ColourPop to Drop a Line of Affordable Vegan Lipsticks

Ever since ColourPop launched their $5 insanely pigmented super shock eyeshadows, we started believing that cheap beauty trills exist. The cosmetics brand has come a long way since its initial launch and offered a variety of innovative affordable products. ColourPop constantly proves that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. The latest exciting drop includes a range of 24 vegan lux bullet lipsticks. Each lipstick retails for $7 which is another shockingly affordable price. Even drugstore brands are on the pricier side than Colourpop, but this once online-only brand made it to Sephora recently. Let’s not forget that the luxury retailer welcomes only high-quality brands in the family. With such low prices, ColorPop is one of our favorite affordable luxury brands.

According to the brand, ColourPop’s team worked for a while on creating a lipstick that will redefine luxury. They even fired up the first batch of products more than a month ago but ended up hating the formula. About 45 days later, and after hours spent reevaluating every single aspect of the formula, the team came up with the game-changing Lux lipstick. The brand claims that this is one of the most revolutionizing products they made. Kylie Cosmetics by the infamous Kylie Jenner, Kat Von D Beauty, and Anastasia Beverly Hills dropped massive ranges of traditional lipsticks last year, so ColourPop most certainly had to make sure that the quality of their lipsticks is impeccable. It’s hard to say that the era of liquid lipsticks is over, but bullet lipsticks will most certainly have a moment in the following period.

ColourPop to Drop a Line of Affordable Vegan Lipsticks shades of lipstick

The Lux lipsticks by ColourPop feature a creamy matte finish which has a luxury feel. The packaging won’t give you a clue that this product is only $7 – the lipstick comes in a gold casing, emblazoned with stars and the brand’s logo. Each of the 24 shades is 100% vegan which means every beauty obsessive can use them. It can be challenging to find vegan makeup products at such accessible prices which is another reason why the Lux lipstick is a game changer. The shade range includes everything from classic nudes, vibrant reds, and corals to vampy plums as well as bold shades such as black and green.

ColourPop to Drop a Line of Affordable Vegan Lipsticks shades of lipstick

ColourPop to Drop a Line of Affordable Vegan Lipsticks swatches

The Lux lipsticks will launch on January 31, which means we are only days away from this exciting drop. ColourPop will also offer a chic PR box for purchase for those interested in getting the full range. So, you don’t have to be a beauty guru to receive your makeup goodies in a beautiful PR box. Thanks to ColourPop you can also film one of those exciting unboxing videos on your Instagram story.

ColourPop to Drop a Line of Affordable Vegan Lipsticks lipstick PR box

Photo Credit: @colourpopcosmetics/Instagram/YouTube

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