The Sweetest Way of Losing Weight: Choco Diet Tips

Choco diet is the short form for chocolate diet. It is growing more and more popular among the young ladies and that’s not in vain, because it is actually one of the sweetest and the most useful techniques you can practice in order to lose weight effectively and quickly. It is totally different from the other types of diet plans just because of the fact that it includes chocolate in it. If you take up this diet you will have to eat certain proportions of chocolate every day and also you can accompany that with coffee. Still, you will have to exclude other food from your diet. Keeping this diet for not more than 7 days you may reduce your weight by some 7 kg!
Thus here we will introduce the advantages and the disadvantages of choco diet and will let you decide whether it’s worth giving a try or not.

Chocolate Diet Tips

The Advantages of Chocolate Diet

Talking about the pluses of chocolate diet, we can speak about the following points:

1. You will have the chance to lose weight during a short period of time.

2. The sweet tooth will be especially delighted to try out such a sweet diet!

3. Coffee and chocolate stimulate the activities of brains, activating the creative thinking and the other mental activities.

4. Chocolate includes endorphins, due to which it is a great way to have a good mood and strong immune system.

5. The consumption of chocolate protects the cells from free radicals and prevents the development of heart and vessel diseases. It also prevents the malignancies and is also recommended in case of having anemia.

6. The cocoa oil also contains antioxidants, which slow down the process of aging.

The Drawbacks of Chocolate Diet

Nothing is perfect and the choco diet is not an exception, either. So here are the main disadvantages of this diet:

1. Choco diet slows down the metabolism and doesn’t generate correct conditions for healthy nutrition if being used more than recommended.

2. After getting out of the diet and shifting towards the usual routine and daily diet, the extra weight might come back quite quickly.

3. In addition, there is even a risk of taking up more kgs than you used to have before the diet.

4. There is a risk of getting a number of diseases, including those connected with liver and kidney.

5. This diet is not balanced in respect of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

6. Finally, you are likely to have a lack of vitamins and minerals after the diet.

The Contraindications of Chocolate Diet

In addition, there are a number of cases when choco diet is not permitted. They go as follows:

• Diabetes mellitus
• Allergies
• Diseases of the pancreas, liver, kidney and gallstone disease
• Heart diseases
• Hypertension

Still, even if you are healthy and don’t have any of these problems, you shouldn’t be light-headed about this, either. Before going for this diet, you need to consult the doctor and have the necessary checks and analyses. If you start feeling sick during the diet, you need to immediately quit it.

Chocolate Diet Tips

Chocolate Diet for Losing Weight: an Example of the Menu

The essence of choco diet is that you should eat chocolate and only chocolate during the day, including all the different forms of it and drink hot coffee without adding sugar. The proportions of the daily diet should be 100 grams of chocolate per day. You can eat one bar of chocolate at once or divide it up into 2-3 pieces to take during the day. Each intake of chocolate should be accompanied with a cup of coffee. You can also add not fatty milk into coffee.

The most recommended type of chocolate for this diet is dark chocolate. You can still pick milk chocolate and chocolate with additives, but this is not that recommended actually. White chocolate is not suitable for this diet as almost doesn’t have any cocoa oils. During this diet you shouldn’t use carbonated drinks, lemonade and juices. These beverages stimulate the appetite. Besides, sugar, salt, fruits, and vegetables are absolutely prohibited, accompanied with alcoholic drinks. Not earlier than 3 hours after eating chocolate and drinking coffee, you can drink some water, and green or black tea. The total amount of liquid you have during the day should be not less than 1.2 liters.

The exemplary diet looks like this:

• Breakfast: 30 grams of chocolate with a cup of coffee
• Lunch: 30 grams of chocolate with a cup of coffee
• Dinner: 30 grams of chocolate with a cup of coffee

Thus here were the most essential and important things that you need to know about the chocolate diet, and the rest is left to your disposal. You should be the one to decide whether you need to go for it or not. Our advice is that if you have an emergency case and need to lose weight as quickly as possible, choco diet can be a good way to organize that. This can be an important party, wedding, prom ball, or anything else. Still, you need to be cautious about the contraindications and need to go through all the necessary procedures before deciding definitely that you need this diet. Speaking generally, this is really a pleasant and torture-less form of diet and if you manage to use it correctly, you can have maximum effective results afterwards. In the long run, how else can you lose 7 kg in 7 days?

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