Guerlain Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

With the autumn rolling in already and the holidays getting closer, the makeup we wear should be matching with the events themselves. The beauty of Guerlain could never be disputed so when the announcement of the Guerlain holiday 2016 makeup collection came out, fans everywhere rejoiced. With a tantalizing photoshoot added to the campaign, the new Guerlain holiday 2016 makeup collection is due to launch in the United States within the month of October 2016, while we shall see it in Canada and internationally at Nordstrom, Sephora, Harrods and Selfridges come November.

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

It is an incredibly enchanting Christmas collection, and while there is at least another 3 months to go before we get into those celebrations, it’s always good to plan your getup ahead. That includes the makeup you’ll be wearing out to the myriad of parties you will attend.

The collection is rather different this year and we are certainly happy about that. Furthermore, it is good to know that the money spent on must-haves is also donated to a just cause, with the face of Guerlain, Natalia Vodianova, revealing that part of the profits will be given to her non-profit, The Naked Heart Foundation, in order to help ensure children all over Russia have a safe and stimulating place to play, no matter their level of impoverishment.

She also supports foster families and biological ones raising disabled children, and trying to prevent the abandonment of the little ones due to their disabilities, a problem much too common in the former CIS. The prices are a little on the steep side, but this is Guerlain we are talking about and the quality is superb!

What you will find on the makeup menu:

Guerlain Souffle d’Or de Shalimar ($95.00) (Limited Edition)

Iridescent powder for your hair and body, this gorgeous bottle looks positively luxurious when presented in a Shalimar bottle with the silky pump and perfectly royal attitude. Appearing in a midnight blue bottle with golden inscriptions, it is simple but beautiful.

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Legende ($62.00) (Limited Edition)

Rosy pink, shimmering gold and aqua blue blend in together to give correct your skin tone, and give it a soft shimmer and freshness in an instance.

Guerlain Terracotta Terra India Shimmering Bronzing Powder ($56.00) (Limited Edition)

The soil of India seems to be an inspiration for many these days, with the bronzed effect of it not lost on Guerlain either. With a slight shimmer and a golden hue, it is a lovely little compact to be carrying about, embossed with the Guerlain label.

Guerlain Holiday 2016 Makeup Collection

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick ($54.00) (Limited Edition)

We have one new Rouge G lipstick among the mix and it is a perfectly festive bright red, coming in 821 Rouge Saphir.

Guerlain Precious Light Illuminator ($52.00) (Limited Edition)

Available in Rose Nacre, a sheer rosy pink color with a shimmer finish, this highlighter will instantly lighten up your complexion with a magic glow.

Guerlain Precious Eyeshadows ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

Coming in Gold and Sapphire, this eyeshadow duo offers you two Christmas-ready hues you’ll always create winning looks with!

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick ($37.00) (Limited Edition)

Finally, we have the Kiss Kiss lipstick, though once again in a single hue, 563 Indian Pink, and that also inspired by the fabulous country of India.

Guerlain L’Or Eyeliner ($35.00) (Limited Edition)

Sparkling Gold is the color you should wear as eyeliner this holiday, ditching the classic black and adding a shimmering touch to your peepers.

Photos courtesy of Guerlain

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