Cake Decorating Tutorial With Fondant

The sweetest world of cakes and various types of pastries interests every second housewife and for some it even manages to become a type of hobby or even addiction, when they quite often manage to become self-taught, yet successful confectioners. A cake is to be beautiful and not only tasty, especially when it’s one for important events in our lives. In fact, it’s possible to turn ordinary cakes into real works of art at home without spending an entire fortune on this and without using special expensive cake decorating kits. Today, we want to teach you the basic steps of covering a cake with fondant and decorating it with edible flowers to surprise your guests with your talent! Have a nosey at the basic cake decorating tutorial with fondant, practice your skills at home and maybe you manage to become a real expert in this field!

Cake Decorating Tutorial With Fondant

How to Work With Fondant

To begin with, you’ll need the ready cake (you can use your favorite recipe for baking one). In this tutorial, we have used a round styrofoam cake form, since our main goal is teaching you cake decoration rather than baking a cake. The next important ingredient is the fondant itself, which you can either buy or make at home. Our advice is to use ready-made fondant in the beginning.

For this cake style, we have used a white fondant. Keep in mind that fondant tends to dry out quickly, therefore always keep it covered, when you don’t use it. Always work with fondant on a clean surface and with clean hands, especially when it is white, since it tends to pick up any dirt it touches, also changing its color.

How to Work With Fondant
Step 1: Start kneading the fondant with care on a smooth surface, dusted either with icing sugar or smudged with vegetable oil for fondant. While kneading, you can add a few drops of glycerin into the fondant to make it more elastic and smoother.

Step 2: Now, place the kneaded fondant on the table with the smooth face looking up. Measure the cake size with a rolling pin. Start rolling out the fondant to the required size with a thickness of 3-4 mm. Keep in mind that you’ll need a special rolling pin for fondant, and not an ordinary one. You can also place special leveler sticks for fondant (fondant thickness measuring sticks) on the sides of the fondant while rolling it out to be sure you don’t make it either thicker or thinner and get the ideal proportionate paste.

How to Work With Fondant

How to Cover A Cake With Fondant

Covering a cake with fondant seems to be perhaps the most difficult and hardly ever accomplishable step for those, who aren’t used to working with fondant. However, if you do it all carefully, you are sure to reach perfect results.

Step 1: First you’ll need to cover the cooled cake with a layer of cream. Next, gently lift the sugarpaste with the rolling pin, placing it in the center and lightly folding the paste back over it. Lift it carefully, position it on the cake and start evening it out on the cake with the palm of your hand. Gently press around the sides to remove any bubbles and to secure a smooth surface. Working a bit quickly, yet carefully is important in order not to let the fondant dry out. Use a smoother on the sides of the cake to get the perfect flawless look. Also, make sure to apply a bit of vegetable oil for fondant on the edges of the cake to prevent the fondant from cracking.

Step 2: As you have already smoothed over the top and the sides of the cake, take a sharp knife and carefully trim away the excess of the fondant from around the cake. It’s important not to trim the fondant too close to the cake to avoid its stretching and opening the cake. The cake is now ready for decoration!

How to Cover A Cake With Fondant

How to Make Lily Flowers from Modelling Paste

For the decoration of the cake you may need to make some designs from flowers & modeling paste. For this specific cake, we have made lily flowers. For making lily flowers from modelling paste, you’ll need flower & modelling paste, edible colors, a special duct tape for cakes, petal and leaf cutters, a rolling pin, a paintbrush, a cone modelling tool and a leaf shaping modelling tool (a veining tool), an angled modelling knife, wavy flower former set and a non-edible flower stamen set.

How to Make Lily Flowers from Modelling Paste
Step 1: Start kneading the white modelling paste a little and roll it out, making one end of the sugarpaste a bit thicker than the other.

Step 2: Use the petal cutter and cut out a petal from the paste. Take the leaf shaping modelling tool and draw parallel lines on the petal.

Step 3: Using the cone modelling tool gently ruffle the edges of the petal.

Step 4: Take a non-edible thin stick and insert it into the thicker edge of the petal gently. Carefully place the petal on the wavy flower former set and let it dry out in room temperature. It can take you days to get the ideal dry petals to work on later. For each lily flower you’ll need to make five petals the same way.

How to Make Lily Flowers from Modelling Paste
Step 5: For making the leaves of the lily, you can either take a green modelling paste or color the white one with an edible green liquid color. Note that the liquid colors are usually very concentrated, so you’ll need just a few drops of it. Blend the color into the paste by kneading it well and let it rest in a food-grade polythene bag for a couple of hours to be able to easily work with it later on.

Step 6: Roll the green paste out, as it’s ready. With the sharp angled modelling knife cut out the paste in the form of thin leaves.

Step 7: Again use the leaf shaping modelling tool and draw the leaf lines. With the cone modelling tool gently ruffle the edges of the leaf. Place it on the same wavy flower former set and let it dry out. For each lily flower you’ll need to make three leaves the same way.

How to Make Leaves from Modelling Paste
Step 8: Take a bunch of flower stamens, hold them on a paper and with the paintbrush start painting their tips in a yellow color, using a yellow coloring dust.

Step 9: Now, you need to make the lily stigma. Take some white paste and form it into the stigma shape with your fingers, making one tip a bit thicker than the other. Insert a non-edible thin stick into the thin tip of it.

Step 10: With the angled modelling knife gently cut into the thick tip of the stigma, creating a cross. Next, paint the same tip of the lily stigma in a brown shade. Hang it and leave it to dry out.

Cake Decorating Tutorial With Fondant
Step 11: As your flower petals are completely dry, paint their central part in a red shade, using a thin paintbrush and a red color dust. Next, apply some yellow color dust on the red tone. Add some dots on the petal using an edible marker pen.

Step 12: Take the dry lily stigma, place a couple of flower stemens around it and fasten them together with the duct tape, preferably taken in a green color.

Cake Decorating Tutorial With Fondant
Step 13: Take five flower petals, place them around the stigma and stemens and again fasten them all with the same duct tape. Finally attach three leaves to the flower with a duct tape. As a final touch, add a bit of glittery edible powder on the flower petals with a paintbrush.

Step 14: Now, take your cake, make holes on it with a stick and insert the flowers into the holes. Voila, your first ever fondant cake is ready!

Cake Decorating Tutorial With Fondant

Cake Decorating Tutorial With Fondant

We have added a pink non-edible ribbon on the base of the cake since this is a sample styrofoam cake, however, we advise you to go for edible decorations when working on real cakes. Even if your first fondant cake may have some slight imperfections, don’t despair, as practice always makes perfect!

Cake Decorating Tutorial With Fondant

Cake Decoration by Cake Artist Narine from Dulces De Lilith

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