15 Best MAC Lipsticks You Should Consider Getting

If Kylie Jenner’s latest stunt with the Lip Kits by Kylie move is anything to go by, women are more than just a little obsessed with creating the perfect pair of lips, and MAC lipsticks are the go-to products to this end, standing out with their color diversity and different finishes. Forget the fact that the latest trends often center on a bare face. The ladies of the world need to have them painted and painted they will be, whether in matte naturals and nudes or bright candy apple reds.

Best MAC Lipsticks You Should Consider Getting

There really is nothing that can make a girl feel womanly or a woman feel more like a lady than the perfect shade of lipstick that helps bring out the real you. Whether the real you is a wild one or a sultry seductress, a simple businesswoman or a sweet innocent, that pout is what will end up revealing the most about who lies underneath the mask of the everyday socialite.

MAC is one cosmetics brand that seems to understand what a girl really wants and what a woman needs, presenting different lipstick shades for you that will redraw what drop-dead gorgeous really means. MAC lipsticks come in various shades that are meant to accentuate your natural curves, pull up the bow, plump up the pout and use what is on your lips to equally bring out your eyes, cheeks, chin and jaw, completing the look you hope to wind up with.

Which MAC lipstick shades do we think are best though? Here is a list of 15 of the best MAC lipsticks that will have you appearing positively fabulous before the crowd, perking you up for a date night or merely adding confidence to your professional step. Out of the many hues we could have chosen from, these are our very favorites, sold online through some of the best cosmetics shops around.

#1: ‘MACnificent Me!” Lipstick – Diva Antics

The first on our list is rightly named Diva Antics, since it most clearly would describe a lady you see herself as quite magnificent. One of the best MAC lipstick shades, it is a color that stands out on the runway and simmers in the streets, looking terrific with its ultra-creamy base and soft and supple shine. It has a medium to high frosted shimmer and shine finish to it, with a good glaze and the ability to create very natural looking lips. It is demi-sheer with an almost wet look to it, leaving the lips soft and smooth and ultra-moist. You can buy it here now!

Best MAC Lipsticks: MACnificent Me Diva Antics

#2: ‘The Matte Lip’ Lipstick – All Fired Up

If you prefer to put aside the shine, you might want to opt for the MAC matte lipsticks, picking a gorgeous shade that builds up the fire in the pink shade section. This particular color is full of pigment and perfect for a lady who wishes to head for a night on the town, the payoff to wearing it being the intense color and the all-matte finish, which means absolutely no shine. This gorgeous MAC lipstick color is currently available for purchase on Nordstrom.

Best MAC Lipsticks: Matte Lip All Fired Up

#3: MAC Lipstick – Fresh Moroccan

We love pinks, especially the ones MAC lipsticks offer us. We love pinks so very much and that is saying something. This particular shade is just the right holiday color while still maintaining all the sexy necessary to rock your world if you head out of town for a warm island vacation or to dance the night away at a really smoking club. It is a pink with the darker undertones and the incredible frosty shine that gives us excellent color with a high frosted shimmer and a shiny new finish to it that hold the keys to your lover’s heart. Get this lipstick shade right here!

Best MAC Lipsticks: Fresh Moroccan

#4: ‘Mattene’ Lipstick – Own the Look

Gorgeous, gorgeous plum on your lips! Why in heaven’s name did you not start wearing this before? A new streamlined designed to the slimline lip color, the traditional glamour of a MAC product now comes with a matte finish and such intense color that the velvety aspects to it are amplified. Definitely one of the best MAC lipsticks ever created, this is a plum color that gives those lips a softer feel, the creamier mixture gliding on with ease, without the problems of caking or drying things out. Just because a lipstick is moisturizing does not mean that it should be shiny and this particular item on our lists certainly proves that theory to be undeniable truth. Selfridges is where you can get this particular shade from!

Best MAC Lipsticks: Mattene Own the Look

#5: MAC Retro Matte Lipstick

It may only be 0.1 oz, but this hot pink MAC lipstick packs a pretty tough punch, looking especially incredible in the classic casing for the company. If you love the MAC engraves, matte black tubing that is a classic, you will want to pull this piece into your bag happily. There is little to say here other than the fact that the hot pink is really hot and Barbie is so very jealous right now. Get it now on Bloomingdale’s!

Best MAC Lipsticks: Retro Matte

#6: MAC ‘Sheen Supreme’ Lipstick – Gotta Dash!

A lovely black tube should do the trick! The sheen supreme lipstick line has 6 distinct colors, but we decided to pick the pale peach for us that is named “Gotta Dash!” and reminds us of a very gentle blush in the warm, sun-kissed dawn. This is one of the most versatile MAC lipstick colors you can wear from day to night. The color has great impact and is as lovely as regular lipstick with the added benefits of lipglass, the shine coming in for a perfect hybrid that allows for no compromise. It is a lightweight product that cannot be called sticky in any way, one, which is perfectly slick in its application and very comfortable to wear out. For those of us who crave such a fusion, we believe it should never be far from those daily purses. Just put it on and dash out to enjoy your day! Buy this color now on Selfridges!

