11 ‘Greenery’ Green Nail Polishes to Embrace the 2017 Color of the Year

Greenery is the 2017 color of the year, designed by the Pantone Color Institute. So how is such a life-affirming shade best seen, constantly providing a reinvigorating pick-me-up on site? In Greenery manicure, of course! Below are 11 Greenery nail polish colors that will give you the benefit of seeing and receiving the attributes of this zesty color, and show them off to the world as well.

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes to Embrace the 2017 Color of the Year

You’re unlikely to wear the same outfit every day realistically, but any of these Greenery nail polishes can last you a week or more. Here are 11 fresh and zesty Greenery green nail polishes to help you embrace and show off the 2017 color of the year.

1. Butter London Greenery Pantone Color of the Year Lacquer

Butter London is not playing games; they are very clear that Greenery is the color you are buying and describe the color as a yellow green crème. This Greenery nail lacquer is opaque, and likely to look perfect after two clean coats. Get it at Ulta.com!

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: Butter London Greenery Pantone Color of the Year Lacquer

2. OPI New Orleans Nail Polish in Im Sooo Swamped

Amusingly enough as a title for a color like this shade of Greenery green nail polish, New Orleans isn’t bad. There is a lot of lushness, life and, of course, foliage in New Orleans’ Louisiana, so even as a shade of Greenery, this is aptly named. Get yours at Selfridges.com!

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: OPI Im Sooo Swamped

3. Lauren B Beauty #Imjuicing Nail Polish

As names go, #Imjuicing made me laugh a bit. It’s tongue in cheek and thus pretty amusing, but easy to see with this shade. Fortunately, this Greenery green nail polish could be easily combined with other colors without clashing. You can pick your #Imjuicing Greenery nail polish at Runway2Street.com.

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: Lauren B Beauty #Imjuicing

4. Look Nail Color Set In Lime

This set of 2 is perfect – a white base coat to make the ‘lime’ Greenery nail polish really pop on the nail. A good base coat on a bright color is a great thing, so pick yours up at Target.com.

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: Look Nail Color Set In Lime

5. Limelight – Lime Green Holographic Nail Polish

Handmade nail polish by ilnpbrand beautifully recreates the color with copious amounts of shimmering glitter. The Greenery nail color is beautifully and enticingly done in this nail lacquer and you can get yours at Etsy.com.

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: Limelight – Lime Green Holographic Nail Polish

6. ELECCIO Orange Combination Set

Included in this 4-nail-polish set is the 2017 color of the year – Greenery. All of the nail polishes are complete with chip resistant, glossy finish that is perfect in 2 coats. These nail polishes are also cruelty free and vegan friendly, so pick yours up at Bluefly.com.

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: ELECCIO Orange Combination Set

7. CND Vinylux Limeade Nail Polish

This is a 7-day polish, meaning it lasts without chips or damage for a full 7 days with the correct application. Named ‘Limeade’, this is definitely a great Greenery nail polish option that you can get at Overstock.com whenever you like.

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: CND Vinylux Limeade Nail Polish

8. Julep Peridot for August Greenery Nail Polish

Julep is providing this Greenery green nail color with an iridescent shimmer as the peridot birthstone color for those born in August. It’s a beautiful color and we all know that Julep is a good brand, showing off another take on the upcoming year’s signature color. You can get yours at Ulta.

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: Julep Peridot for August

9. OPI Gargantuan Green Gra Nail Polish

This is another great name and description for a great Greenery nail polish, and OPI has a lot of fans that believe in the quality of their nail lacquers. These polishes have no DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde and offer great application thanks to the ProWide brush. Get yours at Selfridges.com!

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: OPI Gargantuan Green Gra

10. Nailing Hollywood Turf Nail Polish

I love the packaging, as it’s interesting and slightly different, but Nailing Hollywood’s version of Greenery nail polishes is just as bright and rejuvenating, as vividly green as any option you could hope for. You can purchase yours at HarmondDiscount.com.

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: Nailing Hollywood Turf Nail Polish

11. Ciaté London Palm Tree Nail Polish

This Greenery green nail polish has a cute little bow and a longer black handle for application. The green is great, Greenery in all its splendor. These colors are cleanly designed; Ciaté London’s signature nail polish has great shine and long wear. Get yours at Bloomingdale’s!

'Greenery' Green Nail Polishes: Ciaté London Palm Tree

No matter which option you choose for your Greenery nail polish, you will still have the same benefits of a clean, clear and bright color that will be perfect to show off throughout 2017. The colors are beautifully designed to look great on multiple skin tones, with multiple shades so that your outfits will always look right with them.

Greenery nail polish and the incredible manicures that will come from it are already a reinvigorating thought. Where will you get yours?

Photos courtesy of Ulta, Bloomingdale’s

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