13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Approved Nail Art Designs

Yes, romantic Valentine’s Day is nigh hand at hand, which aside from all those passionate and lovey-dovey feelings, means also that you have too much on your plate now – handpicking a gift for your sweetheart and maybe also making a gee-whiz surprise for him (sexy lingerie is on), feverishly groping after that ideal dress to don for the date that will all at once enhance your figure and complexion. But there pops up also great hesitation between cool feathered flip or lush French twist, pinky watercolor makeup or scandalous bombshell one and so on and so forth. But most importantly, don’t you dare to push the panic button, get a grip on yourself and welcome this little assistance from us to try these 13 Valentine’s Day approved nail art designs only in case you are sick and tired of monochromatic nails and are after to go a little bit off-kilter and creative.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

There is kind of high passion and affection in the air, the heart-shaped items catching the sight more often than ever, the aroma of milk chocolate or else your favorite French macaroons touching the nose already. The color of passion is turning on its red light whether deep in your heart or palpable enough on your body and millions of creative ideas are circulating frantically in your mind on how to make your Mr. Right’s day special within the compass of your power while also launching a whole host of guesses what your He-Man is mapping out to make it red-letter day for you. We are less than a week away from Valentine’s Day, the grand day of loving souls, a day when the amorous couples are celebrating their great love and feel an extra confirmation of their being a match made in heaven.

These Valentine’s Day-inspired nail art designs do not require great painting talent from you, just deft hands and vibrant acrylic paints and you will undeniably clothe your nails with power to beguile your beloved one when you start to touch him sensually.

1. Mr and Mrs Crazy in Love

What else can better illustrate his great love for her than a romantic serenade? To portray a fragment of love story right on your nails, coat them with white paint first, then knuckle down to scetch a gallant Mr. singing a romance with a microphone and sending the lovely particles of his heart to the pretty Mrs. who is catching them with utmost pleasure.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

2. Kitty Love

On that special Valentine’s Day you hanker for bringing into open the fluffy kitty side of your essence more than any other time and here is the best option for you. Coat your nails with bright pink and then applying black paint depict a silky kitty all surrounded with loving hearts.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

3. Geometric Love

This iridescent Valentine’s Day nail art design will come right up your alley if you have chosen at least one accessory in a geometric shape or covered with geometric prints. You are free to choose any color and any geometric shade to your liking whether it be a circle, a square, and a triangular or maybe chaotic zigzags. Give free scope to your imagination to express your LOVE!

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

4. Neutral-Shaded Love

Your ethereal flaring dress will surely make a harmonious team with this amazing Valentine’s Day-ready nail art design all saturated with neutral shades. Coat your nail plates with Rose Quartz, silver gray and white hues and buckle down to scatter purple and grey tiny hearts here and there leaving out one of them neutrally monochromatic.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

5. Chaotic Abstract Love

First of all garner a lot of vibrant colors here – orange, red, green and turquoise, then show your crazy nature by covering your nails with watercolor effect spots and cardio beats of your loving heart in the end sealing up all with those three little words.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

6. Turquoise Love

The inspiring turquoise color might make your love all the more enlivening and uplifting while your loving touches will make him walk in the air. Just coat your nails with turquoise paint and embellish them with white polka dots, gracefully stamping LOVE on the middle fingernail.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

7. The Cupid Arrow

If you are a great appreciator of Roman mythology and strongly believe in the arrow of the god of love having united you and your beau with great love forever and ever, then fling yourself into a more miniature work. Depict a Cupid with a bow and arrow in his hand and also scarlet heart wings and aromatic roses.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

8. Totally Valentine

All that is playing around on Valentine’s Day may gently embrace your nails – those pitter-patter hearts or broken ones, a love letter, lovely flowers, passionate kisses and of course those three little words I love you!

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

9. Hot-Blooded Love

Here is another barometer of your passionate love to him. Just cover a couple of your nails with blood red paint and write LOVE on them with white paint or cover them with white paint and depict miniature floral ornaments with blood red.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

10. Hearts Galore Zone

Going into this Valentine’s-inspired nail art design knee-deep in palpitating hearts you will easily send him the message that he is just on the threshhold to get overwhelmed with your hot love. Bring into play mustard yellow, scarlet, Tuscan red and white shades and depict as many hearts as possible.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

11. Hearts Are Never Enough

Here is another option to prove your warm love to him by depicting bounteous hearts in different designs over white or raspberry nail plates while bringing the middle fingernail to the utmost attention with its dramatic black color.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

12. Pinkish Cartoon Love

After covering your nails with salmon pink shade and a couple of hearts and flowers you will strongly feel the necessity to add a sweet bear in the middle feeling utmost comfort in that warm atmosphere.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

13. Forever & Ever I Love You

There can’t be more appropriate day than the Valentine’s Day to declare your everlasting love to him, that you will be on his side through thick and thin, come rain or come shine. So tell him about that but also demonstrate it via your nails telling forever & ever I love you while also depicting your mysterious profile images in black.

13 Sweet Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

Nails by Emma for Fashionisers.com

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