7 of the Cutest Cuticle Tattoos

Trends, trends, trends – we can’t get enough of them. Whether is a brand new idea or a comeback from the past decades, fashion obsessives know that the urge to follow the latest trends is a fun thing to do. Of course, you shouldn’t lose yourself in the sea of trends. But the cuticle tattoos that took over Instagram lately can only do good to your style. So, we don’t have had a single argument against these cute little tattoos. This video has 7 of the cutest cuticle tattoos out there that might convince you to test drive this trend.

One of the reasons why we fell for this trend is because everyone can rock it. Rihanna is the queen of bold trends that not many would dare to try. But even the Barbadian singer and style icon is addicted to cuticle tattoos. She was one of the first who sparked this possibly painful trend. We are going to be completely honest, if you want your cuticle tattoos to stay forever, you might experience some pain. Anyway, if you just want to temporary upgrade your manicure, you can get cuticle tattoo nail art stickers. So, you don’t have to be Rihanna to pull this trend off.

7 of the best cuticle tattoos dot cuticle tattoo
Photo By @simply.siobhan/Instagram

As you can see in the video, you don’t have to go with a tattoo on every finger. For a toned-down effect, you can only tattoo one or few fingers. You can also take things in another direction and flaunt something unique and innovative. We love the Saturn-inspired cuticle tattoo seen in the video. This person drew Saturn and six tiny dots on her cuticles. The final result is insanely Instagrammable.

If you are into geometric shapes, you can flaunt the open triangle cuticle tattoos that look super sharp. Pair them with manicures in the similar aesthetic for even bolder effect.

7 of the best cuticle tattoos triangle cuticle tattoo
Photo By @nailmeright/Instagram

Since we are only days away from the official holiday season a gold cuticle tattoo is what you need to round up your festive looks. In the video, we have the adorable gold bow tattoos paired with red nail polish. Red is the ultimate festive color, so feel free to copy this entire combo right away. Consider this is a last-minute holiday mani that you can do at home. No need to see your nail lady, just stick cuticle tattoo stickers and paint your nails in red.

7 of the best cuticle tattoos golden bow cuticle tattoo
Photo By @eleobelsnails/Instagram

Whether you want to keep it forever or just give it a try, the cuticle nail trend will for sure upgrade the way you take photos of yourself. Admit it – you would show it off on every Instagram snap.

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