Burt’s Bees Will Launch a Full Range Makeup Line

The brand that offers the best lip balms, lotions, lip oils and face wipes will finally launch a full range makeup line. Burt’s Bees’ products only rely on natural and healthy ingredients that are good for you and for the environment.

Burt’s Bees are going to release a full range of makeup products that will nurture your skin. The new makeup line will feature eight essential items including liquid foundation, powder foundation, mascara, eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, brow pencil and glossy lipstick.

Introducing our biggest new product launch. Ever. Meet Burt’s Bees Beauty, a full line of cosmetics featuring foundations, mascara, lipsticks, and more. Products that are effective because they’re natural, not in spite of it.

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The liquid foundation “Goodness Glows Liquid Makeup”, will cost $16,99. It will be available in 12 different shades. The foundation is highly-pigmented and offers full coverage. The end result is perfectly natural finish, just like wearing your own skin. This foundation contains meadowfoam, which hydrates the skin. Next, the “Mattifying Powder Foundation” will retail for $16,99 and it will come in different 12 shades. The pressed mineral foundation has a very light formula that will give you an amazing finish. For now, the shades for both foundations range between “porcelain” and “chestnut”, but hopefully the brand will add more in the near future.

Burt’s Bees Will Launch a Full Range Makeup Line liquid foundation Burt’s Bees Will Launch a Full Range Makeup Line pressed foundation

The new makeup collection includes gorgeous eyeshadow palettes that will cost $12,99. They will be sold in four different shade options. The line features the “Dusty Woods” a palette based on brown tones, the “Blooming Desert” based on bronze hues, the “Shimmering Nudes” based on lavender tones and the “Countryside Lavender” with deeper purple hues. Each mini-palette has three eyeshadows.

Burt’s Bees Will Launch a Full Range Makeup Line eyeshadow palette

The blush comes in three pretty shades: “Toasted Cinnamon” for a bronzy look, “Bare Peach” which is a soft peachy color, and “Shy Pink”, a gentle rose-hued blush. Each blush will cost you only $9,99. The eyeliner and brow pencil will also be available for the same price.

Burt’s Bees Will Launch a Full Range Makeup Line Blush

Burt’s Bees Will Launch a Full Range Makeup Line eyeliner Burt’s Bees Will Launch a Full Range Makeup Line brow pencil

The glossy lipsticks will definitely be a huge hit. They contain moringa oil that hydrates your lips and prevents damage. They will be available in several shades and will cost $8,99. Last, but not least, there is a $12,99 mascara, that comes in two shades.


Burt’s Bees Will Launch a Full Range Makeup Line glossy lipstick

Burt’s Bees Will Launch a Full Range Makeup Line mascara

The makeup line is expected to be released in September. Every item will cost under $17, which is considered as a reasonable price. The ingredients in the makeup products are natural and dermatologically tested. The brand has a cruelty-free policy, so they never test their products on animals. This is a fairly small price to pay for products that are completely skin-nourishing and aren’t harmful to the environment. The harmful SLS, parabens, talc, phthalates, petrolatum, silicones and synthetic fragrances are not a part of Burt’s Bees’ component list.

Photo Credit: Burt’s Bees

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