Lady Gaga’s Fame Fragrance Branded as Innovative

She has managed to shake the world with her amazing voice and extravagant style and gather a whole army of “Little Monsters”. This time, Lady Gaga wants to conquer the beauty world by launching her debut signature fragrance, titled Fame, a perfume that has been labeled as “innovative” by Coty chief executive officer. It’s not actually surprising, as whatever Gaga does should be exclusive and unique, and so is her fragrance.
Mr Beetz talked about the house’s collaboration with Lady Gaga stating that: “Lady Gaga joins a legendary cast of talent for whom Coty has created scents. Gaga’s launch represents my personal credo brought to life….Innovate or die! Absolutely everything about this launch is innovative, from the bottle, to the juice, to the lady herself….She’s zeitgeist in a bottle.”

Although Lady Gaga envisioned her first fragrance to display notes of blood and semen at first, which would be really beyond the limits already, the Fame fragrance took a completely different approach. It aims to boost sensuality and charm one’s olfactory senses by its innovative pattern.
According to WWD, the perfumers, who worked with Gaga for creating Fame, did their best to come up with a unique formula, which doesn’t have top, middle and base notes, unlike every single fragrance. Steve Mormoris, Coty’s marketing senior VP said: “It’s unique because it’s not pyramidal with a top, middle and bottom note, it has a trampoline structure — notes are rising at different rates that are quite random. Some accords will come out if you rub it, other accords will come out later. It has random propulsion and doesn’t have a classic linear drydown. We call it push-pull, and it will smell different on different people. There is a different volatility for different notes, and they’re of differing strengths. They work together harmoniously, but then they undergo metamorphosis on the skin, so you’re constantly surprised.”
In addition to its innovative structure, Fame is also unique through its color, as it’s the first black eau de parfum ever created. Mr. Mormoris told WWD that: “It is the first-ever black eau de parfum and we use language like ‘black like the soul of fame but invisible once airborne,’ which makes the fragrance an allusion to the dark side of fame, the price of fame and the narcissism of fame. The soul of fame being black was the intellectual foundation of the color of the fragrance.”
Lady Gaga’s Fame fragrance is described as sensual, dark and light. It is a mix of fruity-floral scents, composed of accords like poisonous Belladonna plant, honey, saffron, apricot nectar, tiger orchid and jasmine sambac. The innovative black perfume comes captured inside a simple egg-shaped glass bottle with a claw-inspired gold colored top. Fame will be available for purchase in various sizes. The 100 ml eau de parfum fragrance titled by Gaga ‘The Ultimate Masterpiece’ will retail for about $79, while the 50 ml scent will be priced at $55. Fame will also come in 30 ml size and cost $42 as well as a mini, 10 ml rollerball version which will cost about $19.
Absolutely original, chic and artistic are the best words to describe Gaga’s Fame fragrance. Check it out as soon as it hits the beauty shelves and see whether it meets your personality.

Photos courtesy of WWD

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