H&M Global Fusion Makeup Collection for Summer 2016

If you are one of those makeup junkies, who are never afraid of experimenting something new and bold, something colorful and powerful in the beauty world, H&M’s Global Fusion summer 2016 makeup collection is going to appeal to your senses! The Swedish retailer has just unveiled a limited-edition makeup line for those, who normally don’t shy away from eclectic, graphic looks when it comes to makeup, always trying to stand out with dramatic eye makeup or a vivacious lip color. From blues and greens to orange, red and magenta shades, the collection is all about a burst of vibrant colors, and is already for sale at H&M’s website and in stores!

H&M Global Fusion Makeup Summer 2016

Featuring the coolest options in summer 2016 makeup trends, H&M’s Global Fusion makeup collection doesn’t forget about the importance of sleek packaging, as well as the budget-friendly price tags that make these products all the way more appealing. Add memorable, fun names for each color and you have the perfect equation for an unrivalled summer beauty-wise!

It was back in January when H&M Beauty announced its willingness to go eco friendly without changing the customer-favorite affordability factor, and adding a whole series of 30 products to its Conscious beauty line for the spring and summer seasons. The Swedish retailer doesn’t stop treating us to new, exciting makeup products and while we can’t wait to see what’s in store for makeup gurus next in the brand’s beauty department, let’s see what products and colors make up the Global fusion collection!

H&M Global Fusion Color Mascara ($12.99) (Limited Edition)

Summer is all about trying new bright colors and daring to wear something bold in terms of makeup too. You can keep your entire makeup nude and laid-back, simply adding a few coats of colored mascara and you’re ready to stun with your hypnotizing look. H&M’s new mascara is far from the traditional black and brown, and instead comes in rich, glossy colors for creating vivid, statement lashes.

• Cornflower – blue
• English Ivy – green
• Tiger Orchid – plum

H&M Global Fusion Makeup Summer 2016

H&M Global Fusion Eyeshadow Pencil ($7.99) (Limited Edition)

This amazing eye pencil is a 2-in-1 product, acting both as eyeliner and richly pigmented eyeshadow with a sparkling metallic finish. Thanks to its creamy texture, it glides smoothly, and is also perfectly blendable if you want to create smokey eye makeup looks.

• Andalucia – deep plum
• Blue Planet – sapphire blue
• Pennine Way – purple
• Kimono Silk – nude champagne
• Tuscan Cypress – emerald green

H&M Global Fusion Eye Pot ($6.99) (Limited Edition)

These richly pigmented, creamy eyeshadows are super-blendable and can also be used as eyeliner for adding depth to your party eye makeup. The colors are equally dazzling, ranging from blues and greens to pretty metallic bronze.

• Big Teal – teal
• My Two Cents – bronze
• Paw Blossom – orchid
• Lemongrass – olive green

H&M Global Fusion Makeup Summer 2016

H&M Global Fusion Shimmer Drops ($9.99) (Limited Edition)

Whether you strive to add a sensual glow to you body for summer party looks or want to shine on a daily basis, H&M’s Global Fusion makeup line offers this magic product for you, available in gold or silver shades.

• Midas Touch – gold
• Silver Dew – silver

H&M Global Fusion Makeup Summer 2016

H&M Global Fusion Lip Gloss ($6.99) (Limited Edition)

For a glossy, luscious pout, here you have four delicious lip-gloss shades to choose from. Wear them alone or layered with your favorite lipstick for a more dramatic, highly pigmented outcome.

• Bogainvillea – sweet pink
• The Brown Red – deep burgundy with brown undertones
• Purple Patch – vibrant purple
• Rosso Di Venezia – bloody red

H&M Global Fusion Makeup Summer 2016

H&M Global Fusion Lip Gloss Set ($24.99) (Limited Edition)

With liquid lipsticks having a big moment now, H&M offers you this amazing set featuring 6 lovely shades with a sparkling, metallic finish. Wear the transparent, gentle champagne and light pink colors during the daytime, and keep the bright orange, plum and holographic colors for more dramatic party makeup looks.

H&M Global Fusion Nail Color Trio ($17.99) (Limited Edition)

Of course, the brand doesn’t forget about getting perfectly groomed fingertips and brings in two nail lacquer sets, one in cooler shades, while the other available in warm sunny hues.

• Cool Shades – teal, aqua blue and burgundy
• Warm Shades – orange, yellow and nude rose

H&M Global Fusion Makeup Summer 2016

H&M Global Fusion Makeup Bag ($12.99) (Limited Edition)

Last but not least, the Swedish high-street retailer has also included four brightly colored makeup bags in its collection, coming in orange, yellow, green and nude tones.

Photos courtesy of H&M

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