51 Pretty Holiday Hairstyles For Every Christmas Outfit

Holiday hairstyles are a necessity several times a year so it is always good to add a few to your repertoire. The following 51 pretty holiday hairstyle ideas will work on a variety of hair types, and many include styles to accentuate color treated hair. As trends and styles evolve and recirculate, new options are developed.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles For Every Christmas Outfit

Choosing the right holiday hairstyles can take a while, but it starts with a few options that you like when you see them. There are hair ornaments, accessories and jewelry included in the following looks.

1. Glitter Gel Slick Down

Rather than smoothing down your hair with regular gel to give you the shape you want, using glitter gel (which you can even make on your own) means that you have a multidimensional holiday hairstyle. This would definitely be unexpected, but eye-catching.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Glitter Roots

2. Shades of Pink with Antler Comb

Pink is a color that tiptoes on the edges of other colors and can be really prismatic when combined with other shades of pink. This holiday hairstyle has a soft overall quality, and the several different shades of pink give the hairstyle a lot of dimension. The antler comb is a nice touch that is both whimsical and fun.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Pink Half-Up Hair

3. Silver and Pastel Blue Roses

One of the best holiday hairstyles, braided roses are a nice party hairstyle to go with, especially with multi-toned hair. The braids allow the colors to weave in and out and the roses can show off the shades beautifully. The colors are great and the roses are perfect making this a great quick holiday hairstyle to show off your hair color.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Knotted Half-Up Hairstyle

4. Glittering Halo Braid

Halo braids are beautiful anyway, but this glittering holiday hairstyle idea is a bright and sparkling option that would be great to include in your holiday looks. It appears easy to do, but the braid is tight and the edges perfectly laid, while the glitter enhances the braid.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Glitter Halo Braided Updo

5. Adorned Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair is always in style, but the hair charms are a huge part of making this holiday hairstyle amazing. Accessorizing your hair doesn’t just mean color and hair ornaments, and hair jewelry is a great way to do it. These are all different charms for an interesting final look.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Accessorized Loose Updo

6. Arrow Cornrows with Hair Rings

Making appearances at holiday parties is all about the look, and this holiday hairstyle is well done with an edgy flair. The ring details in between the cornrows are very cool and elevate this holiday hairstyle.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Pierced Cornrow Braided Hair

7. Updated Side Braid

Side braids, especially the ones that hang down past the shoulder are chic and perfect holiday hairstyles thanks to the many different ways this style can be achieved. Here, by looping the hair through itself to create the look and the added benefit of equally weighted points down the braid mans, it will fall smoothly on the shoulder.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Twisted Low Ponytail

8. Tri-Bun Faux ‘Hawk

This holiday hairstyle just requires the right amount of pulling and twisting to create the buns. Once they are in and set in the center to create the faux hawk shape, this style will last through any party, making it the perfect holiday hairstyle. It can be easily dressed up or down for the type of party and location.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Knotted Updo

9. Swirling Braid and Rose

The articulation of this braid makes it a great holiday hairstyle idea for an updo that ends in a swirling rose styled bun at the nape of her neck. Once you get the particular braiding style down, you can do this look any number of ways.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Fishtail Braided Updo

10. Half-Up Fishtail Pigtails

This holiday hairstyle is easy to do if you can do a fishtail braid, or in this case – two. As a look it is interesting and casual and can even be done on short hair with the use of extensions.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Double Fishtail Braids

11. Half-Up Flower Ponytail

In this holiday hairstyle, the low ponytail created by the half-up hairstyle is braided loosely and twisted into an interesting little flower bun that is sitting over the remains of her wavy hair. It is a fun and interesting look that has just the right amount of embellishment to consider this ‘do a great photo-ready Christmas hairstyle.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Flower Braided Half-Up Hairstyle

12. Glitter Center Part

Two tighter top knots create the illusion of height and a longer, slender neck on everyone. The color treatment shows through the twisted buns, but the best detail of this holiday hairstyle is the center part, adorned with glitter gel in whatever color you want shown here in pink and silver.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Double top Knots with Glitter Roots

13. Open Ended Double Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are a fair staple for a great holiday hairstyle, but the twist in these is the ends, which are wrapped in hair to hide the bands and hang loose rather than continuing the braid. The look is cool but functional, a great choice for a Christmas hairstyle.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Open-Ended Double Dutch Braids

14. Balayage Blonde Waves

Wavy hair is a staple that can suit any holiday event, so as a holiday hairstyle the addition of a soft balayage treatment is just an elevation of the style. The style looks simple but elevated thanks to the softness created by the custom balayage treatment.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Bombshell Waves

15. Fishtailed Low Pony

As for this holiday hairstyle, styled to be smooth yet textured, the low sitting ponytail has a slight curl to it, but the real volume and texture is attributed to the crown of the hair being fishtail braided and then tucked into the low ponytail.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: French Braided Ponytail

