Insane Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try This Year

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Halloween is one of the most popular and amazingly creative holidays. Some people spend months planning their costumes, just to be the ones that will stand out. If you are tired of searching for great costume ideas, we’ve got you covered. You can do a dramatic makeup look that will leave everyone in awe. Many famous makeup artists already shared their fun looks created just for Halloween. The best part is that they also film tutorials that will help you nail an insane appearance. It might not be as perfect as their version, but at least you will be different from everyone else. Glowing skulls, unicorns, creepy clowns- the choices are endless.

According to Pinterest, giraffes, Wonder Woman, and Pennywise the Clown will be the most popular costumes for 2017. Instead of buying an expensive costume, or spending hours to make one, just do a stunning makeup look. You can add a simple piece of clothing that matches the mask and you are ready to go.

Mimi Choi is a makeup artist worth all your attention. The 31-year-old artist creates the most astonishing optical illusions that you’ve ever seen. Her jaw-dropping transformations are ideal for the upcoming Halloween. Her Instagram profile is full of ideas that you can steal to have the best costume this year. Mimi is, of course, a professional, and your look might not turn out the same as hers but is worth trying. Starting from a hole in the face, to a melting face, you will leave a strong impression. And who knows, you might even scare a few people too.

Take a look at these insane Halloween makeup ideas that can help you with your look this year. Some of the looks are a bit spooky, others are fun, but all of them are insanely creative.

Insane Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try This Year melting face
Photo Credit: @mimles/Instagram
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