Best Eyebrow Trends To Upgrade Your Brow Game

Nowadays brows are extremely important and get a lot more attention than in the past. Therefore we don’t suggest any extreme long-term brow transformations that you could possibly regret.

It’s 2017, there are numberless good brow products that work wonders and there is no excuse to walk around with badly shaped brows.

We also have to admit that we witnessed many brow trends on Instagram lately. Most of them were labeled as unwearable and too dramatic. But if you think deeper, many of those trends aren’t permanent. That leaves us a space to experiment and easily wipe off the makeup if we aren’t satisfied. Some of those trends are really comfortable and easy to try. It’s finally time to give some of them a chance.

Take a look at these beautiful brow upgrades that can change your brow game forever, or at least for a day.

Accent Your Brows

Nothing defines the face better than neat, freshly plucked eyebrows. When your brows are in a good shape your eyes look bigger also. Your job is to enhance the good brow shape even more. We are not talking about overfilling your brows. You need something that will keep your brows in place and enhance their shape and color. Brow tints are an excellent option to accent your brows. Products such as Butter London’s Tailored Brow Tint have a lightweight but well-pigmented formula that creates an illusion of fuller brows in seconds.

Brow Trends to Upgrade your Brow Game Smokey eye and nude lips
Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Ombre Brows

Ombre brows are a life changing technique for filling the brows. You have probably seen this trend around or you might have even tried it without knowing its name. The ombre brow technique is basically everything that the regular ombre is: a gradual blending of one color to another, usually going from light to dark. That’s exactly what you need if you prefer natural-looking brows. To achieve the ombre effect, you need to lightly fill your brows at the beginning and gradually darken them towards the ends. Some people like to use two different brow colors for a better effect. If your brow product of choice is buildable, you don’t have to bother with more than one color.

Brow Trends to Upgrade your Brow Game glittermakeup, cateye, ombre brows
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Sparkly Brow Highlight

What you would normally do is highlight your brow bone with concealer or highlighter. On the other hand, if you want to make that brow bone really pop try the sparkly brow highlight. You will need glitter or makeup pigments to try this trend. Moreover, you can use your regular eyelash glue, or special glitter glue to recreate this look. The Manic Panic eyelash adhesive paired with their Glam Dust is perfect duo to get the sparkly brow highlight right.

Brow Trends to Upgrade your Brow Game Glitter Brow Highlight gigi hadid
Photo by Giovanni Giannoni/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

Glitter Brows

For those who are bold enough to take the previous trend even further, the glitter brows are a great option. With the 90s trends back on the scene, the world has fallen in love with the glitter again. Instead of using in on your eyes or on your body, make a fierce choice and try the glitter brows. We don’t have to wait for the festival season to try such a beautiful trend.

Brow Trends to Upgrade your Brow Game  glitter brows
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Metallic Brows

The metallic brow trend is also very effective and reserved for the bold ones. You can try the metallic brow trend with makeup or with the temporary hair color styling gel by Manic Panic. If you decide to use makeup products look for highly pigmented metallic eyeshadows or use gold and silver pigments.

Brow Trends to Upgrade your Brow Game  gold metallic brows
Photo Courtesy of Dior

Colored Brows

Whether you want your brows to match your hair or want to add a splash of color on your face, this trend will do the job. An unexpected pop of color on the brows looks absolutely gorgeous. You can dye your brows in pastel pink, blue, purple, red and anything that you could imagine. If you want to skip the dyeing procedure, try this trend with eyeshadows that you have in your makeup kit.

Brow Trends to Upgrade your Brow Game coloredbrows/purple brows
Photo By @alexalink/Instagram

Brow Carving

The brow carving is like a smokey eye for your brows. If you are really proud of your arches now you can embrace them even more with this technique. The “frame of your brows” can be achieved with eyeliner to create the defined edges and matching eyeshadow to create the smokey effect.

Brow Trends to Upgrade your Brow Game  brow carving
Photo By @alexalink/Instagram

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