16. Low Side Updo

Smooth layers braided into each other and pinned at the nape of the neck create a voluminous bun that will look great with nearly any outfit at any party for any holiday you could participate in. The side braid that is pinned into the bun is perfect to provide texture on top of that created by the bun, serving as a fantastic holiday hairstyle idea.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Loose Braided Updo

17. Pulled Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are a classic hairstyle that can be done on a variety of hair lengths and textures. For hair that features a detailed color treatment like the one pictured, the Dutch braids show off every color used to create this holiday hairstyle.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Double Dutch Braids for Short Hair

18. Sparkling Headband

Accessories work on several levels, not just for sparkle but structure and style. The headband will hold the hair in place with no problem, while looking great in each and every picture from all angles.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Long Wavy Hair with Headband

19. Braids Braided into Braids

Textures can be put into holiday hairstyles with processes as simple as braiding, but to braid one braid into another and another creates not only texture, but also weight. This will help keep the hair hanging where it should be, hanging down and ending in soft curls.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Textured French Braid

20. Pinned Hair

Even simple holiday hairstyles can be updated with the addition of just a few accessories and here we have a perfect example of that. The center of her pulled-back hair is adorned to give the simple style a new look that has a bit of edge and a bit of sparkle for the holidays.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Safety Pins Accessorized Hair

21. Pierced Side Cornrow

Hair rings are really on trend and will continue to garner attention for a while to come. The effect of ‘pierced hair’ is easy to pull off with the right rings and braiding technique. These are sure conversation starters and unassuming hair accessories that will not weigh you down or cause tangles in the hair.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Piercing Embellished Braided Boho Hair

22. Cornrowed Half Up

Cornrowed hairstyles are a great look, but be careful with them as they can easily pull out your edges without the right maintenance. The half-up hairstyle is lush and beautiful and easy to wear once it is installed.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Cornrowed Half-Up Hairstyle

23. Messy Chic Top Knot

A messy top knot is the main goal of many a fashionista – the idea to look fabulously well put together but in a seemingly effortless way. This holiday hairstyle can require a few pins and a few tries achieve, but the final product is glorious, a perfect holiday hairstyle idea.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Loose Top Bun

24. Silver Updo

Straight hair can be difficult to put up but when it is done right it can look both structured and carefree, which is the ultimate goal for most holiday hairstyles anyway. Here the silver hair is fabulously shiny and holds the updo very well.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Textured Loose Bun

25. Christmas Wavy Updo

Updos are always in style for the holidays, where parties and dinners and photos are involved. Strategically pinned hair has the perfect amount of body and the right shape to keep things sturdy and looking great.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Textured Updo

26. Clouded Sunset Hair

The rich blue color is juxtaposed against the warm honey blonde, sunset colored hair. This pinned updo shows off the richness and interesting design of the two colors together and creates a chic overall holiday hairstyle that will awe everyone.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Textured Wrap-Over Updo

27. Wavy Ponytail

No matter what the starting holiday or Christmas hairstyle may be, many people have to put their hair up at one point or another through the day, but that doesn’t mean the style has to be boring. This is a quick yet cute holiday hairstyle that actually takes some effort to pull off, with perfectly appointed face-framing tendrils and a wavy ponytail.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Loose Wavy High Ponytail

28. Long Side Braid

A side braid can be the perfect easygoing holiday hairstyle idea to show off to family and friends, as well as your Instagram followers. This is an even better option for those with color treated hair as it will be easier to see variations and highlights in the color treatment.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Long Side Braid

29. Holiday Extensions

When adding in extensions, a style is always important to pull off the completed look. Here the holiday hairstyle includes a pinned braid that has the added benefit of accentuating the waves of her hair. If your hair is long enough to not require extensions, this can still be achieved with loose waves and a pinned down side braid.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Long Wavy Hair With a Small Braid

30. Braided Pigtails

Pigtails are always in style, up down, braided and loose. Here the braided pigtails are pulled, feathering them to create another texture to the hair altogether. The lengths hanging in the front are face framing and provide another texture for a very cool and laid-back holiday hairstyle.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Double Textured Braids

31. Loose Pinback with Tendrils

Soft browns offer a multidimensional and soft look to her hair. This holiday hairstyle is an easy pulled back and pinned ‘do with face-framing tendrils for an added chic touch. The benefit of the color treatment to her hair is how easily it is shown from all angles.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Loose Updo

32. Thin Braid Crown

Thin braids are pulled back to decorate the crown, and are secured and accessorized by hair pins placed in the shape of a triangle. This is a great holiday hairstyle that is quick and easy to replicate and creates an overall easy-going look.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Braided Half-Up Hairstyle

33. Metallic Pin Up

Pin up hairstyles will always have an element of glamour to them, but this holiday hairstyle, with the metallic and purple hair color really sits away from the rest. The added bonus of fun hair clips not only holds the hair in place, but also accessorizes it beautifully.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Wavy Retro Pin-Up Hairstyle

