12 Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

Once we bid adieu to warm days greeting the frosty winter, all those iridescent flowers, tweeting birdies and verdurous atmosphere are instantly consigned to oblivion. Now time is ripe for all those winter-worthy snowflakes, bare trees, Christmas and New Year celebrations; accordingly red, white and green shades come out on top these days. Just like it is with the fashion world being full of knitted Christmas sweaters or beanies with snowflakes, Christmas Reindeer and snowman motifs on them, nail art designs have also gone all winter-y and somehow frosty. We are now more than keen to share with you these 12 winter-ready nail art designs for every skill level, among which you will find different episodes of winter reflected.

Whenever you are pumped about to take a paper and sketch a house with a lamp burning with a yellow flame inside, or a common snowman or maybe some soft snowflakes falling down, put aside the paper and try to do the same on your fingernails. You do not need to be a super talented painter or a watercolorist to bring these winter-ready nail art designs into life. What you need is to acquire a couple of thin detailing brushes, nail polishes and acrylic paints of different vibrant shades and a little bit of patience, really.

1. Funny Cartoon Nails

If you opt for this winter nail art design, you are definitely endeavoring to bring back the sweet childhood. Here you will need acrylic paints of red, blue, white and yellow colors. Coat all the nails with Serenity blue nail polish and start painting funny figures as if escaped from a cartoon. All the images like the hugging cats, or a snowman and a dog happily talking to each other, as well as a dressed-in-red smiling bear have one thing in common – a loving warm heart.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

2. Frosty Winter Nails

When it begins snowing heavily trees resemble grey-headed men, a birdie or two are vagabonding from here to there, while people stay inside the heated houses admiring the white magic through windows. There is no other proper time than now, in the middle of winter, to depict this arctic atmosphere on your nails. Use as many white and blue shades as possible, while also adding some details in icy mint shade to magnify the frosty air.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

3. Snowflake Nails

The Mother Nature has made many wonders for us and one of them is undeniably snowflakes that are gently dancing in the air, then falling down to make the softest white carpet ever. Why not bring those magical particles to your nails? Coat your nails with Rose Quartz-lavender ombre design and finish it off by painting large snowflakes diagonally.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

4. Holiday Season Is On

You can make a happy bunch out of a smiling snowman, a red-bowed striped candy cane, a pair of warm mittens and berry branches and then sprinkle them on different nails of you, thus making a happy and gleeful scene to be admired for hours. What other colors might envelope you with festive mood than red and green?

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

5. Shivering Bare Trees

The arrival of winter leaves trees in doldrums, bare and shivering. The dusk every day comes as if an enhancement of their melancholy and heavy heart. Using black, white and icy mint acrylic paints you can effortlessly breathe new life into the trees, depicting them on your nails and carrying with you everywhere possible.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

6. Green-Red Jubilee Nails

If there is a lack of time and patience, this green-red nail art will come in handy. Coat one nail with green paint, adding some polka dots on it; cover another one with red-white stripes, while you can decorate two of your vibrant green nails with small fir trees, in the end witnessing a real vibrant green-red jubilee right on your nails.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

7. Cold Days, Cold Nails

When you go outside in winter, willy-nilly your fingers feel cold and frostbitten. Make their feeling of cold harmonious with their look and coat the nails with fir trees overloaded with snow and a cozy house with lamps burning inside.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

8. Berry Branch Nails

When the winter holidays knock at our doors, the berry branches, dried or artificial come into view. Why not also decorate the nails with these red accessories? Coat the nails with white acrylic paint and fling yourself into miniature painting of pretty red berry branches, up to imaging a birdie on one of them.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

9. Merry Christmas Nails

Anyone of us is yearning to make Christmas a red-letter day in every aspect of it starting from gifts selected to our look. So if you want to celebrate this special day high on the hog then you should also focus on your nails. Here is one extravagant Christmas nail art option for you. Coat all the nails with glittering golden polish and design them either with white-red stars or a New Year tree, then once again more literally confirming the special day by writing the words “Merry Christmas” in white color against the golden background.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

10. Knitted Nails

Knitted nail art designs being in full swing now, we are offering you to coat your nails with red and mint green stripes in different motifs – hearts, zigzags and semi-diamond shapes. With this design on your nails you can easily pass through the whole winter, resting assured that they will also be in keeping with holiday celebrations.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

11. Enchanting Snowy Nails

By bringing this magical winter nail art design into being on your nails, you will mechanically become a source of a new fairy tale plot. Coat your nails with Persian green polish, then start the magical part of it. Paint big snowflakes falling down and bringing with them from sky winter-worthy gifts like mittens, scarves, beanies and New Year tree toys.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

12. Winter City Life

Just go outside for a winter walking along the snow-clad streets, then return to your place and bring into life everything you saw in the city – snowbound trees, a city bench with snow traces on it, a street clock as if frozen, a child making a big snowball and a sleigh waiting for being ridden.

Winter-Ready Nail Art Designs for Every Skill Level

Nails by Emma for Fashionisers.com

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