The Best Blonde Hair Colors for Summer 2017

If you thought that being a blonde is a simple thing we have to tell you that you are right with one exception. The large spectrum of blonde hair colors  will make your head spin. There are so many blonde hair color variations that it’s hard to decide which one you should get. You might be a faithful blonde who wants to add life to your hair or just a girl who wants to check if the blondes really have more fun.

In both cases, take a look at the hottest blonde hair colors for this summer and get inspired.

Golden Platinum Blonde

This is a vintage color that is always in trend. If you want to get a piece of the Old Hollywood glam then golden platinum blonde is the color that will do the job. The signature platinum blonde has a blinding luminous effect that is even more vibrant under the sun.

Gwen Stefani Golden Platinum Blonde hair
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Caramel Blonde

This shade of blonde reminds of a liquid caramel. We consider it as the best choice for the summer because it’s very flattering on a tanned skin. You will literally turn into a bronze goddess with this shade of blonde.

Ciara Caramel Blonde Hair
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Icy Blonde

This is a unique cool toned blonde for all the gals who got tired of the warm tone craziness. You have to be on the bolder side to pull off this look. The icy blonde is a pure contrast to the summer weather and that’s the main reason why it stands out so much. The cool shades of blonde feature a platinum glow that will accent your tanned skin.

Cara Delevingne Ashy Blonde Hair
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Strawberry Blonde

In the sea of golden blonde shades, this one will definitely stand out. The light red tones infuse life in the regular blonde colors and that’s exactly what you need in the most colorful season of the year. The soft reddish hue is so much fun under the summer sun!

Emma Stone Strawberry Blonde Hair
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Gingery Blonde

The gingery blonde is another version of blonde hair that looks beautiful under the bright sunlight. All you need is a splash of orange and reddish hues in your regular blonde color and you are ready to be a part-time ginger when the sun is out.

Nicol Kidman Gingery Blonde
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Rose Blonde

One of the most trending colors this season is definitely the pastel pink hair. If you don’t want to take things that far you can opt for a softer look. You can do soft rose blonde highlights or dye the entire hair. If you want to play with the sun choose a platinum base that will give an iridescent effect to the rose hue.

Katy Perry Rose Blonde Hair
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Baby Blonde

The natural blonde is perfect for fair and warm skin tones. If you prefer natural looks, then definitely try a blend of blonde hair colors that will help you achieve the baby fine highlights. This hair color gives a soft sensuality and femininity to your face.

Rodie Huntington-Whiteley Blonde Hair
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This is a fun mix of brown and blonde. The blonde hues dominate in this look but you can’t ignore the strong presence of the brown tones. This is a perfect choice for all the ladies who want to refresh their brown hair. It’s such a unique shade that flatters almost every skin complexion.

Taylor Swift Bronde Hair
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Real Blonde

This hair color will trick everyone around you. Only girls with fair and bright skin tones can pull off the real blonde. The natural yellowish tones of blonde perfectly blend with the fair skin and create an illusion that the blonde hair is a real thing. Since most of us opt for natural makeup in the summer, this hair color will perfectly compliment the natural look.

Kate Bosworth Blonde Hair
Photo By Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

Golden Barbie

Just as Jasmine Sander’s nickname this hair color will make you feel like you are a life-size Barbie. It’s a perfect blend of warm natural tones of blonde with soft highlights here and there. It’s definitely a safe bet and you won’t have any regrets whatsoever for trying this amazing gold blonde hair color.

Jasmine Sanders Blonde Hair
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