Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Makeup Gift Sets

Bobbi Brown has an active following, many of whom are brand loyal for several reasons, and many of them can be seen in the Bobbi Brown holiday 2016 makeup gift sets. These palettes offer so much of what you need on the go that they are nearly a necessity in themselves. The holiday palettes have a more exciting vibe than everyday makeup palettes for many as much of the holidays is spent partying and taking pictures – everyone wants to look even better than their typical best. Here are Bobbi Brown’s solutions, all of which are currently available at Nordstrom in the U.S., but will be available internationally in October/ November of 2016 at Sephora, and Harrods.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Makeup Gift Sets

Bobbi Brown The Original 10’ 25th Anniversary Lip Color Collection ($115.00) (Limited Edition)

Clearly this collection contains all 10 of the original brown-based lipsticks, designed to complement every skin tone in a creamy matte design with amazing long wearability. The 10 shades are:

• Salmon
• Beige
• Raisin
• Brown
• Rose
• Pink
• Orange
• Blackberry
• Burnt Red
• Red

Bobbi’s Party Picks Cheek, Lip & Eye Kit ($105.00) (Limited Edition)

Bobbi Brown provides everything needed in this kit to freshen up a look for every holiday party that people can attend. The high impact colors are designed to transform a look. The well-loved highlighting powder offers an impossibly natural looking glow, while still creating a high shine. The lip color in Party Alice is full coverage with a semi matte finish that is perfect for a classic look. The mascara is eye opening, creating curl, lift and volume. The crystal glitter lip-gloss gives the perfect amount of shine anytime.

• Highlighting Powder in Opal Glow
• Eye Opening Mascara in Black
• Lip Color in Party Alice
• Lip Gloss in Crystal Glitter

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Makeup Gift Sets

Bobbi Brown Cool Dusk Eye Palette ($50.00) (Limited Edition)

The cool dusk eye palette is everything the name suggests – a range of cool toned shadows that allow a variety of looks from subtle to ‘come hither’. Inside are 5 shades that include a cream, a smoky grey and two matte shades as well as the dual ended brush. Included in this palette are:

• Eyeshadow in Cream
• Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Praline
• Metallic Eyeshadow in Heather Dusk
• Eyeshadow in Fog
• Eyeshadow in Eclipse
• Dual-Ended Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Brush

Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick ($50.00) (Limited Edition)

The brightening brick in Naked is a limited edition silky powder that glides on to give the perfect nude glow. The color is designed to create a luminous and radiant color on skin. This color mimics a natural healthy look with a bit of shimmer thanks to the six shimmering neutral shades that combine to create this color.

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Makeup Gift Sets

Bobbi Brown Party All Night Duo ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

Bobbi Brown’s Party All Night Duo includes Eye Opening Mascara in Black and No Smudge Mascara in Black. The eye opening option creates dramatic volume and serious curl in a deep black thanks to the formula that thickens, lifts and curls lashes. The smudge-proof mascara seals in the look in a waterproof formula that does not cause flaking or clumping.

Bobbi Brown Party to Go Lip & Eye Palette ($42.00) (Limited Edition)

This is one of the ‘ready for anything’ palettes that can provide a soft day or night look that is still festive, defined and stunning. The light matte eyeshadow works as a prep step for lids and there are two more nudes and a liner shade. The lip color is always complementary in True Rose, which is an iconic shade with smooth, semi-matte full coverage finish that is nourishing for lips thanks to the addition of both Vitamin C and E. This palette includes:

• Lip Color in True Rose
• Eyeshadow in Naked
• Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Beige
• Metallic Eyeshadow in Bronze
• Eyeshadow in Espresso

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Makeup Gift Sets

Bobbi Brown Gold Eye Shadow & Mascara Palette ($42.00) (Limited Edition)

A silky, shimmering eye is the look most people are going for during the holidays. This is the palette to achieve holiday eye with, thanks to the smooth and silky powder shadows that are long lasting and the volume and length enhancing mascara that brings extra drama to the look. The eyeliner brush is dual ended with the eyeshadow brush and thankfully is also included, allowing purchasers to do everything they need on the go. Inside this palette you get:

• 0.1 oz. Smokey Eye Mascara in Black
• Eyeshadow in Ivory
• Metallic Eyeshadow in Thistle
• Eyeshadow in Charcoal
• Dual-Ended Eyeshadow/Eyeliner Brush

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Makeup Gift Sets

Bobbi Brown Glow to Go Blush & Illuminate ($36.00) (Limited Edition)

Bobbi’s Glow to Go Blush & Illuminate has a super soft powder blush that creates just the right tint to the cheek with a natural matte finish. The included highlighter, however, is liquid, designed to create an illuminated glow thanks to the included sparkles that catch and reflect the light.

• Blush in French Pink
• Sparkle Illuminator in Platinum

Also available in the Bobbi Brown holiday 2016 makeup gift sets are the following limited edition gift options:

• Bobbi Brown Travel Brush Set ($185.00) (Limited Edition)

• Bobbi Brown Beauty Case ($185.00) (Limited Edition)

• Bobbi Brown Beach Fragrance, Lip & Cheek Set ($135.00) (Limited Edition)

• Bobbi Brown Party Prep Skincare Set ($100.00) (Limited Edition)

• Bobbi to the Rescue Detox & Hydrate Set ($100.00) (Limited Edition)

Bobbi Brown Holiday 2016 Makeup Gift Sets

Photos courtesy of Bobbi Brown

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