34. Twisted and Zig Zagged

The metallic and soft nude colors in this holiday hairstyle give it a sweet yet edgy look, along with the interesting way the hair is styled. For a holiday hairstyle that will stand out from the rest, this is the one to go with.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Twisted Wavy Hair

35. Pierced Hair

The novelty of hair accessories has never dissipated and likely never will. Here lavender and peach pastel hair is braided around, showing off the many faceted colors in the hair. The part that separates the bulk of the hair is accentuated by a cornrow accessorized by hair rings.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Pierced Tight-Braided Updo

36. Curly Top Knot

Curled hair pulled up and pinned into a top knot like this shows off a more full looking bun that catches the light well thanks to the various directions the pinned hair takes. This looks beautiful on all hair colors and can even be replicated on shorter hair, as the curls will still create a full look.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Loose Top Bun

37. Low Pinned Bun

Many different holiday hairstyles include a form of bunned-up hair because it is a guaranteed way to keep your hair looking beautiful without having to be constantly checked or maintained. Here the hair is also adorned and carefully pinned for a multidirectional look that shows off the highlights in her hair.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Low Pinned Bun

38. Violet and Sunshine

Sunshine yellow and violet purple hair is not a combination often seen together and it should be – it works beautifully together. This side-swept bun and bangs show off both colors, and her hair is adorned with diamond pins for accessories.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Embellished Low Side Bun

39. Christmas Eve Hair

Christmas hairstyles are infinite in number and style, but this modified set of milkmaid braids can be taken down for a wavy style later, or worn in this manner for an easy and structured look. This holiday hairstyle is perfect for wrapping presents, as it will prevent hair from getting in the way.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Halo Braided Updo

40. Tilted Holiday Updo

This is one of the holiday hairstyles designed with a tutorial available to follow along with. The adornments of pearls and flowers look fun and interesting, as well as the gravity defying pinned up style.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Flapper Braided Updo

41. High-Low Ponytails

A simple ponytail, with a tiny braid incorporated, creates a holiday hairstyle that won’t fall into your face no matter what you are doing, and every hair is kept in place. The loose waves have volume and shine, and the overall look is clean and holiday ready.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: High-Low Ponytail

42. Side-Swept Waves

A hairstyle that is side swept can be very difficult to keep the way it was styled. Here a cornrow along the side creates an appearance similar to an undercut. This holiday hairstyle is great for pictures from several different angles.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Side-Swept Wavy Hair

43. Hair Halo and Waves

Different color tips work beautifully in a braid that is wrapped around in a halo style that keeps the curled wavy lengths positioned exactly where they should be. The holiday hairstyle has lots of body, and the halo has a very angelic appearance, perfect for a Christmas hairstyle.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Halo Braided Half-Up Hairstyle

44. Combo Braided Updo

Combining braid types creates a multi-textured appearance that definitely catches attention. The side-swept Dutch braids merge into an infinity braid ponytail that transforms into a fishtail and ends in a curl.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Combo Braided Updo

45. Half-Up Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are easy to do and are an excellent updo choice. These are only done on the crown and come together to form a small bun just to complete the look. Though paired with wavy lengths in this photo, this holiday hairstyle idea would work on various lengths of hair.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Half-Up Dutch Braids

46. French Braid Low Pony

Two French braids create a clean, pulled-back holiday hairstyle that ends in a low ponytail. The ponytail is slightly textured for volume, and the look is certain to keep the hair out of your face.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Double Braided Ponytail

47. Voluminous Partial Updo

Winter weddings are definitely a time to pull out your favorite holiday hairstyles, and this pulled-back, tiered look features extensions for volume, curls, buns and more.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Knotted Half-Up Hairstyle

48. Flower Embellished Fishtail Braid

As for this holiday hairstyle, a fishtail braid is easy to adorn and these little flowers give the illusion of snowflakes in the braid. The longer the braid, the more flowers you can use, and the overall look is fantastic.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Flower Embellished Textured Braid

49. Side-Swept Updo

Putting your hair up is inevitability during the holidays; there is so much to do and we still want to keep the looks up right? So a quick and easy twist up on the side with the drop of a side-swept bang creates an effortless holiday hairstyle.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Loose Updo

50. Holiday Buns

Space buns, pigtail buns and spice girl buns are all the same thing, but here these are very laid back and casual. This counts as an updo, but a casual and comfortable one that looks incredibly cute in pictures, and a gorgeous holiday hairstyle idea.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Double Top Knots

51. Silver Hair

Silver hair is great for every season, so Christmas hairstyles on grey and silver hair will always be festive and easy to elevate with hints of color or accessories. Here her hair is braided into a headband and a hanging fishtail.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Textured Braided Boho Hair

Photos courtesy of Instagram

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