Kat Von D Revealed The Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection

It seems that 2018 will be the year of vibrant lipstick colors. After a long time of giving hints, Kat Von D finally unveiled her new lipstick collection. Kat has been posting pictures and details about the Studded Kiss Lipstick line ever since the beginning of 2017. She is always very innovative and her beauty line is vegan. So there are a million reasons to be excited about her new products.

Kat Von D Revealed The Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection full range colors
Photo Credit: Kat Von D/Twitter

The lipsticks will be available in three different finishes: metallic, satin-matte and glimmer.  In a couple of words, there will be something for everybody. This is the second version of the Studded Kiss collection. This upgraded edition will be based on a new formula. Compared to the first ones, these lipsticks will be longer-lasting, creamier, richer, weightless and more saturated.

Kat Von D Revealed The Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection red brown shades
Photo Credit: @katvondbeauty/Instagram

The product will be packed in KVD’s recognizable studded black packaging. There is an impressive range of 40 shades, all unique and gorgeous. There is one that drew a lot of attention on social media. It is the white revolutionary lipstick called “White Out”. Von D already shared hints on how you can elevate your lip game thanks to this unique shade. According to the makeup guru, you can use it to create ombre lips, use it as a base and create your custom shades. We can’t wait to see what the creative Insta bloggers will do with “White Out” once it drops. You might find out that you missed a white lipstick in your makeup bag this entire time.

Kat Von D Revealed The Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection White out white lipstick
Photo Credit: @katvondbeauty/Instagram

Most of the other shades were created to make a statement. After Rihanna and Sephora, KVD Beauty is another brand to release such a diverse collection of lipstick colors. In fact, the beauty mogul is known for the unique colors she uses in all her makeup products. You will find bold green, gray, black, navy and magenta tones. There is also a choice for the ladies who prefer toned-down colors such as nude, pink and brown. As a pleasant surprise for all fans, the brand also announced that several of the Everlasting liquid lipsticks will be available in this collection.

Kat Von D Revealed The Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection purple green gray navy shades
Photo Credit: @katvondbeauty/Instagram
Kat Von D Revealed The Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection nude shades
Photo Credit: @katvondbeauty/Instagram

Kat finally announced the official launch date for the Studded Kiss Lipstick line. Starting from January 12 you can visit katvondbeauty.com and get your favorite shades. One week later on January 19, the collection will be available on Sephora.com. The products will arrive in stores on January 26. Until then, you have plenty of choices to dwell over.

Kat Von D Revealed The Studded Kiss Lipstick Collection
Photo Credit: @katvondbeauty/Instagram

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