10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

The excitement in the air is beyond palpable! We are dreaming up white sandy beaches and hours lying about in the sun, feeling lazy and happy and utterly at peace with the world. We are planning resort vacations and cruises, thinking about the amenities, the pools, the flirting that will be happening if we are singles on that trip. And we happen to be on our honeymoons, well, we know exactly how that trip will be going down. So while we dream about the locations of our fun days, we are beginning to plan our wardrobes, perhaps even have a suitcase or two out that we are slowly but surely filling up with all the essentials. After all, what is the point of an incredible vacation if we will not be taking pictures along the way, and how could we possibly take incredible photos of ourselves if we are looking less than our best at all times? While our wardrobe is important enough, our nails also hold equal status since they can make or break an outfit with ease. We’ve been combing through Instagram for some incredibly wacky but awesome beach-ready summer nail art ideas for how we should be painting our nails on our vacations and we believe we’ve come up with a list of superb artistic creations! Which is your favourite from among these?

1. Taking it Simple: If there is one thing we know about this year’s fashions it is the fact that pink is so very much in! Simple nail polish is one particular trend to go by, even if it might not be the most interesting. Then again, having pretty shimmering pink nails contrasting against a darker garment you have decided to wear is quite attractive, with a pastel baby pink hue to it really bringing out the innocence and youthfulness from within you.

10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

2. Multicolored Tiger Phenomenon: All right, we admit it. We all love to be super sexy and animal prints are a trend this year as well, albeit a secondary one. However, we seen to have a certain love for gradient colors mixed in with the pretty nails with the stripes, giving the impression of a feline in the sunset on those fingertips of yours. Pink, purple and blue combine to make quite a lovely and thoroughly sexy creation.

10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

3. Show Off Your Vacation Destination: What is the one architectural wonder that defines Paris? The Eiffel Tower. Now, imagine having your nails in a trendy pretty pink with the Eiffel Tower displayed beautifully on your ring finger. It is a great way to remind yourself of your adventures in the city of love, while the tiny little pink centered flowers on the rest of the nails look like spring all over again. Why not wear your vacation destination on your fingernails?

10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

4. Tasty Melons on the Fingertips: Baby pink and pastel green combine with black to create a lovely and unique idea, putting a succulent watermelon on your nails. The ring finger is the only one that really shows off what is trying to be displayed, while the light coloring on the rest of the digits simply make you look all the more ready for summer vacations.

10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

5. Taking it Under the Sea: Fishy and mermaid themes are always so lovely, but especially so when you are out near or on the ocean, feeling the waves lapping against your skin. Gradient with blue and white polish, this look is especially appealing to those of us who are like fish ourselves, never too far from a good swim, especially if the ocean is enjoyed a whole lot more than the chlorinated pools at the all-inclusive resorts.

10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

6. Gentle Gradients: Light greens and light pinks combine to create a gradient color scheme that is only accentuated by the white zigzag nail art over top. This is a style that appears quite often of late and is perfect for the seafaring women with the wind in her hair and her eyes trained on new adventures. It is certainly a look we recommend.

10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

7. Baa Baa Black Sheep Playing on Hands: Some of the most adorable summer nail designs include animals on your nails, and this certainly takes into account black sheep frolicking through the meadows and grinning at you every time you look down at your fingernails. Daisies on the nails, pretty lighter green backgrounds and a bit of a bolder streak in you will ensure you will make your nails the icebreaker in any new meeting.

10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

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8. Vintage Rose Cards: What can we say? This is a look that we especially love, particularly since it so aptly reminds us of the fall/winter 2015 collection by Dolce & Gabbana that was recently released during the Fashion Week. There is just so much old-world charm to it, with the pretty slightly abstract roses and the writing that could easily have been a love letter between royals, skilfully applied to your nails. It’s a classy look and drips of sophistication so that when you enjoy your days in the sunshine, none will ever forget to treat you as the lady that you are.

10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

9. Going Bright and Funky: Yellow is a great color for the summer season and if you want to add a bit of a funky edge to it, use black nail polish to create an artistic design, maybe even in the shape of a heart, on one of the fingers, especially the ring digit. Glitter can be used in random zigzag lines, one per fingernail, in order to bring the focus to your hands, while the yellow itself is bright enough to make the sunshine jealous.

10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

10. Colorful Psychedelic Butterflies: We are thinking Nickelodeon, we are thinking crazy ‘90s colors on television and we are certainly thinking that this is an incredible combination of nail lacquer hues that makes for the perfect summer vacation look! Neon greens and pinks and royal blues combine with coral oranges and sunshine yellows alone with stark purples and aqua green hues, some of the mixtures of the primary colors to create these magnified psychedelic butterfly wing nail art inventions. Nothing beats a great design on those nails of yours and this is one look that is bound to captivate you and everyone around you.

10 Beach-Ready Summer Nail Art Ideas To Get Inspired By

Photos courtesy of Instagram

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