Best MAC Lipsticks

#7: MAC Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick

We have a few pink MAC lipstick shades on our list but it is the candy colored frosting that reminds us of strawberry cream pies that really make us covet the pink look on our lips. After all, the name itself mentions how yummy it may be. It is a vibrant but matte color that makes the perfect pink pout here and it comes in the classic tube in the classic manner. It is just the color here that is special in of itself and boy are we loving it! Buy it on Selfridges!

Best MAC Lipsticks: Yum-Yum Lipstick

#8: MAC Moody Blooms Sheen Supreme Lipstick

For the spring season, vampy lips are very much in style and the moody blooms of this particular sheen supreme tube, the second such item on this list, will have you walking about as trendy as always with lips in a lovely plum purple that comes in with a very cinematic appeal. Think of it as the Hollywood lips that glide on with a pearl or cream finish to them, chic and modern while still keeping to the retro feel the color inspires. Get this color here!

Best MAC Lipsticks

#9: MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick

Rated pretty high up there by those who have used this lovely classic red color before, a trendy look for the winter as well as the coming year’s spring and summer, we can also agree that the 77 mineral rich complex is the best MAC lipsticks out there, just perfect to be carrying around. It is meant to bring moisture to the lips and instantly nourish even if they are chapped, with the larger bullet shape adding to the color and its persistent remains. All you need is a single stroke and the medium shine finish will stay on that pout for quite a while. Get it on Macy’s now!

Best MAC Lipsticks

#10: MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme – Positively Dashing

There is a whole lot of dashing happening on this list apparently, but this rich brown color is certainly one we had to include. It is of a lightweight texture with a creamy finish and we know just how comfortable it can be, even if it is worn all day long with ease. It applies on slick and there is no need for a top coat either. We expect it to last up to 12 hours, which means that between your dinner and the post-party at your place, you will have the most kissable of lips all night long. Soft lips are yours where the color won’t transfer or feather so enjoy it! Buy this color here!

Best MAC Lipsticks

#11: MAC ‘Veluxe a Trois’ Lipstick – Pillow Talk

Nude is in and we love it! Nude is also the perfect color to wear while enjoying some naughty pillow talk it seems, as the name of this shade belies nothing less. It is a crème sheen lipstick that has strong color and a soft underlay, the shine not so much but not matte either. Instead, it is soft and supple and everything you imagine a body in bed should be. No wonder, this is one of the best MAC lipstick colors you can wear on a daily basis and you can own it purchasing one here!

Best MAC Lipsticks: Pillow Talk

#12: MAC ‘Viva Glam Miley Cyrus’ Lipstick

This limited edition lip color comes in a very pink and bright burnt orange coloring, two shades that we definitely would enjoy having. It is the orange that appeals best to our senses though since Miley is synonymous with shocking and what is more shocking than orange on your lips? Other than bright blue of course, but that is not in style right now. The best part about purchasing these MAC lipsticks is that if they are done through Selfridges, there will be donations made to the MAC AIDS Fund to support those living with the deadly disease. The limited edition packaging features Miley’s signature for the collectors out there.

Best MAC Lipsticks: Viva Glam

#13: MAC ‘Huggable’ Lipcolour – Commotion

What is more fun than flaming lips? Deep red with a darker undertone is what we are looking at, though this line of huggable MAC lipsticks has 14 different shades to choose from. We have not done reds justice in this list though and we much prefer to stick to this color, particularly since it is of a darker nature, without the candied apple effect, nor the bright sugary cherry red. This is instead the color of good wine, almost like the Marsala that has been so popular and named the Pantone color of the year for 2015. Buy it now here!

Best MAC Lipsticks: Commotion

#14: MAC ‘Dark Desires’ Lipstick – Boyfriend Stealer

There are three shades in this line and we have to say that the Boyfriend Stealer is the best out of all. It is an aubergine purple color that is as vampy as it gets, meaning that you can wear this well into the spring season and still appear to be the trendy It Girl you are. The lipstick is of a creamy design and glides on perfectly without leaving behind any residue or caking, while the soft glaze on the high color impact is immeasurable. Get this color for you on Nordstrom!

Best MAC Lipsticks: Boyfriend Stealer

#15: MAC ‘Magic of the Night’ Lipstick – Please Me

The last of our favorite best MAC lipsticks on this list is also a limited edition one, the second after the Miley Cyrus designs, appearing in four distinct shades. Our favourite is the one known as Please Me, the gentle pink that captures the dusk and the foggy dawn, a beautiful and enchanting hue that appears in a pearlized, creamy magic design, perfect for the holiday season. It also comes in limited edition amethyst purple packaging, the deco looks taking on bold metallic colors. The lipstick is one of the best out of the collection and also the most innocent, looking sensual with the delicacy of a feminine appearance, complete with a very feminine soul. Buy one for you here!

Best MAC Lipsticks: Please Me

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics, Livingly

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