Givenchy Gypsophila Les Saisons Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

Givenchy will release the Givenchy Gypsophila Les Saisons summer 2017 makeup collection worldwide at Sephora, Harrods, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus during April. The inspiration for this makeup collection is a particular type of carnation, the Gypsophila flower, also known as baby’s breath. These pretty little flowers make an appearance in most bouquets of flowers and other floral decoration including accessories like the flower crown.

Givenchy Gypsophila Les Saisons Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

The incorporation of several shades that these flowers naturally come in was a nice touch that unified Givenchy’s summer 2017 makeup collection overall, making it more interesting and cohesive as well as surprising at times (you will see this in the mascara options). They are beautiful little flowers that inspired a stunning makeup collection. Let’s take a look at what is included in this cleverly put together, limited edition makeup collection.

Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder Floral Impression (Limited Edition)

Coming in 02 Douce Saison, this is a beautifully pressed face powder that upon opening the compact, is revealed to have design of the signature flower of the collection pressed into the powder. The packaging is simple but beautiful, however, even though the aesthetic in the packaging is beautiful, it is the effect of the powder that is really impressive.

The powder in the compact is simply brushed on for a healthy looking complexion and a natural looking glow that we all in truth really want to have. This would be the perfect middle option between a soft bronzer and a highlighting veil.

Givenchy Gypsophila Les Saisons Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Waterproof (Limited Edition)

Some options in makeup are just amazing, like daily cosplay if you know how to incorporate it and this vibrantly bright shade of blue named 02 Blue Gypsophila is one of those makeup options. The mascara is done in Givenchy’s signature formula and uses the fashion house’s three-ball mascara brush for even distribution and treatment of your lashes with the mascara.

The mascara itself in any shade is designed for dramatic enhancement of your lashes in a waterproof formula. Givenchy certainly feels that this is a winner, and the packaging of the mascara tube itself, is incredibly chic.

Givenchy Encre A Cils Mascara Top Coat (Limited Edition)

This mascara top coat is buildable to allow you to choose the intensity of the color deposit around your eyes. The best part is that you do not end up with monstrous ‘spider lashes’ that are full of clumps, just stunning, color to frame your eyes in whatever level of intensity you choose to put on.

It is also worth mentioning that the packaging for the mascara top coat is also completely amazing. Emerald green named 03 Green Gypsophila is the color included in the Givenchy Gypsophila Les Saisons summer 2017 makeup collection.

Givenchy Gypsophila Les Saisons Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

Givenchy Le Rouge (Limited Edition)

The soft blue leather and silver looking lipstick case houses one of the most interesting coral colors being offered. Coral is very much a trend in lip color currently and the 322 Coral Gypsophila shade is a distinctly orange tinted coral shade.

If this is the shade you wish to try, then a bold look that could be either subtle or show-stopping is in your future, and thanks to the formulation you can do so with a comfortable length of wear and a moisturizing element.

Givenchy Le Rouge-a-Porter (Limited Edition)

Rounding out the collection is the Le Rouge-a-porter in 305 Red Gypsophila and I love the commitment to the theme of these flowers. This is meant to be the perfect blend of a lip balm and lipstick and designed to provide a comfortable application that lasts the whole day.

The case, also beautifully designed to look like leather and silver, is designed like all of the packaging by Givenchy to have the appearance of a fashionable accessory, while still maintaining a pragmatic feel in hand. The color deposit is fair and even, while the lip balm that is mixed into the formula protects your lips and offers a healthy amount of moisture to them all day long.

The color is buildable, though not excessively so and light to wear. Though this shade is being added to the existing collection of Givenchy’s Le Rouge-a-porter, it is a limited time option.

Photos courtesy of Givenchy

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