them in place, sleep and when you wake up just let it all go. A paddle brush should be perfect in creating the perfect crimped look. If you want tighter crimples, then just add the number of braids you make before bed.

Beachy-Boho Look: One of the best ways to achieve a beachy look is simply by using a headband over slightly damp hair, grabbing little sections of hair and looping over and under the headband and repeating until the whole head of hair is tucking in thus. Wake up in the morning, take out the headband, brush through for larger waves and add a mist of hairspray to stay in place.

Keep It Looking Healthy: A deep conditioning is always good to sleep with. Wash out your locks and focus on the scalp. You want to moisturize as best you can so use warmer water and apply the deep conditioning with a wide-toothed comb. Use saran wrap on your hair to keep the sheets clean and hair together. In the morning, wash the conditioner out with a cool rinse so that the moisture is locked in before styling it up and knowing you’re ready for anything the day may throw at you.

Photo courtesy of Madame Figaro

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